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Judith Regan's Podcast confirmed

September 9, 2010

I have an article for you that confirms what Judith Reagan said on her podcast. That the Chandlers were shopping a book deal before the ink was dry on the settlement. Pay very close attention to the date on the article it is February 4th 1994. Ten days after the settlement was signed. I don’t know about you but how fast do you think you could write a book? In ten days? Well I guess that they can!

Jackson Case Book May Be in Works

Date: February 4, 1994 Publication: Chicago Sun-Times Author: Bill Zwecker

The terms of Michael Jackson’s reported $10 million settlement with the parents of the 14-year-old boy in the alleged sexual abuse case prohibit the boy’s father or mother from writing a book or selling the rights to his story. But that doesn’t cover other relatives. Maybe that’s why one of the child’s uncles has initiated conversations with top literary honcho Judith Regan, who shepherded books by Howard Stern, Kathie Lee Gifford, Rush Limbaugh and Dawn Steel into print.

Regan refuses to confirm or deny any potential book deal.

Apparently central to the uncle’s book will be tapes of conversations between the boy’s father and Jackson’s attorneys. In a move to rebuild Jackson’s shattered image, the pop star has hired PR heavyweight Michael Levine, who once handled PR chores for Janet Jackson. Longtime Jackson publicist Lee Solters remains on Michael’s payroll as well.

Well they were told a big fat NO by every reputable publisher out there so this is what they did next.

TV show continues to prick Michael Jackson’s credibility :

Abiola Sinclair
New York Amsterdam News
TV show continues to prick Michael Jackson’s credibility.

Tabloid TV show “Hard Copy” continues its leading role in the persecution of Michael Jackson with a so-called diary written by the father of the 14-year-old boy who was allegedly sexually abused by Jackson.

The diary, which was admittedly procured by “Hard Copy,” was read on the air Monday and Tuesday May 9 and 10, in typical “Hard Copy” fashion.

The diary tells the father’s version of the events surrounding the abuse case, but despite “Hard Copy’s” attempt to put its own suspicious spin on the information, it also reveals the father’s greed and manipulation of the situation for his own benefit.

The father, according to the diary, asked his son had Michael ever “touched him.” The boy hesitated and told his father he did not want to hurt Michael and asked his father to promise not to tell anyone. The father agreed. The boy then said that yes, Michael had touched him. With this information he approached Jackson via Anthony Pellicano, Jackson’s then security chief and, according to the father, a deal was suggested that would “help his son.” He told his own lawyer that the deal, which involved $20 million, should be negotiated but, if it fell through, to begin legal proceedings. The deal, according to the diary, involved a film script “for me and my son.”

It appears the whole affair was engineered by the father to get vast sums of money out of Jackson for what was likely a minor indiscretion on the part of Jackson.

Jackson was willing to pay but wanted the money put in trust for the boy. Also, Jackson was unwilling to go as high as $20 million. The incident, such as it was, did not warrant that. There was no force, no nudity, no attempt at penetration. The boy said Michael touched him on the outside of his pants, later that changed to the inside, which was seen as having more effect, as noted by PBS’s “Front Line” in a February 15 special on the scandal.

The second motive of the father was to take custody of the boy away from his wife, who had divorced him and was living with another man — a wealthy man.

The diary confirms the contention by the Jackson camp that the crux of the matter was the $20 million the father wanted for the script deal. When Jackson refused, he sent the boy, according to the diary, to the doctor knowing if the boy said anything about abuse to the doctor he would be obliged by law to tell the police. The question is, Did the father tell the boy what to say in the doctor’s office?

“Hard Copy” never brought out the manipulations of the father and presented the entire matter from the father’s perspective. They did this with all of the people they had on their show, including Quindoy, the valet, Blanca Francia, the maid, as well as others.

Their lack of fairness and objectivity in this matter is unprecedented and warrants attention and counterbalance in the Black press. The father is more dangerous to the boy than Michael Jackson ever was.

The case was settled out of court, but Jackson got even with the father by tying up the money in trust for the boy until he reaches legal age, with a court appointed financial overseer. The father, who claims he can no longer work as a dentist and really wants a career as a screenwriter is now violating the legal agreement for his own motives, no doubt hoping to get a movie deal, book deal and whatever else he can get via shows like “Hard Copy.” He may be angling for a movie-of-the-week deal, but he is also dragging his son back into the limelight, after the case has been settled. Why?

So what do you think happened with all of Diane Dimond’s concern then well you can bet I’m going to show you.

Jackson’s Accuser In News

Date: May 15, 1994 Publication: Chicago Sun-Times Author: Bill Zwecker

The now-14-year-old boy who brought those headline-grabbing charges of child molestation against Michael Jackson has been pulled out of his L.A. school and is being tutored at home.

Tidbits from a reputed diary kept by the boy during his three-month friendship with the pop star are being leaked to the press, fueling speculation the diary will be published in book form.

We now know in hindsight that the one to attempt to sell that information as Jordan’s diary was Victor Gutierrez, but the only diary that was ever claimed by them was Evans. Funny that they should happen at the same time.

Yes Diane and all of the other Chandler’s were so concerned for Jordan, they wanted him to move on and heal from his terrible experience so they release it to the world.And then there is this tidbit that I personally could care less about:

Jackson Accuser’s Dad in Pain

Date: May 23, 1994 Publication: Chicago Sun-Times Author: Bill Zwecker

Seems despite the reported multimillion-dollar settlement between Michael Jackson and the dentist’s teenage son, all is not going well for the dentist.

L.A. sources say most of the father’s $1 million portion of the settlement has gone to lawyers’ fees and the like. Plus, the landlord of his dental offices has asked him to vacate the premises. The reason? Other tenants are threatening to leave because of the constant police presence necessitated by threats and harassment from Jackson fans.

On top of all that, the dentist, once tooth doctor to the stars has seen his high-profile Beverly Hills practice virtually dry up. The case has made him a pariah to many of his former patients.

That is understandable after all who knows what this guy would do next but let’s see did he really want to go back to work?

Jackson Aides Go Back on the Offensive


After a day of parrying allegations, representatives of Michael Jackson took the offensive again Wednesday, releasing a tape that they say bolsters their contention that the entertainer was the victim of an extortion attempt.

The latest tape records a testy conversation between Jackson’s private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, and the former lawyer for the father of a 13-year-old boy allegedly molested by the entertainer. Pellicano said he secretly recorded the conversation Aug. 17, the same day the boy alleged to authorities that he had been sexually abused by Jackson.

For the most part, the taped conversation–complete with bickering and contradicting versions of events–focuses on proposals that had been the subject of earlier conversations. As a result, the two men never directly state the reasons for their negotiations.

Neither Pellicano nor the man he identified to reporters as the father’s lawyer, Barry K. Rothman, specifically mentions alleged sexual molestation, nor is blackmail discussed except in a fleeting reference by Pellicano. Rothman does not make any specific threats on the 23-minute tape.

The closest either man comes to acknowledging that some accusatory undercurrent is at the heart of their conversation is when Pellicano says his client “is innocent of any wrongdoing” and Rothman counters that his client “has a different opinion.”

The tape was released after statements made Tuesday by a private investigator purporting to represent the family of the alleged victim. The investigator, Ernie Rizzo, insisted that there was never an extortion attempt and alleged that the only offer of money came from Pellicano. Rizzo said the offer was rejected by the family.

The tape, played at a packed news conference Wednesday, quotes Pellicano as saying to Rothman: “I guess I’m correct in assuming your client has rejected the deal?” The lawyer says yes.

“Your offer regarding the development deal for one project only is not acceptable, OK?” Rothman says. “You know what I asked you to do and you can’t do it, so what can I tell you?”

Later, Rothman adds: “Make me a better offer. . . . More than one project–that’s a better offer.”

Knowing that the call is being recorded, Pellicano works hard to provoke responses from Rothman. He repeatedly questions why the father has turned down his offer of a single movie development deal worth $350,000–money that Pellicano says would come “out of Michael’s pocket.”

Rothman says a single development deal would not be enough to satisfy his client because the boy’s father wanted to scale back his dental practice to concentrate on movie projects and spend more time with his son. If that deal falls through, Rothman says, the father would be left in the lurch, having “unwound” his dental practice.

“He doesn’t have to unwind the practice,” Pellicano responds.

See he didn’t want to work anyway.

“He does to spend time with (his son),” Rothman says, “Which is the essence of why this offer is being made.”

In an interview with The Times last week, Pellicano said he offered the money as bait to set up the father on an extortion charge.

Only once on the tape is extortion specifically mentioned, and the issue is raised by Pellicano.

“Listen,” the private investigator says, “I’ve already told you that we think this is an extortion attempt from the beginning. I’ve already made those statements to you time and time again.”

Rothman answers: “You can say that, Anthony, but there’s a counterpoint to all of that.”

Rothman does not elaborate, and he has refused comment since the scandal unfolded last week. He did not respond to further requests for comment Wednesday.

In recent days, the extortion allegations and their denials have come to dominate the controversy surrounding the investigation of Jackson launched by the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Department of Children’s Services. From the start, Jackson’s entourage has argued that the sexual molestation allegations were leveled only after the entertainer rejected a $20-million extortion attempt.

Although Jackson’s representatives did not report those allegations to the LAPD at first, Pellicano and Howard Weitzman, Jackson’s lawyer, have since met with authorities, and police sources say an extortion probe is under way.

Meanwhile, investigators continue to press ahead with their inquiry into allegations of sexual molestation. The boy and his father have been interviewed by police and prosecutors, say sources close to the probe.

Investigators also are interviewing other youngsters who are close to Jackson. A high-ranking police source has said that videotapes seized from Jackson’s house did not produce physical evidence of sexual molestation.

Police also seized thousands of photographs and other possible evidence, which is still under review, sources say.

The tape released Wednesday is the second to be made public. The previous one featured the boy’s father and stepfather in a heated discussion that took place about a month before the molestation allegations were taken to authorities. At one point, the father says: “There will be a massacre if I don’t get what I want.”

Shortly after that tape was obtained by CBS News and The Times, Rizzo, the private investigator who said he represented the family of the boy, declared that Pellicano had deleted sections of the tape.

“In the part he cuts out, the father says: ‘I want Jackson in jail, and I want my child in therapy,’ ” Rizzo said. “Does that sound like extortion?”*i*ycqA

That is the link to the legal version of the transcripts from Dave’s lawsuit. You will see that is says nothing about therapy as I have said before

Pellicano and Weitzman denied that Pellicano had tampered with the tape. Rizzo’s credentials have come under question. Late Tuesday, Richard G. Hirsch, who represents the boy’s father, said that “at this point, (Rizzo) is not retained by anyone connected to this case.” Rizzo remained on the job, however, saying he worked for the boy’s father, not his lawyer.

Hirsch was unavailable for comment Wednesday. But Rizzo dismissed the importance of the new tape: “It’s two guys negotiating over a contract. . . . Where’s the tape where (the father) wants $20 million? If Tony (Pellicano) had that tape, he’d be selling CDs right now.”

Illicit tape recordings are generally not admissible as evidence in criminal cases, but California law makes an exception in cases where extortion is threatened. Weitzman said that the tape released Wednesday fits that criterion and that he has turned it over to the district attorney’s office.

While allegations swirled across Los Angeles, Jackson gave his second and last performance in Singapore on Wednesday. The show went off without a hitch, and there was no sign of a recurrence of the migraine that forced the singer to postpone the concert on Monday. He leaves for Taiwan on Thursday.

Times staff writers Charles P. Wallace and Shawn Hubler contributed to this story.

Copyright 2010 Los Angeles Times

Now lets see if there was ever any evidence found when the police went chasing their tales all over the place looking for photos and videos. Where do you suppose they got the idea that there would be evidence like that? Maybe that was what Victor told them. If the whole story of what happened to Michael wasn’t so sad the fact that Sneddon and the Chandler’s based their case and their hopes on this man would be laughable

Police Say Seized Tapes Do Not Incriminate Jackson

Investigation: Officials continue to interview children in connection with molestation allegations.


Videotapes seized from homes belonging to Michael Jackson do not incriminate the entertainer, and the lack of physical evidence of alleged sexual molestation has left investigators “scrambling” to get statements from other potential victims, a high-ranking police source said Thursday.

“There’s no medical evidence, no taped evidence,” the source said. “The search warrant didn’t result in anything that would support a criminal filing.”

When police executed search warrants at Jackson’s Los Angeles condominium and Santa Barbara County ranch last weekend, they left with a number of videotapes. On Thursday, sources said investigators still were reviewing the tapes for clues about possible victims; a number of the tapes are said to feature Jackson in the company of young admirers.

The reason I keep harping on Victor is because he said he was working on his book for years. Tom Sneddon named six boys among them Jimmy Safechuck and Jonathan Spence. Jonathan Spence worked on Captain EO with Michael in 1984. Michael worked with JimmySafechuck in1987 who denied that anything happened to him. Jordan would not have known these people because he would have been 4 and 7 years old. I doubt that Michael even brought them up so where else could they have come from? Victor, he spent several hours with the police.

But sources close to the probe say authorities have yet to uncover physical evidence implicating Jackson.

Howard Weitzman, the lawyer who represents Jackson, declined to comment on specifics of the case but echoed the police source’s view of the evidence obtained so far. “That’s consistent with my understanding,” he said.

With little, if any, physical evidence to implicate Jackson in the allegations involving the 13-year-old Los Angeles boy at the center of the inquiry, investigators are interviewing other youngsters close to the entertainer to determine if any of them were sexually abused.

Brett was at the ranch when it was searched he was the one that issued the general denial and left for Australia. The Authorities from Santa Barbara were still not happy, they follwed him there to try to convince him to say that he had been molested. Well we all know how that went for them.

An employee with the Los Angeles County Department of Children’s Services, which is investigating the case with the Los Angeles Police Department, said Thursday that the 13-year-old boy has identified four or five other children whom he believes were molested by Jackson.

See it was Jordan that said he had molested the other kids based on what Victor told his father. The kids themselves all denied it right up until theytestified in 2005.

At least three other young people have been interviewed, say sources familiar with the investigation.

All three youngsters are well-known, those sources said, and the reports detailing their interviews are being closely guarded by investigators. A fourth young boy also was interviewed because he was at Jackson’s ranch when search warrants were served last weekend; that boy has acknowledged that he slept in the same bed as Jackson on occasion but has fiercely defended the singer and said he never sexually molested him.

As the investigation entered its ninth day, there was no sign that the international interest in the case was abating. Jackson remained out of sight in Bangkok, suffering from reported dehydration. He canceled a second concert Thursday amid rumors, denied by his lawyer and publicist, that his tour was being scrapped. At one point, there were even reports that Jackson had left the Far East and was preparing to surrender to authorities.

“Absolutely not,” said Weitzman, whose client has steadfastly denied any wrongdoing. “There is no reason to surrender him.”

In Thailand, concert promoters on Thursday released a scratchy audiotape of Jackson apologizing for canceling his second show in two days:

“To all my fans in Bangkok, Thailand. I’m sorry for not performing yesterday as I am really sick and still under medical treatment. I have been instructed by my doctor not to perform before Aug. 27, 1993. I promise all my fans to perform at the National Stadium in Bangkok on August 28. I’ll see you all on Friday. I love you all. Goodby.”

Closer to home, reporters from the National Enquirer passed out business cards at Los Angeles offices of the Department of Children’s Services, while representatives of the mainstream media descended on the Downtown courthouse, deluging officials there with requests for the divorce file of the 13-year-old’s parents.

There were so many requests for the document that a clerk began keeping copies at the ready. At $26.79 per copy, the documents–which detail the bitter custody and child support battle between the parents–were selling briskly.

The latest batch of those documents revealed that a Superior Court judge, in an order filed Wednesday, ordered the father to pay his ex-wife $68,804 in overdue child support and interest payments.

The criminal investigation of Jackson grew out of the battle between the former husband and wife. Despite reports that police are investigating other possible victims, most public attention has focused on the 13-year-old boy and his estranged parents. Copies of the boy’s interview by police and social workers were obtained by The Times, and they include detailed, graphic descriptions of alleged sexual advances by Jackson.

They also include a passage describing what the boy said was a meeting between him, his father, Jackson and lawyers for the entertainer in which the boy’s father tried to settle the case without going to court. Other sources said the boy’s father tried to cut a $20-million deal with Jackson, and a private investigator has said the case has grown out of an extortion attempt.

According to the case file, the youngster spoke to LAPD officers and a county social worker for the first time on Aug. 17. Among other things, the boy said Jackson lavished gifts on him and took him and other family members to Las Vegas, Florida and Monaco. As their relationship progressed, the boy alleged, Jackson’s gentle affection became more aggressive.

Although the boy said he initially felt comfortable when Jackson would “cuddle him and kiss him on the cheek,” he said he became ill at ease when the entertainer allegedly lured him into passionate kisses, masturbation and oral sex.

The boy told investigators that Jackson told him their relationship was “in the cosmos” and “meant to be.”

After describing in graphic detail a series of alleged sexual encounters, the boy said Jackson told him never to discuss their activities because he “would go to Juvenile Hall if he told and that they’d both be in trouble.”

According to the file, the boy nonetheless told his father and a therapist about the alleged activities. The boy said he and his father met with Jackson and Jackson’s lawyers, “and confronted him with allegations in an effort to make a settlement and avoid a court hearing.”

The results of that conversation are not detailed in the report, but Anthony Pellicano, a private investigator who works for Jackson, has said the entertainer was the object of a $20-million extortion attempt. Police said Wednesday that no one has brought an extortion complaint to them and that no extortion investigation is under way.

The case has sparked an intensely sensitive and competitive slew of investigations. The two primary agencies involved–the county Department of Children’s Services and the LAPD–have feuded over control of the case, while Pellicano has aggressively waged an inquiry on the singer’s behalf.

According to the case file, Pellicano questioned the boy about the charges at some point but was not given any information.

The bickering between LAPD and Children’s Service erupted on the investigation’s first day. Children’s Services received the initial complaint from the boy’s therapist and informed the LAPD’s West Bureau, which sent officers to the interview with the boy.

For reasons unstated in the case file, an LAPD sergeant named Thomas L. Felix requested that Children’s Services end its investigation. As a result, the social worker was “unable to interview (father), (mother) or sibling.”

Despite the LAPD’s attempts to force Children’s Services off the case, however, social workers did resume a role in the investigation. Interviews of possible victims are now being conducted jointly. The relationship between the LAPD and Children’s Services remains tense, however, and some police sources blamed their counterparts for leaking information to the media.

The mother’s lawyer, Michael Freeman, echoed that complaint and said he had scheduled an afternoon meeting at the Department of Children’s Services to discuss how the case files had been leaked.

“Do you understand how confidential a document like that is?” he asked. “I am really pissed.” He refused to comment further.

At the Children’s Services headquarters, one source close to the case said supervisors were going desk to desk looking for purloined copies of the department’s files on the Jackson case.

“Everyone is tearing up their copies and flushing them down the toilet,” the source said. “It’s like the Gestapo. Everyone is scared to death. . . . It has been made plain and clear someone is leaking the information and that they will be terminated.”

The case has also thrust the 13-year-old boy’s father into the spotlight because of his role in bringing the allegations forward.

The father is a prominent dentist–his patients include Paramount Pictures Chairman Sherry Lansing and actor Christian Slater–and he reportedly had aspirations to break into the film business.

On Thursday, the Hollywood Reporter said the father had unsuccessfully sought a $20-million movie production and financing deal with Jackson, who has a lucrative arrangement with Sony Corp. The deal apparently went nowhere.

Jackson’s lawyer, Weitzman, told The Times that to the best of his knowledge, the report was accurate. But the boy’s father has told friends that the report is untrue. Sources at Sony Pictures Entertainment said no deal involving the boy’s father was pitched to the studio.

Recently, the father received co-credit for the screenplay and story of a film now in release. The father also received credit as associate producer, but sources familiar with the film say his role was relatively minor.

Yeah I wonder if he blackmailed somebody else in that deal I wonder what Mel Brooks would have to say about him?

Times staff writers Amy Wallace, James Bates and Chuck Philips contributed to this report.

Lets see what later becomes of the book and their tapes and who knew who.

Fearing that he was losing his son to Jackson, the boy’s father began a custody battle with his ex-wife and by the end of May, the boy moved in with his father. But the boy’s relationship with Jackson wasn’t over. In fact, the father who had just confronted Jackson now invited the star into his house for a sleepover with his son.

It was Memorial Day weekend, 1993. It would be a pivotal weekend for the case. Since then, no one who had a first person account of what happened inside the boy’s home has ever spoken — until now.

Caretaker speaks out for the first time
Norma Salinas worked for the boy’s father and step-mother, cleaning house and caring for their two younger children in their comfortable Brentwood home. She says she was surprised when the boy came to live with his father because the teenager was rarely more than a weekend visitor who spent his time alone. The father usually too preoccupied with work, until that weekend.

Norma Salinas: “Much later I started to understand everything. At first, they didn’t want this boy in the house and later when the relationship started with Michael, the boy came here to live. From then on there were strange things going on in this house.”

The story about what happened that weekend changes, depending upon who’s telling it. Jackson says it was the beginning of a plot to extort money from him. The boy’s father wrote in a letter to his lawyers that he was simply trying to protect his son, re-establish a relationship that had been damaged by his son’s involvement with Michael Jackson, and get to the bottom of what was really going on between a 13-year-old boy, and a 35-year-old man.

Salinas: “It was a big impression on me because the father brought him home for an entire weekend. I was very surprised because he is a big star and to arrive like that without bodyguards without anything I was a bit astonished.”

The boy introduced Jackson to Salinas as his best friend. A moment both thrilling, says Salinas, and disturbing.

Salinas: “They were hugging, laughing. They looked very happy, like a couple.”

She says the boy’s father and step-mother acted as though there was nothing unusual about the visit, except when they instructed Salinas to keep the drapes pulled shut the entire weekend while Jackson was visiting.

Salinas: “The boy’s step-mother told me to pull out the trundle bed that goes next to the boy’s bed because that’s where Mr. Michael was going to sleep.”

It was in this spartan room, a room without a TV set Salinas says, that Michael Jackson and the 13-year-old boy spent virtually an entire weekend — all with the father’s full knowledge and consent.

Salinas: “I entered the room the next day to do the housekeeping as I always do. I noticed that no one slept on the bed because there were no signs of anybody having slept there… I suspect that he slept on the bed because there was no other bed.”

An undocumented worker who doesn’t speak English, Salinas says she never went to police. She admits she didn’t always get along with the father, whom she holds partly responsible for what happened.

Salinas: “In few words, you can say that he sold his son to Michael… They should both be in jail together. Michael, for what he did to the boy and the boy’s father for what he did to his son.”

Ernie Rizzo says the father used that weekend as a sort of fact-finding mission.

Mankiewicz: “Was there any surreptitious recording done of Michael Jackson and the boy during the time that Jackson was at that house?”

Ernie Rizzo: “Well yeah. Let me say this, the father had related some conversations to me. There were things that I don’t think anybody could have heard through that bedroom door. My gut feeling would have been that there may have been a tape recorder in that bedroom.”

If there had ever been a tape recorder you buffoon do you think it wouldn’t have been in the hand of the investigators or that they wouldn’t have played this for the world to hear.

Rizzo says the father knew he would need powerful evidence, like an audio tape, before he could take on the extremely powerful Jackson.

Rizzo: “It takes a lot of guts to accuse Michael Jackson of molesting. I think before he made his move he wanted to make sure, and I think he made sure.”

Mankiewicz: “Even though that would mean exposing his child to someone who he suspected might be molesting him?”

Rizzo: “I mean, I wouldn’t do it.”

Salinas also suspects that the boy’s father rigged the room with a recording device, but she has no evidence of that either. But she says after that Memorial Day visit, everything changed.

Salinas: “After that weekend, the boy’s father stopped going to work.”

See again he didn’t want to work he thought Michael could support him until he sold is scruffy old screen plays.

Salinas says that from then on, to say that Jackson was unwelcome in the home would be an understatement.

Salinas: “Michael’s name was never mentioned again in the house. That name was prohibited in the house.”

The father has refused to talk to Dateline. He did tell a family member that although he told both his son and to others that he’d secretly recorded his boy and Jackson together, he was in fact bluffing, hoping to get his son to confirm or deny his suspicions.  And the family member also quotes the father as saying he wishes he had acted on those suspicions much sooner.*7dPvTnnxYsViNT*p70A

That is a link to the whole transcript of  Dateline.Good old Uncle Ray back at it again.

Should we see what he had to say to Matt Abram’s on Sept.13th 2004.


Thank you very much Dan.

ABRAMS:  Timing, why now?  You know people are going to say, come on, middle of the criminal case, suddenly you‘re airing the dirty laundry about the ‘93 case?

CHANDLER:  Sure.  Actually, I came to New York in ‘94 to try to publish this and it got into the newspapers and my family and their attorney at the time who represented my nephew called me up and we had long conversations and they convinced me not to do it at that point in time.  In fact, the attorney said look, if I can‘t get you not to do it, at least hold off for a year or two.

Well, it‘s many years later, but what sparked it off for me again is not Jackson‘s arrest.  It was actually in February 2003 when he did that Martin Bashir piece and there is what turned out to be this accuser with his head on his lap, holding hands and Michael saying what‘s wrong with sharing your bed and that‘s what got me going again on this whole thing.

And the rest of the transcript is on the link. So when theywere denied publication in New York in 1994did they first try Victor or did he do that one on his own.?

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  1. September 17, 2010 10:38 pm


    I saw it. I was getting ready to post the same here, didn’t know which topic I should post it under. I did post it on Seven’s blog though.

    Two things that really stood out to me.

    1. Callen said that at one point Judge Meliville actually said that this case had “ethical” attorneys on both sides. The look on Wagener’s face is priceless, O_o “Tom Sneddon ethical lawyers??”

    2. When Ms. Callen said “it was wonderful Mesereau was at the end, because he landed a wallop. “He was very angry, but it was a controlled anger. He said at the end absolutely, I do NOT think Michael was guilty, I think he was INNOCENT.”

    Thank you Lord God for providing Mesereau. I don’t mean to bash CA, but seriously this state is so corrupt with unethical lawyers, judges, DA, police, etc. Oh, and Sneddon & Co. is the leader of the pack.

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    September 17, 2010 6:59 pm

    have you seen william wagener latest you tube:

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    September 16, 2010 3:01 am

    And no one noticed this headline grabbing story went from being a tape, to Evan’s diary to Jordan’s Diary within the space of 4 months? So much for investigative journalism.

  4. Dialdancer permalink
    September 12, 2010 10:47 pm


    Please check your email.

  5. lynande51 permalink*
    September 11, 2010 12:53 am

    The tapes are of Evan talking to Ray when he came to stay with them. They never had a tape only a typed transcript of Jordan in Dr. Gardners office. A taped Doctors interview is for his use only as part of a medical record, not for the use of a civil case. If they had information that needed to be testified to he would have had to appear in court and testify to it.The Court document was of Evan and Dave that was attached to Dave’s Lawsuit against either Evan or Michael one of the two. See how the press can confuse you with the way they title things.The transcripts of Jordan and Dr.Gardner would have been attached to the original lawsuit and they were not.

  6. Dialdancer permalink
    September 10, 2010 10:32 pm

    Does anyone know if there was professional testing done on the tape to prove it had not been tampered with? If so who?

  7. Suzy permalink
    September 10, 2010 6:09 am

    Oops, sorry, ignore my last post, I realized it’s not plural. So she’s talking about that one weekend.

    Salinas: “I entered the room the next day to do the housekeeping as I always do. I noticed that no one slept on the bed because there were no signs of anybody having slept there… I suspect that he slept on the bed because there was no other bed.”

    Again, this contradicts Evan’s account. He said Michael slept in his bed and it was Jordan who went into his bed later that night. But the thing about the untouched bed still must be BS, since everybody slept in his own bed before Jordan going to Michael’s while Michael was asleep.

  8. Suzy permalink
    September 10, 2010 5:56 am

    And BTW, how many weekends did Michael really spend in Evan’s house? Salinas talks about “entire weekendS”, but Rizzo talks just about one: “Ernie Rizzo says the father used that weekend as a sort of fact-finding mission.” And correct me, if I’m wrong, but ATG mentions only this one weekend as well.

  9. Suzy permalink
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    Thanks, Lynette!

    “Salinas: “They were hugging, laughing. They looked very happy, like a couple.”

    This is when you know the whole story of Salinas is BS. Watch the video that David linked in a couple of days ago about Todd Bridges! When he was molested, he certainly didn’t “hug and laugh” with his molester looking happy with him “like a couple”. He said whenever his molester stepped into the room he became very upset and wanted to hit him! Yeah, that is the reaction of someone who has truly been molested, not “laughing and hugging, looking happy, like a couple”. That’s just BS.


  1. История вымогательства Эвана Чандлера, рассказанная им самим. — Michael Jackson is INNOCENT

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