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Summary and Analysis of the Testimonies of Stacy Brown and Bob Jones, the Authors of “Michael Jackson: The Man Behind The Mask”, Part 3 of 3

February 29, 2012

In the final part of this series, I will fact check the tell-all book “Michael Jackson: The Man behind the Mask”, as well as go into further details about Stacy Brown’s “journalistic” background!

I have selected certain excerpts from the book, and I will show you just how ridiculously inaccurate the book really is! Let’s start on Page 7, where Bob Jones states that Michael had no idea who NBA superstar Michael Jordan was when they shot the video for “Jam” in 1992!

Those of us in Michael’s inner circle also grew to understand just how out of touch Michael was with other celebrities. For example, when Michael was introduced to Michael Jordan on the set of the “Jam” video, one of his little friends had to explain to him who the NBA superstar was. Michael had never heard of him. Michael Jordan was probably at the apex of his own celebrity then, at that point the only person whose fame rivaled Michael Jackson’s … and the King was oblivious.

The reason that I find it so hard to believe that MJ had never heard of Michael Jordan is because MJ was close friends with Earvin “Magic” Johnson, another NBA legend. They hung out together numerous times throughout the 80’s and 90’s, and Magic eulogized MJ at his memorial service. MJ watched many of Magic’s games throughout his career, especially when the Jordan’s Chicago Bulls defeated Magic’s Los Angeles Lakers in 1991! So the idea that MJ had never heard of Michael Jordan is utterly absurd!

In this clip, you’ll see MJ attending a Lakers game!

Here is Michael Jordan speaking about his work with MJ on the video for “Jam”, and how MJ came to him about doing it, and MJ said he would work around Jordan’s schedule! That debunks Jones and Brown’s claims about MJ not knowing who Jordan was!

One of Jordan’s biggest highlights of his career is known as “The Spectacular Move”, and it happened against the Lakers in 1991!

And here is a photo of Michael Jordan with MJ and Macaulay Culkin on the set of “Black or White”. This recently came to my attention, and I never even knew that Jordan had met MJ prior to shooting “Jam”,  but I was wrong, and this further debunks Bob Jones’ lie that MJ didn’t know who Jordan was prior to shooting “Jam”!

On Page 11, Stay Brown said that MJ had a “surgically meshed together face”, and then goes on to completely fabricate a conversation between him and his sister Janet on the day that Neverland was raided in 2003:

One moment captured the essence of the man in the mirror, or the man behind the surgically-meshed-together face. It was when Michael’s equally famous sister Janet arrived at the Las Vegas hotel to offer her brother moral support and sisterly affection.

Michael had these choice words for his lil’ sister: “You still won’t break any of my records, Diva! You will never outsell me!”

A broken-hearted Janet unsuccessfully tried to compose herself as she exited the room in tears. Janet had to be comforted by her older sister Rebbie (widely known as the only “normal” Jackson).

Does this look like a “surgically meshed together” face?

Just to show how sloppy Brown and Jones’ research is, look at when they say MJ signed his billion dollar deal with Sony!

He signed the rest of the family, including the nieces and nephews, to his label and refused to let any of their music get out. Signing family members to his MJJ record label—a label presented him after he signed a reported $1 billion deal with Sony Music in 1988—was one of the many tools Michael used to ensure that he would be the only Jackson with music on the airwaves. By signing them to long-term contracts and promising them that their recordings would be released and promoted, Michael had the entire family at his beck and call.

It wasn’t 1988 when he signed that contract; it was 1991!

Michael Jackson Gets Thriller of Deal To Stay With Sony

By RANDALL ROTHENBERG Published: March 21, 1991

In what may be the most lucrative arrangement ever for a recording artist, the Sony Corporation announced yesterday that Michael Jackson, the gyrating pop-music icon of the 1980’s, had entered into an agreement to create feature films, theatrical shorts, television programming and a new record label for the Japanese conglomerate’s American entertainment subsidiaries.

Mr. Jackson, whose albums “Thriller” and “Bad” were the two biggest-selling records of the past decade, also agreed to extend by six albums his existing contract with Epic Records, a Sony subsidiary.

Neither Sony executives nor representatives of Mr. Jackson would say how much the singer will receive under the agreement, which had been in negotiations for six months. However, Sony officials said the company could realize $1 billion from retail sales of the various Jackson products.

The deal could be a prototype of the multi-media arrangements star performers can now demand and receive from the giant information-and-entertainment conglomerates that have been created through mergers and acquisitions during the past several years. Entertainment industry executives and analysts said, in fact, that to keep the 32-year-old Mr. Jackson, who had reportedly made rumblings about leaving for another label, Sony had no choice but to allow him to produce his own records and films.

Here’s another example of sloppy research: look at when he says Rebbie Jackson’s debut album was released!

The other exception of Michael fulfilling, or at least pretending to fulfill, his contractual obligation, was to his older sister Rebbie. After five years working on her 1997 album, “Yours Faithfully,” the title track was released. Rebbie was in the spotlight for the first time since her 1995 debut “Centipede.” One month into “Yours Faithfully” campaign, Michael ordered the record pulled. It was too much success and notoriety for a sibling. He couldn’t stomach it.

Yours Faithfully” was released in 1998, and “Centipede” was released in 1984, not 1995!!

Here’s another lie that Brown spewed, and it wasn’t enough to include MJ in it! No, he had to drag Babyface and L.A. Reid into it! In the following excerpt, Brown says that MJ tricked them into flying out to Neverland to work with him in order to prevent them from working with Jermaine in 1991 (around the time when the infamous “Word To The Badd” was released):

Jermaine Jackson told co-author of this book, Stacy Brown, that he was “in Atlanta recording my album with L.A. Reid and Babyface as producers. Next thing I knew they were on a plane to California because Michael had called and said he wanted to work with them. I called Michael and we got into it. But, as it turned out, when L.A. and Babyface got with Michael, he wouldn’t let them behind the boards. They found that he just wanted to control them that he really had no real interest in working with them. They came back and they did this song. They promised it wouldn’t be released. They lied.”

And after the song’s release, of course, hell broke out at Hayvenhurst. To this day, Michael and Jermaine maintain a frosty relationship at best. Jack Gordon, the former husband of sister LaToya Jackson, told Fox Television that Jermaine was a “jealous animal, jealous of anyone with success in the family.”

Just think about this: if there was any truth to this nonsense, do you think that Babyface would work with MJ again in 1995, when he wrote “On The Line”, “Why?”, and probably many other unreleased songs? I surely don’t!

And now unto one of the most debunked lies from the 2005 trial! The infamous “love letters”! On the Larry King Show in November 2003, Diane Dimond stated that she was “absolutely” sure that the explicit love letters her “high law enforcement sources” told her about were authentic.  This is what Brown had to say about it, from page 29:

Jackson wrote “love letters” and poems to the boy, in which he called him “Rubba”—apparently a reference to a game they played together. While this is not explicit evidence of molestation, would you want to be Jackson’s lawyer explaining this nickname to a jury?

Here is what Dimond told Larry King on November 24th, 2003:

PIXLEY: I think it’s inevitable that they’re going to report the story in one way, though, Larry, and that’s to say that Michael Jackson is guilty of these charges…


PIXLEY: … before there are even charges. I’m sorry, Diane… DIMOND: Baloney!

PIXLEY: … have you entertained for a moment…

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I actually think everybody’s pretty fair.

PIXLEY: … the idea that these love letters…

DIMOND: Absolutely!

PIXLEY: … that you know nothing about may be just that, nothing?

DIMOND: First of all, Chris, I…

PIXLEY: We found out over the past 10 months…

DIMOND: … do know about them, and I know about them from high law enforcement sources. But I have always said, I don’t know if…

PIXLEY: The DA that’s playing it close to the chest?

DIMOND: … Michael Jackson is a pedophile. This charge…

PIXLEY: You said they play it…

DIMOND: … should go to court.

PIXLEY: … close to the chest. You think this is a…

KING: All right…

PIXLEY: … good DA’s office that doesn’t leak stories, that play it close to the chest. But you know from high-ranking officials exactly what these letters say, or at least…

DIMOND: I didn’t say I know what they say!

PIXLEY: … what they are likely to say…

DIMOND: If you’re going to…

PIXLEY: … that they’re salacious.

DIMOND: And you know what, Chris? Get it right!


KING: One at a time! One at a time!

DIMOND: I get it right when I quote somebody!

KING: One at a time.

DIMOND: You get it right when you quote me!

VELEZ-MITCHELL: The media has also…

PIXLEY: Who are you quoting about the letters, then, Diane, so we can get it right? Who is it that you’re quoting?

DIMOND: I’m not going to…

PIXLEY: You don’t have anyone to quote.

DIMOND: … give you my sources! I’m not giving you my sources!

But Sneddon himself had to deny the existence of those so-called letters, and of course they were never introduced as evidence in the trial, so that should end it once and for all! What’s truly incredible is that this book was finished before the trial was over, and even though the letters were never presented as evidence, Brown and Jones still kept that lie in the book!

Love Letters’ Story from London Tabloid – MJEOL Bullet #28 UPDATE

Is the “Love letters” story a total fake? It is now being reported that the love letters story came from a London tabloid. Fox News show ‘On The Record’ had Kansas District Attorney Nola Foulston saying she spoke with District Attorney Tom Sneddon within the last hour. Foulston reports that Sneddon is surprised by the media reports and says Sneddon denies any such letters even exist. Fox news reporter Roger Friedman, of all people, is reporting that the story is automatically questionable because of its source. The “story” being pushed by the media says that supposedly the Santa Barbara authorities seized “explicit videos” and love letters” from Jackson’s home. That story appears to have originated from that tabloid in the UK.–mjeol-bullet-28-update.html

Here’s something from page 43 that will surely give you a strong laugh! Brown refers to MJ as the “fledgling” King of Pop! And this wasn’t in his later years; this was in 1987, coming off the success of Thriller!!

In 1987 Michael Jackson called Bob Jones. Michael asked Jones what it would take to bring him on board to head the communications and media division of MJJ Productions. After getting the okay from Motown founder Berry Gordy, Bob Jones officially parted company with the family he knew as Motown, signing on with the fledgling King of Pop.

On page 45, Brown and Jones begin to ridicule MJ over his vitiligo. This arguably the most underhanded thing to say about MJ, as he had no control whatsoever about how badly the vitiligo robbed him of his pigment!

It wasn’t until several months after becoming head of MJJ Communications that I realized how little Michael Jackson thought of black people. Any time he hired someone or agreed to work with someone, his excuse for not going with a black candidate for the job would always be that he was only seeking the best qualified—regardless of skin color.

Michael Jackson—beneath the bleached skin that has made him a grotesque caricature of a female alien—was black too. He was also the weirdest and most inexplicable of racists.

His favorite word to describe blacks, his original race, was Splaboo. Yep, Splaboo. It was a word he used a lot, a word he used around people such as Macaulay Culkin.

The “skin bleaching” nonsense has been debunked ad nausem on this blog, so I won’t go into detail here. Please read the following  posts titled “Lupus, Vitiligo, and Plastic Surgery: Did Michael Jackson Want to Go White?” and “Michael Jackson Was Not The First Black Entertainer To Lose His Pigment Due To Vitiligo!”

On a side note, the nonsense that MJ hated black people will be thoroughly debunked this June when I post an articled tentatively titled “Michael Jackson’s Relationship With Hip-Hop Music and Culture”, in honor of Black Music Month. I will show how much MJ respected hip-hop culture, and vice versa. Hip-hop is one of the largest cultural phenomenon’s over the last 30 years, and it originates from the pain and disenfranchisement of inner-city blacks of New York City.  MJ has consistently used hip-hop beats and raps in his music, collaborated with hip-hop artists, and credited the culture in helping him become a better dancer, so I cannot wait to publish this post!

Lastly, take a look at this photo, and ask yourself if this is someone who “doesn’t care about black people”? MJ didn’t have to go to Africa to be around his people, but he wanted to be there, and he went!

On Page 71, Brown and Jones included the NONEXISTENT “head licking” incident, despite the fact that Jones admitted it was fabricated in order to sensationalize the book!

Michael and the young boy were hugging and very close on the plane. They held hands and Michael lovingly gazed into the boy’s eyes much like a man would gaze into the eyes of a woman he’s in love with. He’d kiss him on the cheek, rub his arms, pet him and inexplicably lick the boy’s head.

In part 1 of this series, I dissected Bob Jones’ testimony, and let’s see what  he had to say to police about the head licking incident, considering that 90% of his testimony was about his inability to recall this incident!

25 Q. Okay. Do you remember in your interview on

26 April 7th, 2005, a police officer asking you about

27 whether or not there was any licking on the plane by

28 Michael, and you said, “I just don’t remember and I 5555

1 would be lying to say that I did”?

2 A. Of course I recall saying that.

3 Q. And that was the truth, right?

4 A. Yes.

The reason Jones doesn’t “remember” seeing it is because IT DIDN’T HAPPEN! And, as you can see, he even ADMITTED that if he said he remembered it, he’d by lying! So that should settle it ONCE AND FOR ALL!

On Page 76, Brown refers to Jordan Chandler’s 1993 declaration as a “deposition”, which is totally false! This is a misconception that has been repeated in the media, and even in the fan community, over and over and over again! Here is a post that clearly differentiates a deposition and a declaration!

The National Enquirer published an exclusive interview with the boy, quoting him as saying “I imagine Michael Jackson is pretty scared right now, really scared. And he should be, because what he did to me is a really bad thing.”

In his deposition, the boy says that at first, they slept together with no contact. Michael Jackson then progressed to kissing and putting his tongue in his mouth. When the boy protested, Jackson began to cry, telling him that another friend saw nothing wrong with it. “Michael Jackson said that I did not love him as much as this other friend,” said the boy.

Here are some more lies from Brown about Blanca Francia, Jordan Chandler’s “matching” description, and the boys who the prosecution claimed were abused by MJ. I’ll give Brown credit where it is due, however; he did accurately and correctly report the true amount of MJ’s settlement with the Chandlers! $15.3 million dollars!

The boy had drawn a detailed picture showing mottled marks on Jackson’s testicles and a dark spot on his left buttock. California prosecutors agreed not to arrest and handcuff Jackson if he agreed to come in and have his genitals photographed. The boy turned out to have an unerring eye for accuracy.

Blanca Francia, a former maid, told a lawyer and testified in the current trial that she had once found Michael in a sleeping bag with her son, and that many times she had seen him nude with young boys. Blanca has now made the same claims on the witness stand in Michael’s current case.

Police investigators discovered that Michael surrounded himself with boys between eight and twelve years old, and who were swiftly shown the door as soon as they sprouted any facial hair. But none of the children would testify. Some, like the maid’s son, had already been bought off with large sums of money. Other families were threatened to keep silent.

In January 1994 the (recently deceased) ever-sawy Johnnie Cochran engineered a career-saving settlement between Jackson and the Rent-a-Wreck boy. The agreement called for him to receive about $15.3 million in cash. His parents each got $1.5 million and $5 million more went to the boy’s lawyer. Before the state could conclude their investigation or lay charges, the family settled with Jackson. The boy, as per the agreement, refused to testify against Michael and under California law at the time, he could not be compelled to do so.

We’ve addressed the “accurate” description of Jordan Chandler in the following posts, so there’s no need to go into detail here:

It’s funny how Brown and Jones discussed what Blanca Francia testified while under oath, but completely omitted any of her cross examination! Fortunately, I thoroughly analyzed her testimony here, and I included some material discrepancies between her testimony and her son Jason’s testimony as well!

And finally, they said that “none of the children would testify”, but Mesereau’s first three witnesses that he called to the stand were Wade Robeson, Macaulay Culkin, and Brett Barnes! Once again, another humongous lie that they have been caught in!

Here’s another lie concerning the settlement, from page 79:

The settlement virtually guaranteed that Michael Jackson would not be indicted or prosecuted since the agreement stipulated that the young boy would not testify against Jackson. Prosecutors eventually dismissed the Grand Jury and formal charges were never filed.

The following two posts go into detail about the settelements, and prove that they were NOT signs of guilt, and they did not prevent the Chandler and Francia families from testifying in criminal court. In fact, June Chandler, Jason & Blanca Francia each testified in 2005! So that in and of itself proves that they’re lying!

On pages 80-81, Jones uses the ultimate ad hominem scare tactic to prejudice readers against MJ: he played the gay card! He repeats a story that was told to him by a “source” that MJ and legendary composer Leonard Bernstein (whose resume includes “West Side Story”, a film that heavily influenced MJ) had an “encounter” together in a men’s restroom!

For several years Michael had to be very careful. People, perhaps prosecutors, were watching him. But his habits didn’t change. He still paraded around the globe with little boys. What many people didn’t know too was that not only did he pay the Rent-a-Wreck family millions, he had paid a couple of more million to his maid, Blanca. Blanca’s son had claimed that something happen between him and the King.

Well, whatever did or did not happen, two million dollars changed hands. These little boys were costing the King millions upon millions.

James Hahn, the current mayor of Los Angeles and back then a city attorney, told a mutual friend of ours that Michael Jackson had better be very, very careful because authorities are watching him and would continue to watch him.

For some reason, this brings to mind an encounter Michael Jackson had with the great composer Leonard Bernstein. While I wasn’t in the bathroom where this encounter reportedly happened, I was given the intimate details.

For those who are not in tune with the award-winning Bernstein, he was the first American to achieve world-wide recognition as a composer, conductor, pianist, author and teacher. Although he was once married and had children, Bernstein had begun a relationship with a male lover in the 1970s. The relationship was not hidden by Bernstein and the world knew of his preference. But, what was not known was that at some point he apparently grew fond of Michael Jackson.

I was told that after a performance, Bernstein had an encounter with The King in a bathroom. He, I am told, grabbed Michael Jackson and tongue-kissed him passionately. Now, I’ve never heard Michael speak of it. He certainly didn’t say anything to me about it and I’m not sure whether or not Michael knew that I had heard about it.

For a man who had always denied homosexuality, yet never truly showed a penchant for the opposite sex, Michael Jackson was certainly attracting people other than women.

I wrote about the habit that MJ haters have of “playing the gay card” to slander MJ in this post titled “How to Recognize and Refute the Fallacies of Michael Jackson Haters, Part 1 of 5”. It’s just one of the many ways that MJ haters scrap at the bottom of the barrel in order to find reasons to get people to hate MJ!

MJ with Leonard Bernstein on his right.

Leonard Bernstein’s “West Side Story” was a HUGE influence on Michael!

On page 87, Jones once again demonstrates how sloppy and errenoues his research is! He claims that Ray Chandler sued ABC News in 1996 after they interviewed Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley, when in fact it was Evan Chandler who sued ABC! And not only did he sue ABC, but he also sued Sony for a chance to release a “rebuttal album” to MJ’s HIStory! He wanted to call it “EVANstory”!

During the breaks, when everyone could advise the King, since ABC wouldn’t allow lawyers or anyone into the studio, we’d be prompting Michael on what to say. The attorneys were especially concerned because of the recent settlement with the 12-year-old Rent-a-Wreck boy. The producers of the show would not relent. They still would not allow the managers, Gallin and Morey, his attorneys or anyone else into the room where the show was being taped.

When the show was over, members of the legal staff and the managers met with the King to evaluate the appearance and how they felt it would be accepted by the American public. I have never been aware of any major involvement with the King that had not been pre-arranged, and like all others, this Diane Sawyer interview had been entirely arranged, planned out and thoroughly choreographed.

After the interview, the 12-year-old’s uncle sued ABC for defamation of character He also said Michael violated the settlement’s confidentiality agreement. The crux of his argument was that the network and Sawyer, desperate for ratings, gave the King a huge soapbox to tell the world that he was innocent of the child-molestation allegations. In the process, the Rent-a-Wreck Uncle also claimed, his brother—the accuser’s father—was depicted as an extortionist who tried to shake down the King.

Evan Chandler’s frivolous $60 million dollar lawsuit was thoroughly analyzed in this post.

Bob Jones’ next ridiculous lie was when he stated that MJ faked his illness in December 1995 in order to avoid having to perform in his “HBO One Night Only” concert! From page 88:

Meanwhile, Michael Jackson’s “HIStory” CD fell off the chart just as fast as it hit. His career was seriously flagging.

He had been contracted to do an HBO special entitled “One Night Only”. The network had promised a worldwide audience of 250 million people. But once again the King of Pop was up to his old tricks.

Something happened and he decided he didn’t want to do the shows despite his agreement with HBO. You had to figure that he was up to something and he didn’t disappoint.

I had attended the rehearsal for the show at the Beacon Theater earlier that day and all seemed to be going very well. However, later, after I left, I got a call from Jim Morey saying that I better get back there because they were taking Michael Jackson to the hospital in an ambulance. Morey said I needed to rush back in order to be available to the media.

Another sensational story lead-in: Pop star Michael Jackson was hospitalized today after collapsing during a rehearsal for an HBO concert special in New York.

The King had gotten his doctors to admit him after collapsing on stage. He was taken to Beth Israel Medical Center.

The block of tickets we had given to Body Sculpt for the children’s charity were, of course, no good. So those kids from that organization that had been bussed in earlier for Michael’s appearance received exactly nothing from the King.

At the hospital, he had a private second-floor room, which later became filled with his favorite characters. There were giant framed posters of Shirley Temple, Clark Gable, Mickey Mouse and Topo Gigio. Much to his delight, Diana Ross visited him. He allowed visits from his mother and Rebbie, but Bill Bray had to talk him into letting his wife, Lisa Marie, visit. Bill had to explain to Michael that the media would crucify him if he turned his own wife away.

Michael had a penchant for staging illness and other problems to get out of commitments and promises he had made. I remember being ordered to return from the Black Radio Exclusive Convention in New Orleans. Norma Staikos called and said Michael needed to meet with me. I was to meet him at his Wilshire condo, known as the hideaway.

What motivated all the drama? The King was concocting a hoax to get out of commitments he had made to Disney’s Michael Eisner and Universal’s David Geffen. He had promised that he’d attend the opening of their respective theme parks, but, as per usual, he reneged on the promises and needed an explanation.

Some of the details of what happened wound up in J. Randy Taraborrelli’s book. Taraborrelli wrote that Jackson was negotiating with Disney Studios to lend his name in some way to a new robotic attraction. At the same time, David Geffen wanted Michael to appear at the opening of the Universal Theme Park in Florida, as did Steven Spielberg. Michael Eisner told Michael that if he had anything to do with MCA-Universal, Michael Jackson would never again be associated with Disney.

Michael could not bear the thought of being shunned by Disney. As a result of Eisner’s dictate, he was torn. He desperately wanted Disney and Michael Eisner in his comer, but he also wished to maintain his friendship with David Geffen and Steven Spielberg. He anguished over this matter for weeks until the problem grew even bigger than it actually was.

Upon my return to California, I had to join the King and his doctor to discuss how we would fake an illness and have him admitted to St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, California. At the appointed hour on the morning of June 3, 1990, his doctor would ring my phone and I would rush to the hospital. In the meantime, I had to arrange for someone to tip off the Associated Press to stimulate the media. I arranged for a lady friend of mine to call the Associated Press, offering to sell them information that she had seen Michael Jackson being rushed into the emergency room of St. John’s Hospital. It worked like a charm.

We then had to issue daily reports on his condition, which fooled the media. However, many did question why his doctor, a plastic surgeon, was Michael’s attending doctor during this stay.

Coincidently, a few days after he was hospitalized, Elizabeth Taylor checked into the same hospital for legitimate reasons. Reportedly suffering from pneumonia, Liz Taylor was put in a room right down the hall from Michael Jackson.

For days, Michael Jackson’s hospitalization made the headlines he so often craves. The president, Liza Minnelli, Elton John and many others called to wish him well. He loved every bit of the attention.

David Geffen said that he always knew Michael was faking and wasn’t experiencing any medical problems. Blanca, the King’s former maid, has been quoted saying that Michael often pulled these hospital stunts just to see how many gifts and flowers he’d receive.

OK, now let’s see what Dr. William Alleyne had to say about MJ’s ailments that lead to his collapse in December 1995!

Rock Hill doctor helped saved Michael Jackson‘s life after 1995 rehearsal collapse

By Andrew Dys, Columnist –

When Dr. William Alleyne II heard about Michael Jackson’s death last week while on vacation, this doctor who specializes in lung ailments in Rock Hill turned young again.

In his mind, he was just Bill Alleyne, the young guy who spent money out of his pocket to buy Michael Jackson albums. The guy who became a doctor and took his new bride to Michael Jackson concerts.

“It was an overwhelming sense of sadness, Alleyne said.

Sure, Bill Alleyne is a Michael Jackson fan like millions. But Dr. William Alleyne had more reason to be sad than most fans. Alleyne said Tuesday, for the first time in 14 years, I was the doctor who saved Michael Jackson’s life.

In December 1995, Alleyne was the critical care director at Beth Israel North Hospital, on the Upper East Side in New York City across the way from the mayor’s Gracie Mansion. He was the guy in charge when one of the nurses told him, We have Michael Jackson coming here.

Alleyne didn’t believe it then.

“I said, ‘Ha, ha, very funny,’ Alleyne recalled.

He had seen patients who were stars, or spouses of stars, but this was different. Thousands of people started clamoring outside the hospital. The place was turning into bedlam.

“Ten minutes later, they rolled Michael Jackson in on a stretcher, Alleyne said Tuesday from his Rock Hill office where he’s one of the partners at Carolina Pulmonary Physicians. But in 1995, Alleyne was the doctor to the King of Pop. Jackson had collapsed after a rehearsal for an upcoming HBO special at the nearby Beacon Theater.

Alleyne and his wife had seen Jackson before in concert, on television, and now, in 1995, Jackson was waiting, unconscious, for Bill Alleyne to save his life.

“Mr. Jackson was in critical condition, Alleyne said. He was dehydrated. He had low blood pressure. He had a rapid heart rate. He was near death.”

Alleyne went from doctor to a star to doctor of a man who could die. Alleyne, an acquaintance of Jackson’s doctor at the time who had seen some of that doctor’s patients, had been picked personally by that doctor to be the attending physician for Jackson’s emergency care. Alleyne gave the order to have the defibrillator ready if needed to treat the abnormal heart rhythm of the most famous entertainer with the best rhythm on Earth.

After about an hour or so that December dusk, Alleyne said he had Jackson stabilized with intravenous fluids and other treatment, and transferred Jackson to intensive care. But in the meantime, the crowd outside had become massive, a mob scene.

“I looked outside the window, and the crowd was shoulder to shoulder, huge, far more than when the mayor’s mansion across the street had hosted the pope, the president, even Nelson Mandela, Alleyne recalled.

And inside the hospital, Alleyne said, it was absolute pandemonium. Jackson’s entourage had muscled into intensive care. Alleyne had a brief showdown with one bodyguard who did not want to let Alleyne in the room again after Alleyne had left briefly. Alleyne recalled he said to the bodyguard, Your boss is dying in there, and I am going in there to save his life. You can be the one who has to say you wouldn’t let me in.

Bill Alleyne walked in and saved Michael Jackson. 

But the crush of people inside wasn’t over. The entourage of Jackson’s then-wife, Lisa Marie Presley, came in. Presley came in, too. Then through the middle of the crowd, another entourage, and Janet Jackson, Michael’s sister.

“Here is Janet, drop-dead, stop-the clock gorgeous, and she said, ‘Thank you for taking care of my brother,’ Alleyne recalled.

Alleyne found time to call home. His wife, Cheryl Courtlandt, a physician herself who now is a pediatrician at Levine’s Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, was home with two small kids.

“I’m gonna be a little late honey, Alleyne told his wife. Turn on the news.

He told his wife Michael Jackson was his patient, and she said to her husband, verbatim, in words Alleyne will never forget: Well, you take care of Mr. Jackson and hurry home, because I have two kids here and you need to take out the garbage.

Jackson soon was stable, and Alleyne and Jackson started a doctor/patient relationship similar to all in theory but unlike any relationship Alleyne had ever had in practice. As people were climbing trees to get pictures of inside the hospital, as Jackson’s fans sang his songs outside and the world press invaded the sidewalks and street for information about the condition of this most-famous man, Bill Alleyne tried to keep Michael Jackson alive with intravenous food and care.

Michael Jackson was the most soft-spoken, least demanding guy you would ever want to meet, Alleyne said. Everything he said was a whisper. His biggest concern was could he perform.

Alleyne told Jackson no way could he perform anytime soon.

Alleyne had to get permission to release information to Jackson’s family. Jackson gave it. Alleyne had to deal with other doctors who came to watch his every move, and a world that wanted information that Alleyne would not give to anybody but those Jackson said to give it to.

After about 72 hours, Alleyne and Jackson’s publicists and others realized they had to give a press conference. So Alleyne worked with Jackson’s people to go over what could be said, what to stay away from but still tell the truth. Alleyne was blunt with the world, saying Jackson did not have any immune system problems because rumors about AIDS were swirling. He was blunt that Jackson had no drugs in his system.

News accounts from 1995 show Alleyne and his then-partner, Dr. Bob Glennon, talking about Jackson’s condition to convince the world that Jackson was, in fact, critically ill.

“Michael Jackson was unconscious when he arrived, Alleyne said. I had to make that clear.

Through the next few days, Alleyne was Jackson’s doctor. Other doctors came to watch behind him, but Alleyne said he was not affronted. Having others sets of eyes look at his care and treatment of Jackson was understandable.

Jackson had to do what other patients who are recovering must do, Alleyne said. Walk around, be monitored. Except he had an entourage in the next room. “After a couple of days, Mr. Jackson told me he needed to get his hair done, Alleyne remembered. I told him we had a barber at the hospital.

Jackson’s entourage laughed: A stylist traveled around the world with Jackson and would style those locks right there in intensive care. The makeup crew came in, too.

Near the end of Jackson’s hospital stay, he asked Alleyne if he could visit other patients in intensive care. Jackson met one lady, gave her an autographed picture after he prayed with her, and the lady told Alleyne, I can die now; I prayed with Michael Jackson.

Alleyne recalled, laughing: I told Mr. Jackson maybe visiting with people who had suffered heart attacks or other serious problems wasn’t such a good idea.

When Jackson was discharged, Alleyne stayed in the background as the cameras went off and the video was shot. But Jackson asked Alleyne to make house calls for the next three days. Blood pressure checks, pulse, all that stuff. Alleyne was the director of critical care house calls were not his bag. But Michael Jackson had asked, so Alleyne said yes.

“House calls, to the penthouse of the Four Seasons hotel, Alleyne said. He had rented out the entire top two floors.

In one moment of weakness, Alleyne said he almost asked Jackson to teach him how to moonwalk Jackson’s famous trademark dance.

But Alleyne kept it professional with Michael Jackson, as the entourages and the world watched Alleyne’s every move.

Finally, about two weeks into this whirlwind relationship, Alleyne told Jackson, Mr. Jackson, you are stable. I can stop being your doctor and return to being your fan.

All humble Alleyne asked for was an autographed picture for his kids to have years down the road.

Before Alleyne left the hotel that day, Alleyne recalled Jackson telling him: Thank you for saving my life. Then Jackson told Alleyne he understood how difficult it had been for a black man to get to such a distinguished position within the medical world, that Alleyne’s accomplishments were inspiring to Jackson.

“It was very touching, Alleyne said. I will never forget that.

Alleyne never gave an interview since then, never signed any book deals or made a nickel off being Michael Jackson‘s doctor of almost two weeks. He never spoke to Michael Jackson again. Alleyne, other than casual conversation with friends, or associates in medicine, or among the people at his medical practice, never told anyone of his time as doctor to the most famous entertainer in the world.

Alleyne’s own children, son Douglas and daughter Courtney, only learned of his role when a documentary came out a few years ago that had some of the footage of the news conferences from 1995 in it. There was Bill Alleyne.

“Daddy, are you Michael Jackson‘s doctor?” his daughter asked.

“I said yes, because I was his doctor, Alleyne said. I looked at it as always being his doctor, that I had a professional relationship with Mr. Jackson and would honor that.

This man with Carolina roots in his family came to Charlotte in 1996, then began practicing medicine in Rock Hill in 1999. He’s done what humble doctors do: give some time to reading at schools, volunteered, raised his kids.

The sign outside his Rock Hill medical practice only has his name. There is no mention of Michael Jackson anywhere in the building.

Only now, after Jackson’s death, did Alleyne agree to share his remembrances of those days.

Alleyne said that he told his wife, only half-jokingly, that the world spotlight would be on the doctors who had recently been caring for Jackson before his death. Alleyne said he would be remembered as: I was the doctor who saved Michael Jackson’s life.

Alleyne has, at night the past few days after seeing patients, watched some coverage of the aftermath of Michael Jackson’s death.

That to this day he is so loved comes as no surprise to me, Alleyne said. He was very gracious and kind.

He understands that there were accusations against Jackson after 1995, but that was not the Michael Jackson Bill Alleyne knew in 1995.

And Tuesday afternoon, as tens of millions, maybe more, watched the memorial service for Jackson from Los Angeles, here’s what Bill Alleyne, doctor, did: He saw other patients. He did not watch TV.

He helped a lady with a little bit of cardiopulmonary trouble. Another with asthma. More. Each received Bill Alleyne’s full attention, as he had given Michael Jackson his full attention in 1995.

Alleyne saw them all, gave this interview about that two weeks 14 years ago, then went home.

Just like he did for those crazy days in December 1995, when Bill Alleyne was Michael Jackson’s doctor.

Rock Hill doctor helped saved Michael Jackson’s life after 1995 rehearsal collapse | The Herald – Rock Hill, SC

I think Dr. Alleyne’s diagnosis is self-explanatory, so there’s no need for me to elaborate further. Another lie of Bob Jones and Stacy Brown has been debunked!

In part 2 of this series, I gave an example of how Stacy Brown plagiarized Maureen Orth’s Vanity Fair articles as he ghostwrote the manuscript for the book that was being written by the two jurors who lied and said MJ was guilty, and here is yet another example! On page 101, he blatantly plagiarized Orth’s infamous and ridiculous “voodoo blood baths” story!

Already knowing the truth, the reports didn’t surprise me. The news stories were vivid too. Michael had attended a voodoo ritual in Switzerland where a witch doctor put a voodoo curse on David Geffen, Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and several others on Michael Jackson’s enemy list.

He paid $150,000 so that they would be cursed and hopefully killed, according to a lawsuit filed by Jackson’s former business partner Myung Ho Lee. The ritual included bathing in a tub plied with animal blood. Lee was ordered to wire the money to a bank in Mali for a voodoo chief named Baba. It was said that forty-two cows were sacrificed for Michael’s blood bath.

What was the point he was trying to make with these guys? The bottom line was simple: Geffen and company had long since tired of Michael Jackson’s crap. They had moved on from dealing with Mm, which infuriated him. How dare anyone ignore the King? He was the high man on the totem pole, or so he thought.

Michael didn’t care who he offended, much less cared whether he actually destroyed a person. Michael Jackson has always cared for just one person, that being himself. And as earlier related, he had already tried to get Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan to publicly denounce these Jewish “friends” of his, but the minister refused to get involved.

He had written the song “They Don’t Care About Us,” which included those controversial lyrics, “Jew me/sue me/everybody do me.” That song was made with a purpose and nobody can tell me differently. Everything Michael does has a purpose. He seeks attention and grabs it.

In this post about Christian hypocrites who have lied about MJ, I debunked that crap and highlighted the shady past of Orth’s “source” for that nonsense, Dr. Myung Ho Lee, was one of MJ’s former business advisors who frivolously sued MJ for millions of dollars in 2002.

Jones’ next lie is listed on page 104, where he states that MJ wanted to get Will Smith removed from the lead role in “Men In Black 2”! Where does he get this horrendous lies from?

With the rote of Peter Pan out of the question, Jackson turned his attention to his music label’s big film, “Men In Black.” Michael wanted and eventually received a cameo role in the sequel to “Men In Black” because he mistakenly thought the film was a tear-jerker rather than a comedy.

Michael had a meeting with the director of “Men in Black II” and told him that he had cried during the first film. The fact that this hadn’t been that type of movie offers even more proof of how out of touch this guy is. Michael reached out to the higher-ups at Sony, trying to get them to put him in the sequel.

Get this: he wanted to replace Will Smith. Yes, he told them to get Will Smith out of the movie and let Michael have his part. Kevin Mclin, who later did public relations for Michael, said Michael even offered to do the movie for free if they gave him Will Smith’s role. This offer took place during a meeting with Amy Pascale, head of Tri-Star films and John Galley, head of Sony USA.

Will Smith is one of film’s biggest box office draws, but the King tried to use his waning influence to get Will Smith tossed from the film. “No matter what it takes, I want to wear that black suit,” Michael Jackson said of being in the film.

The fact is that it was the director of the movie, Barry Sonnenfeld, who convinced MJ to do that cameo! You can read this article for more info.

Another example of careless research is where they state that MJ performed the first of two dates for his 30th Anniversary Concert in New York City on September 8th, 2001, when in fact it was on September 7th, 2001!

It was to take place at Madison Square Garden in New York City on September 8 and September 10, 2001. The concerts would be billed as a 30th anniversary celebration of Michael Jackson in show business. It would be timed to coincide with the release of his new CD “Invincible.”

The last lie that I will debunk from this book is the most pernicious and outrageous lie from the book! On page 126, they proudly and loudly state one of the prosecution’s most ridiculous talking points during the trial: the lie that MJ had secret, hidden rooms at Neverland in order to abuse children!

The writing had been on the wall for a good long time now. I had long known this day was coming. I had warned Michael about his interactions with these little white boys. After the Rent a-Wreck boy, one would have hoped that he’d learned a hard and valuable lesson.

It was all too creepy for anyone to defend and put a good public relations spin on it. The young boy in the current case had been there. The newspapers had published the facts about the creepy lair that they described as Michael Jackson’s dark secret room, perched behind a trapdoor at Neverland. This, according to media reports about the testimony the boy and his brother will give at trial, is where he’d take the boys to commit lewd acts.

The chamber, concealed so well that police who twice have scoured the place in recent months may have missed it. No one—not outsiders anyway—knew about the door hidden behind clothes at the back of a walk-in closet in Michael Jackson’s bedroom. The closet that hides the secret entrance is packed with military-style costumes, children’s toys, and books.

Beyond the door is a narrow carpeted stairwell lined with rag dolls descending into a secret chamber.

It is a twisted version of a young child’s bedroom. A bed is adorned with pillow cases imprinted with Peter Pan’s face and the word “Neverland.” Sitting on the bed is a redheaded, bug-eyed stuffed doll, and on a nightstand next to the bed is a Mickey Mouse telephone. On the wall are pictures of smiling diapered babies.

Whatever may have happened to these boys probably happened here. This bizarre room appears to be the haven of a twisted individual, a mad genius. I ask myself, what is loving and caring and warm about this dark and secret room?

After the Rent-a-Wreck family case was settled, we were told that Michael Jackson was being watched closely. There was much talk about the statute of limitations, things of that nature. Say what you will about whether these people, the young boys and their parents, are doing this for money, the fact is that Michael Jackson has brought this trouble onto himself.

Again and again, I tried to tell him to be careful with these little boys, that the press was going to eat him alive parading around with these boys.

And now the King of Pop is on trial His life is in the hands of a jury, a judge, prosecutors and lawyers. It has come to that point.

That lie was so outrageous that even Diane Dimond had to debunk it! Watch the video below, beginning at 2:05!

I will conclude this post by showing you guys that even after the trial was over, Stacy Brown didn’t stop writing lies about the Jackson family! Here is a grossly erroneous article that he wrote on March 23rd, 2008 in the New York Post!  It regurgitates the same trash that was written in “Man Behind The Mask”, and he quotes Bob Jones too! Try to keep a straight face while reading it!




STIFFED by their superstar brother Michael and plagued by decades of bad fiscal decisions, the once-mighty Jackson family is barely scraping by, with one brother stocking groceries, another repairing cars and others living at home with mom while hoping for sister Janet’s next handout.

They have fallen far from their days as sequin-studded stage stars who could rake in seven-figure paydays for a single performance. Then they were the Jackson Five, the undisputed kings of Motown, a Berry Gordy-led, bell-bottomed global phenomenon.

Their first four singles rocketed to the top of the charts, four albums went platinum, and the band of brothers sold more than 100 million albums, second only to the Beatles, while pioneering a multimedia empire that spanned radio, TV, cartoons and magazines.

But in a series of interviews with three of the nine Jackson children, two relatives and a current and former employee – over the last three years and as recently as last week – The Post learned in stunning detail just how down and out the Jacksons are.

Marlon Jackson, 51, an original Jackson Five member who stocks shelves at a Vons supermarket in San Diego, had to temporarily move into an extended-stay hotel.

Randy, 46, does odd jobs, including fixing cars in a Los Angeles garage owned by a family friend. He recently claimed Michael was going to give him $1.7 million – “a pipe dream,” said another brother last week.

Jackie, 56, the oldest and most debonair of the brothers, is struggling to manage his son Siggy’s aspiring rap career after an Internet clothing business startup and attempts to produce music failed.

Jermaine, 54, shuttles back and forth from his girlfriend’s home in Ventura County, Calif., to his parents’ mansion in Encino, where Jackie and Randy still bunk.

Tito, 55, is the only brother still making music, but it’s a meager living. The guitarist fronts a blues and jazz band that plays small venues and nets him $500 and $1,500 per occasional gig – a far cry from the days when the Jacksons could pull in 50,000 people at $30 a ticket.

Family patriarch Joseph Jackson, 79, spends most of his waking hours conjuring up schemes he hopes will replenish a bank account that once had more money than the FDIC cared to insure. Peddling musical girl groups in Las Vegas and a book about his family in Germany, Joseph, despite evidence to the contrary, is not convinced that time and the music industry have passed him by.

“We can get back out there and set the world on fire,” he told The Post last week. “If the Rolling Stones can still rake in the money, so, too, can my boys.”

Page 2 of 3


Like their days growing up in hardscrabble Gary, Ind., the Jacksons are approaching poverty. Tough times have the clan recalling how the six boys and three girls shared a shingled home with a two-car garage, when Joseph worked in a steel mill and mother Katherine, 77, scoured thrift shops to clothe her brood.

THEIR home now, called Hayvenhurst, sits on more than five acres and is adorned with Michael’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star, statues of animals, a lush flower garden, a dollhouse and a four-car garage with the word “Welcome” written above it.

But the beauty belies the family’s dark fiscal troubles – workers often go months without a paycheck, and Janet Jackson, 41, the new breadwinner in the family, purchased a Vegas home for her mother in anticipation of her eventually losing Hayvenhurst.

“It was better in Gary, Indiana,” Jermaine said a couple of years ago.

How did their fortunes crumble? A slew of bad investments, poor advice, bankruptcy, stubborn pride, divorces, IRS debt, child support and a brother, Michael, who would rather give $1 million to Marlon Brando than do a concert tour or record to help make his brothers whole again.

“Michael was not going to work with the family again,” said Frank DiLeo, the manager who oversaw Michael Jackson’s ultra-successful “Bad” album and tour. “He was concerned only about building his legacy. He had to be bigger than Elvis.”

The family’s downfall is not entirely Michael’s fault, others argue. The Gloved One footed their bills for years. But his generosity came at a devastating price: The King of Pop used his vast power and influence to prevent his siblings from plying the trade that led to such mega-hits as “I Want You Back,” “The Love You Save” and “ABC.”

Jackson, riding high in the music world, signed his brothers to his personal record label, MJJ, and refused to release any of their music.

Michael’s mission was to make sure his family was broke, and he accomplished that through the industry, which mostly kowtowed to him,” said Bob Jones, former longtime director of communications for Jackson and the author of “Michael Jackson: The Man Behind the Mask.”

We were always ordered by Michael to keep his family away from his offices and out of his business,” he said. “He hated them. He wanted them broke. Michael even refused to allow Jermaine, who had come over to Europe to see one of Michael’s concerts about a decade ago, to guest on ‘I’ll Be There.’ Jermaine was devastated.”

The family filed for Chapter 11 protection in 1997, listing debts of more than $45 million following the collapse of Jackson Communications Inc., which was started by Jermaine. Only Michael, Janet and sister La Toya were spared from the many lawsuits connected to JCI.

Page 3 of 3


LED by Janet, the Jack son sisters have carved out a far different lifestyle than their famous brothers.

Janet is said to be worth upward of $150 million, while controversial sister La Toya, 52, is a millionaire. Rebbie, 57, the oldest, has been married for more than 35 years to a successful businessman she met in Gary, and the two live in an exclusive Las Vegas enclave.

With the release of his “Invincible” album in 2001, Michael celebrated 30 years in the music industry with two star-studded concerts in Madison Square Garden.

While paying Brando $1 million to appear and giving five- and six-figure fees to artists such as Whitney Houston, Usher, Britney Spears and Destiny’s Child to perform, Jacko had his brothers sign a contract that would pay them just $1,100 each.

Michael charged the brothers for hotel and travel, and the siblings were never paid their measly performance fees, according to the brothers.

“Charity begins at home,” Joseph Jackson said during a 2005 interview. “Michael should think about that.”

Promises again abounded during the 2005 child-molestation trial in which Michael swore he would regroup with the family and do a “Celebration” tour.

While Michael’s publicist, Raymone Bain, often held impromptu press conferences to denounce those she claimed were taking advantage of Jacko, family members themselves were capitalizing on the daily headlines.

Joseph Jackson demanded payment for interviews during the trial. A Vegas-based magician named Majestik the Magnificent worked closely with Joseph to secure pay.

Inside the gates of the Hayvenhurst estate with Joseph, Majestik told a producer from MSNBC’s “Scarborough Country” by cellphone that “our conversation must begin with at least $50,000 for Joe to come on.”

When the producer, George Uribe, declined, Majestik shot back, “Your ratings go up with the Jacksons on, and you make a lot of money . . . so you gotta share the love.”

Family members, led by Jermaine, began shooting home video of the goings-on during the trial, hoping to shop it to networks as a reality show.

DRAMATIC footage never seen by the public includes Jacko’s drive to the courthouse on verdict day. In the SUV, Michael wails, “Why me? Why me?” Gripping a Bible, he begins to compare himself to the biblical Job.

More broken promises followed Jacko’s acquittal.

“Michael said after the trial ends, and we know he is going to walk, that we are definitely going out on tour,” Jermaine said. “We are going to set the world on fire.” Instead Michael fled to the Middle East. Randy Jackson, who persuaded several friends to remortgage their homes, used the cash to help pay Michael’s legal and other expenses. Randy said he was left holding the bag when Michael fled to Bahrain. When Michael returned to the States, taking up residence in Las Vegas in December 2006, Randy tried to confront him, but Michael would not have it. A desperate Randy charged the compound housing Michael, but bodyguards were sicced on the youngest brother.

“We are willing now to go out and do some things without [Michael],” one of the brothers said recently. “We have to.”


Joseph Jackson, 79 and Katherine Jackson, 77

Dad hustles various girl groups in Las Vegas. Mom is still a stay-at-home housewife and the only family member in contact with Michael. Both have previously filed for bankruptcy

Janet Jackson, 41

The current family breadwinner. She bought her mom a Vegas home in anticipation of losing the family’s mansion, Hayvenhurst, to foreclosure. Like their Neverland colleagues, workers at Hayvenhurst have not been paid for months.

La Toya Jackson, 52

Family turncoat who declared Michael guilty during the 1993 molestation case, she earns a living mostly in Europe and in the UAE judging beauty and singing contests. She lives with a wealthy boyfriend in Beverly Hills and has little contact with her siblings.

Rebbie Jackson, 57

The oldest, she’s married to successful businessman Nathaniel Brown.

Tito Jackson, 55

Formed a blues band several years ago and plays at small venues for $500 to $1,500 a gig.

Michael Jackson, 49

On the verge of losing Neverland ranch as well as the family’s Encino, Calif., home. He’s hiding out in Las Vegas and repeatedly makes promises to his brothers while sabotaging any attempts by them to ply their musical trade.

Randy Jackson, 46

Does odd jobs like changing tires to support himself. He was Michael’s business manager during the 2005 molestation trial but ran into serious problems with friends after he persuaded three people to take out lines of credits against their homes to help Michael pay his attorney fees and Michael stiffed them.

Marlon Jackson, 51

Lives in San Diego, where he works stocking groceries at a Vons supermarket. He fell on hard times three years ago when he was forced to leave his foreclosed home and move into an Extended Stay America hotel with his wife, Carol.

Jackie Jackson, 56

The oldest son started an Internet clothing business and is trying to produce records by his sons. Nothing has panned out.

Jermaine Jackson, 54

Splits time between the parents’ Hayvenhurst mansion and his girlfriend’s home in the San Fernando Valley. With more than $5 million in federal, state and other liens against him and a 1995 bankruptcy filing, he doesn’t work or have a regular income.

Frank Dileo was outraged that those fabricated quotes were attributed to him, and MJEOL wrote a scathing rebuttal to Brown’s trash!

Frank Dileo Slaps NY Post Quotes

Michael Jackson’s former manager apparently doesn’t know what the heck two New York Post reporters are talking about when they erroneously claimed he made provocative statements about Jackson recently.

The two blockhead reporters, Stacy Brown and James Fanelli, wrote up a questionable and as yet unsubstantiated article about the finances of the Jackson family.

These two baby-Roger-Friedman-wannabes made allegations about the solvency and employment of members of the Jackson family like it was their business; allegations which won’t be repeated here.

However, they apparently messed up when they attributed quotes about Michael Jackson directly to Jackson’s former manager from back in the day, Frank Dileo.

They quoted Dileo as saying – and under the context of being a recent statement – that Michael wasn’t going to work with the family again and was only concerned about his own legacy.

Dileo, who spoke to’s Lee Baily, says he never made the statement and certainly never made it to Brown or anyone at the New York Post. More from EURWeb’s website:


Furthermore, he [Dileo] contacted the article’s co-writer, Stacy Brown, to complain. According to Dileo, Brown said the quote was meant to be attributed to Bob Jones.



Wow. If that is truly the case and Brown isn’t simply trying to cover his a$s, that’s one whopper of a mistake seeing as how Dileo was most recently seen supporting Jackson during the 2005 trial. In comparison, Jones was kicked off the Jackson gravy train, got mad and wrote a book of what some say are unsubstantiated and hateful innuendo.

EURWeb’s report continues:


Dileo told EUR: “Stacy Brown called because he wanted me to speak at the University of – somewhere up there [in NY] – and I told him I lived in Nashvilleand I wasn’t able to do it, and that was the end of it. He said, ‘How are things going,’ I said, ‘Fine.’ We talked about our business in Nashville.

Next thing DiLeo knows, he’s being quoted in the New York Post regarding Michael Jackson.

“And I don’t know what [Brown] got into with Bob Jones or whatever, but I’m not a part of that whole crew,” he said. “I never make statements and I don’t make any comments. Why they put my name in that and where they got it from – it could’ve been something from 30 years ago, for all I know.”


This isn’t the first time Brown has gotten in trouble for telling falsehoods and selling them as news. Some of you readers may remember Brown making ridiculous statements about while he was an MSNBC “analyst”.

Then, he claimed MJEOL was sponsored by Michael Jackson, regardless of the fact that nobody running MJEOL has ever so much as met Jackson. Nor have I allowed MJEOL’s independent tongue to be controlled by anybody; not even Michael Jackson (see False Info From Brown – MiniBullet#19 ).

In what seemed to be a lame attempt to dismiss criticism of his Jackson hit piece for MSNBC back then, Brown proclaimed MJEOL a “sponsored website” — a complete and total lie — and never apologized for it.

Brown, once accused of plagiarism,threw a hissy-fit because I called him out in another commentary (MiniBullet#18) on some comments about the family he made for MSNBC.

Although Brown has never been a close friend of or part of Michael Jackson’s inner circle, he was a public supporter of the Jacksons until he too was kicked to the curb by the Jacksons.

You may also remember back when Brown was writing for the New York Daily News, he again got into boiling hot water when he made unsubstantiated allegations about a book proposal that was supposedly being written by Jermaine Jackson.

In his report, Brown claimed Jermaine had extremely defamatory statements to make about his family and, particularly, Michael.

Jermaine Jackson released a couple of statements through spokespersons at the time. One through spokesperson Angel Howansky saying:


Jermaine is “very angry and upset” at the obvious attempt of Stacy Brown to capitalize on the Jackson Family name once again.

(see Jermaine Jackson Releases Statement Refuting Tabloid Story)


Another statement saying:


“Mr. Brown’s alleged false and malicious fabrications about the proposal or the alleged use of a doctored, false, and unauthorized proposal serve only to expose him to potential liability for making untrue statements.

Regardless of Mr. Brown’s alleged attempts to sabotage the sale of the manuscript, Jermaine Jackson looks forward to the future publication of his book…”

(see Jermaine Jackson Releases Statement Through Attorney Re: Stacy Brown)


As if that stellar record wasn’t enough, Brown was accused by one of the flip-flopping Jackson jurors of plagiarism. Ray Hultman, himself the subject of much criticism for flip-flopping in chase of a book deal, ultimately turned around and sued the person with which he signed a book contract.

In that lawsuit, according to reports from the Santa Barbara News-Press, Hultman said “whoever prepared the book proposal on his behalf included plagiarized portions of a Vanity Fair article by Maureen Orth” (Wacko Ortho). Brown is supposedly the one who wrote the book proposal with the plagiarized material.

By the way, of all the people to swipe something from, Maureen Orth definitely should not be one of them. But I digress.

Hultman claimed “both the plagiarized portion of the book proposal and Mr. Brown’s statements damaged his reputation and the marketability of any book he could write on the subject” (Santa Barbara News-Press).

Brown was also accused a second time of dishonest and defamatory practices, this time in a non-Jackson related story; a story which would leave the New York Daily News again with egg on it’s face.

In a Fox News (I know, I know) report from Feb 12 2007 titled “Anna Nicole Smith’s Baby’s ‘Dad’ Reunites With Daughter”, Brown had written a manuscript allegedly on behalf of Anna Nicole Smith’s sister, Donna Hogan, about the late celebrity.

Excerpts of the salacious manuscript were then leaked to the New York Daily News, who published them apparently without checking with Donna Hogan.

It seems Brown didn’t have authorization to write a manuscript for Donna Hogan. In fact, he had never even interviewed her. Woops!

His manuscript was rejected for publication, the report says.

Not only that, but Donna Hogan decried the “inaccuracies and false statements” written by Brown in the manuscript.

This most recent dustup with attributing comments to Dileo is only another notable incident in a string of questionable incidences involving Brown and the Jacksons.

In my opinion, why anyone would readily accept anything Brown has to say with reference to the Jacksons without some form of corroborating material is beyond me. And I’m talking about REAL corroborating material and not just the parroted speculations of someone else.

No matter where Brown’s quotes about the Jackson family came from, it is at best highly irresponsible for them to be printed and spread without any independent supporting evidence.

But since when has the NY Post cared all that much about making sure to only report factual information about the Jacksons anyway?

As another example of how close Brown was to Diane Dimond, here is his review of her book “Be Careful Who You Love” from Amazon:



I will end this series by posting a series of very typical, yet inconsistent tweets from Stacy Brown!

Brown asserts that MJ had “pedophile art” in this tweet, and that’s an obvious reference to the enormous art collection that MJ amassed over the years.


Brown is referencing the following article in his tweet:

Michael Jackson owned a collection of shocking ‘paedo’ art

Michael Jackson, the late king of pop, had spent millions on a shocking collection of ‘paedo’ art.

The pop star owned a large number of specially commissioned paintings in which he featured surrounded by naked cherubs.

Now, six months after his death, some of his bizarre artwork has been unveiled.

One of the pictures, called Michael, shows the Thriller star striking the same pose as Michelangelo’s statue of David with just a loincloth covering his private parts. In the picture, he has marble-white skin and he is surrounded by male cherubs.

Another painting, Field Of Dreams, shows Jackson, who died in June aged 50, leading children along a yellow brick road.

The paintings were done by US artist David Nordahl, 68, who denied claims that they constituted ‘paedo art’.

The shocking artwork has been revealed in a new book about Jackson’s life called Opus: The Ultimate Celebration Of An Icon.

“These paintings are a way of seeing how Michael would like to have seen himself,” the Daily Star quoted David as saying.

We did a series that debunks the myth that MJ had child porn or child erotica at Neverland, and it can be found in this category of posts.

Here is the first of many hypocritical tweets of his. He constantly disparages MJ at every chance he gets, yet he readily acknowledges MJ’s artistic influence and impact! Here, he asks why there isn’t a Grammy Award named after MJ. You have to wonder, if Brown really felt MJ was guilty, why would he want to see MJ honored in such a way?

In this tweet, Brown says that MJ is gone too soon!

In this tweet, he says that MJ’s 30th Anniversary Concert was one of his best memories, and that Lady Gaga is retarded compared to “Wacko Jacko”!

Here is a tweet to his good friend Diane Dimond!

Here is where he brags about how “handsomely” he was paid for writing “Man Behind The Mask”, and that MJ had “no complaints” about the book when he called Bob Jones about it! I find that very hard to believe!

Start from the bottom up, and read his tweets to me and others where he refuses to acknowledge MJ’s innocence (while hiding behind his “opinion”, and he even has a friendly exchange with the MJ haters at Topix who have started their own Twitter account!

In this tweet to two notorious MJ haters on Twitter, Brown clings to the misconception that MJ cried and begged to sleep with other people’s children!

We’ve debunked those two lies in the following two posts:

In these two tweets, Brown takes some cheap shots at the Jackson family by saying that they showed “no dignity” in their memorial to MJ, while the Houston family showed dignity, and didn’t deny Whitney’s drug problems in public, the same way the Jackson family did!

Now, for those of you who actually give a damn about what Stacy Brown has to say after reading this exhaustively detailed series on him, here are two interview he gave last year to MJ blogger Muzik Factory Two, in which he talks about his relationship with Jermaine Jackson, and the book that they attempted to write almost 10 years ago:

And with that, I am officially DONE with Stacy Brown and Bob Jones!

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    I don’t know whether it’s just me or if everybody else encountering issues with your blog.
    It appears as though some of the text on your posts are
    running off the screen. Can someone else please provide feedback
    and let me know if this is happening to them as well?
    This may be a problem with my browser because I’ve had this happen before.
    Appreciate it

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