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April 18th, 2005 Trial Analysis: Janet Arvizo (Cross-Examination), Part 2 of 4

June 22, 2013

When the topic of Bashir’s documentary came up, Janet claimed that Jackson himself took Star and Gavin to Neverland to film their scenes, which is a total fabrication of the facts because Jackson stayed at Neverland and sent a limo to pick them up.

16 Q. Now, at some point your children are at


17 Neverland when the Bashir documentary was filmed,


18 right?


19 A. Yes.


20 Q. And do you recall approximately when that


21 was?


22 A. Approximately — this is the best I can


23 remember. Gavin had done — had a biopsy done on


24 his kidney. Then the baby boy’s birthday party.


25 And then the film that I now know — am aware of.


26 Q. How did your children get to Neverland when


27 the Bashir documentary was filmed, if you know?


28 A. Yes. Michael picked them up from my East 6608


1 L.A. apartment. He had a driver, and then they went


2 over there. They stood the night, and they came the


3 next day.


4 Q. Did Chris Tucker introduce you to other


5 celebrities?


6 A. No. Not me. David, yes. And the children.


7 Q. To your knowledge, what celebrities did


8 Chris Tucker introduce David to?


9 A. I don’t know.


10 Q. To your knowledge, what celebrities did


11 Chris Tucker introduce your children to?


12 A. I think one of them was Jackie Chan. And


13 that’s the best that I’m aware of. That’s it.


14 Q. Do you recall Chris Tucker introducing your


15 children to Mike Tyson?


16 A. Oh, that’s correct. Yes. Chris took the


17 children to Mike Tyson’s house.


18 Q. Now, was it in Las Vegas?


19 A. Yes, this was in Las Vegas.


20 Q. Were you there during that trip?


21 A. There’s actually more than one trip there.


22 Q. Okay. Did you take more than one trip to


23 Las Vegas with Chris Tucker?


24 A. No.


25 Q. Did you take any trips to Las Vegas with


26 Chris Tucker?


27 A. One.


28 Q. Was that the trip when your children met 6609


1 Mike Tyson?


2 A. No.


3 Q. Did you ever meet Mike Tyson?


4 A. Never.

In this excerpt, Mesereau moved on to the two $10,000 checks that Louise Palanker gave her during Gavin’s illness. Janet testified that she didn’t use any of the money for herself, but instead handed it to David. Whatever.

5 Q. Okay. Did you at some point meet Louise


6 Palanker?


7 A. Yes, I did.


8 Q. And where did you meet Louise Palanker?


9 A. Through the comedy camp. Through Jamie.


10 Q. At some point do you recall Louise Palanker


11 writing a check for $10,000 to you?


12 A. What time period are we talking about? At


13 any time?


14 Q. Sure.


15 A. This was when Gavin had become ill.


16 Q. And do you recall that check being written


17 to Janet Arvizo?


18 A. Yes, I became aware of that.


19 Q. And do you recall it being deposited into


20 your mother’s account?


21 A. It was cashed through my mom’s account.


22 Q. Did you cash that check?


23 A. No.


24 Q. Did you endorse that check?


25 A. Yes, I think I did.


26 Q. Okay. And do you recall at some point a


27 second $10,000 check being written by Louise


28 Palanker to David Arvizo? 6610


1 A. Yes, I did.


2 Q. And do you recall that check being deposited


3 into your mother’s account?


4 A. It was cashed through my mom’s account.


5 Q. At that point in time, did you have any bank


6 account?


7 A. At that point in time, no, I didn’t.


8 Q. At that point in time did David have any


9 bank accounts?


10 A. No, he didn’t. Well, actually, I think —


11 no. The best I can remember, no, I don’t think so.


12 I don’t know.


13 Q. At that point in time, had you set up any


14 bank account for Gavin’s benefit?


15 A. No.


16 Q. At some point did you set up a bank account


17 for Gavin’s benefit?


18 A. Yes, I think so.


19 Q. Do you know when that was?


20 A. I think that was in — the best I can


21 remember, maybe October. Maybe November. That’s


22 the best I can remember.


23 Q. And did you personally deposit money into


24 that account?


25 A. Yes.


26 Q. And was that money that you raised at The


27 Laugh Factory?


28 A. No. 6611


1 Q. Was that money that you got from


2 fund-raisers for Gavin?


3 A. With — attached to The Laugh Factory?


4 Q. No. Let me rephrase the question.


5 The money that you deposited into the


6 account you set up for Gavin, do you remember that


7 account?


8 A. I — I don’t think I personally deposited


9 things. They were deposited.


10 Q. Okay. That was an account set up at — was


11 it Washington Mutual?


12 A. Yes.


13 Q. And that was across from The Laugh Factory,


14 wasn’t it?


15 A. Pardon me?


16 Q. Was that bank near The Laugh Factory?


17 A. There’s Washington Mutuals everywhere.


18 Q. Was this particular branch near The Laugh


19 Factory where you opened the account?


20 A. No, it wasn’t.


21 Q. Where was it?


22 A. The best I can remember, it was — it was


23 done, I think, in — well, near the Hollenbeck


24 Division.


25 Q. And you made deposits for the benefit of


26 Gavin, right?


27 A. I think the majority of them, they were


28 deposited on their own. 6612


1 Q. So people went to the bank and deposited


2 money on their own into Gavin’s account?


3 A. I think so, yes.


4 Q. Did you ever deposit any money into that


5 account for Gavin’s benefit?


6 A. The best I can remember, I don’t think so.


7 Q. All right. Now, when the $10,000 check that


8 Louise Palanker wrote to you was placed into your


9 mother’s account, you say that it was basically —


10 cash was taken out immediately; is that correct?


11 A. The best I can remember, I think there had


12 to be a waiting period or something like that. And


13 then it could be cashed.


14 Q. And you endorsed the check, right?


15 A. Yes, I think so.


16 Q. And did you get some of the money?


17 A. No, everything was handed to David. David


18 loved having the sense of authority, and I was like


19 his personal secretary.


20 Q. So you’re saying none of that money went to


21 your benefit, right?


22 A. It was — like I said, David had the


23 authority. I was like David’s personal secretary.


24 Q. Okay. So you’re telling the jury that you


25 never spent any of that money for yourself, correct?


26 A. I’m telling the jury I was as — like


27 David’s personal secretary.


28 Q. Did any of that money go to the benefit of 6613


1 Gavin, to your knowledge?


2 A. I think so.


3 Q. Do you know so?


4 A. I think so.


5 Q. You’re not sure?


6 A. No, I think so.


7 Q. Okay. What do you think it went to?


8 A. I —


9 MR. ZONEN: Objection; asked and answered.


10 THE COURT: Overruled.


11 You may answer.


12 THE WITNESS: I think it went to credit


13 cards, to food, to — just different things.


14 Whatever David would instruct me to do.


15 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: And the second $10,000

16 check that Louise Palanker wrote was also —


17 A. I was talking — I was referring to both.


18 Q. Okay.


19 A. So it’s going to be the same information.


20 Q. Okay. Let me just go through the second


21 one, make sure.


22 Louise Palanker wrote the first check for


23 $10,000 to Janet Arvizo. It was deposited for cash,


24 and you believe it was spent on matters related to


25 Gavin, correct?


26 A. No. There was — Louise Palanker, there was


27 no strings attached. It was just to the family.


28 Q. And you’re not sure whether — what that was 6614


1 spent on. You think credit cards, right?


2 A. We’re talking five years ago. And the best


3 I can remember, it was to the family, and I did


4 everything that David instructed me to do.


5 Q. Let me ask you about the second $10,000


6 check from Louise Palanker.


7 A. Again, I’m lumping both of them. Because it


8 was both the same thing.


9 Q. So as far as the second $10,000 check goes,


10 you pretty much did what David asked you to do with


11 the money, right?


12 A. That’s correct.


13 Q. All right. And other than credit cards,


14 you’re not that sure what it was spent on, right?


15 A. No.


16 Q. You think maybe food, right?


17 A. I think so.


18 Q. Okay.


19 A. And whatever David kept for his pocket.


20 Q. And you never kept any for your pocket,


21 right?


22 A. No.


23 Q. Okay. Were you employed at that point?


24 A. Yes, I was.


25 Q. And where were you working then?


26 A. I was a waitress.


27 Q. Okay. Where was that?


28 A. The Bonaventure Hotel. 6615


1 Q. And is that when Gavin was in the hospital?


2 A. Yes.


3 Q. Okay. And did you work there full time?


4 A. Yes, I did.

Next, Mesereau discusses Janet’s involvement with the various fundraisers for Gavin at the Laugh Factory; she testified that she wasn’t sure whether or not she knew they were even going on, but would find out afterwards, or some nonsense like that.

5 Q. Okay. Did you learn at some point about


6 some fund-raisers that went on at The Laugh Factory


7 for the benefit of Gavin?


8 A. I came to find out everything afterwards.


9 Q. Did you know those fund-raisers were going


10 on when they actually happened?


11 A. I don’t think so. We’re talking five years


12 ago.


13 Q. So you’re not sure whether you knew they


14 were even going on when they happened, right?


15 A. No, I would find out afterwards.


16 Q. Now, were you in touch with Jamie Masada at


17 this point in time?


18 A. Just a little bit.


19 Q. Was he a friend of yours at that point in


20 time?


21 A. Yes, he is a friend of mine. And he was a


22 friend of mine at that point.


23 Q. And he still is a friend of yours, right?


24 A. He still is a friend.


25 Q. All right. And you had met him when your


26 kids were going through the comedy camp, right?


27 A. Yes.


28 Q. You knew him to have assisted Gavin when 6616


1 Gavin was ill in the hospital, right?


2 A. Yes.


3 Q. You were in touch with him at that point in


4 time, right?


5 A. Yes.


6 Q. But you’re not sure if you knew when these


7 fund-raisers were going on?


8 A. That’s correct. I would find out


9 afterwards. And not because David told me, but


10 because Jamie would tell me.


11 Q. Do you recall Fritz Coleman, the newscaster,


12 helping with any fund-raiser?


13 A. No.


14 Q. Do you recall David — excuse me. Do you


15 recall George Lopez ever trying to help Gavin?


16 A. No.


17 Q. Knew nothing about that?


18 A. No.


19 Q. Okay. Never met with him and thanked him


20 for what he had done for your family?


21 A. No. I thanked him through Ann Lopez,


22 because Ann Lopez would pray with me on the phone.


23 Q. Did you ever meet with George Lopez and give


24 him a gift and thank him for what he had done?


25 A. I had given him a mustard seed faith amulet,


26 because he had told me that he had lost his key


27 chain, so I had given mine, the one I would carry.


28 Q. Okay. So when — excuse me. 6617


1 When any fund-raisers were being planned at


2 The Laugh Factory for Gavin, you were not involved,


3 right?


4 A. That is correct.


5 Q. And Jamie Masada didn’t tell you what he was


6 planning, right?


7 A. This is correct.


8 Q. Okay. Louise Palanker never told you what


9 she was planning, correct?


10 A. This is correct.


11 Q. And you don’t even know who attended those


12 fund-raisers, right?


13 A. This is correct.


14 Q. Because you never discussed a fund-raiser


15 with Louise Palanker, right?


16 A. This is correct.


17 Q. Never discussed a fund-raiser with Fritz


18 Coleman, right?


19 A. This is correct.


20 Q. And never discussed a fund-raiser with Jamie


21 Masada, right?


22 A. This is correct.

Janet was next questioned about a story that was written about Gavin in her local newspaper in which she solicited donations for his illness. Janet claimed that she gave the reporter her story because she was trying to help her out with her career, and that she told the reporter that Gavin’s chemotherapy treatments were $1,200 dollars each, but the reporter made a typo and printed that they were $12,000 dollars each! Seriously!

23 Q. Do you recall ever speaking to someone at a


24 local newspaper in El Monte about Gavin’s illness?


25 A. Yes.


26 Q. And who did you speak to about Gavin’s


27 illness?


28 A. The best I can remember, I think her name 6618


1 was Christie. And she had expressed to me — I felt


2 sorry for her, because she had told me that — she


3 was an elderly lady and she was trying to start a


4 new career and — start a career in journalism,


5 because she never had had the chance. So when she


6 expressed herself like that, I went ahead and spoke


7 to her about my son’s illness.


8 Q. So you were really doing her a favor is what


9 you’re saying.


10 MR. ZONEN: Objection; argumentative.


11 THE COURT: Sustained.


12 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Are you saying you were


13 trying to help this person with her career; that’s


14 why you spoke about Gavin?


15 MR. ZONEN: Objection. Argumentative and


16 irrelevant.


17 THE COURT: Just a minute.


18 I’ll sustain the objection as argumentative.


19 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Do you recall asking Miss


20 Causer to put an article in her newspaper so you


21 could raise money for Gavin?


22 A. I think how this came about, if — I’m


23 trying to understand his question — was I went


24 ahead and spoke to her about my son’s illness


25 because the editor there is David’s good friend of


26 his sister, and it was David and his sister that


27 went to this editor and brought this about.


28 I purely wanted to speak to her only about 6619


1 my son’s illness because she had expressed to me


2 that she was an elderly lady trying to start a new


3 career.


4 Q. Did you tell this lady that it cost $12,000


5 per chemo treatment for Gavin?


6 A. What I told this lady was that it was $1200


7 for the — it’s called Neupogen injections. Gavin


8 had to have these injections right after


9 chemotherapy. So when it appeared that way, it was


10 a typo. They added an extra zero, first of all.


11 And then second, I had expressed to her that


12 continuously we’re experiencing miracles, and that


13 when — that David had went to the — to the —


14 where they were processing the Neupogen injections.


15 They made him aware how much this would cost if it


16 would have came out of anybody’s pocket.


17 But, no, at no time did I say it was costing

18 us a single penny. So I told her basically that it


19 was a miracle of God that it was being covered.


20 Q. You’re telling the jury that you told her it


21 was $1200 for a treatment, and there was a typo that


22 said 12,000?


23 A. No — that’s correct. $1200 for the


24 Neupogen injections, not for the treatment


25 injections. And if you want to be completely —


26 that’s part of his care.


27 Q. Did you see the article that appeared in the


28 Mid Valley News? 6620


1 A. Yes, I did.


2 Q. And did you ever complain about what was in


3 the article?


4 A. David said he was going to take care of it,


5 because David’s sister is the editor’s real good


6 friend, and David’s sister and the editor and David


7 had — this is where that had originated.


8 Q. You told Miss Causer that several


9 celebrities were doing fund-raisers to help pay for


10 Gavin’s chemotherapy, didn’t you?


11 A. I think what I told her was that they were


12 helping. And to me, “help” meant sitting by Gavin,


13 feeding him the water — the cantaloupe, things like


14 that. That’s what I meant by “help.”


15 Q. Did you tell Miss Causer that various


16 celebrities were doing fund-raisers to help pay for


17 Gavin’s chemotherapy?


18 A. No.


19 Q. Did you complain to Ms. Causer that the


20 first article about Gavin did not mention the bank


21 account at Washington Mutual?


22 A. No.


23 Q. And did you ever complain to Miss Causer


24 about the typo which said chemo cost 12,000 per


25 treatment?


26 A. David said he was going to take care of it


27 because the editor was David’s sister’s good friend.

During Thanksgiving holiday in 1999, Janet was delivered a turkey by Miss Causer, and she complained that she wanted money instead! Here is an excerpt from Mesereau’s opening statement:

24 But Janet Arvizo put into effect a program to

25 take her son and try and use him to obtain money.

26 She approached the Mid Valley News, an El

27 Monte newspaper. She said she couldn’t pay her

28 son’s medical bills. She told them it was $12,000

1 per chemo treatment. Those treatments were being

2 paid by the insurance company. She asked them to

3 help her raise money. She wanted an ad in the

4 newspaper. They did put an ad in the newspaper.

5 But she was kind of squirrelly about the account,

6 because the people at the newspaper said, “If it’s

7 for your son, and we are raising money for your son,

8 you have to have an account in your son’s name.”

9 And she said Number

10 We will prove that she went to one woman to

11 help her set up the account. This woman’s sister

12 was an attorney and offered to help. This woman

13 wanted Gavin’s Social Security number. Janet said

14 Number she wanted an account with her name on it,

15 and we will prove to you eventually she found a

16 clever mechanism for doing this. She set up an

17 account in her name, with she being the signatory,

18 and she said it was for Gavin’s benefit, and she put

19 money in the account and she withdrew money from the

20 account.

21 The people at the newspaper will tell you

22 that they were so moved by the story of Janet and

23 Gavin, that they brought her a turkey on

24 Thanksgiving day, thinking they were engaging in an

25 act of goodwill, good fortune. They knocked on the

26 door. Janet answered, and was upset. She didn’t

27 want a turkey; she wanted money.


And here is what Janet had to say about that incident:

28 Q. Do you recall Miss Causer visiting your 6621


1 address on Ramer Street?


2 A. She did come to where my son’s sterile room


3 was, and that would be my mother’s home.


4 Q. And do you recall her bringing a turkey?


5 A. No, she didn’t bring a turkey.


6 Q. Do you recall anyone from that newspaper


7 ever bringing you a turkey?


8 A. No.


9 Q. And did you ever complain to anyone at that


10 newspaper that a turkey wasn’t enough. You wanted,


11 in effect, money?


12 A. That’s incorrect.


13 MR. ZONEN: I’m going to object as to the


14 content of an article as impeachment.


15 THE COURT: The objection is overruled.


16 You may answer.


17 She was interrupted. Have the question read


18 back.


19 THE WITNESS: I heard — I remember it.


20 It’s incorrect.


21 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: You do remember the


22 article appearing, though, right?


23 A. The one by — the one that you guys


24 encouraged to be put out there?


25 Q. No, the one that you encouraged to appear in


26 the Mid Valley News.


27 A. The one that I helped the lady with, yes.


28 But it didn’t say nothing about no turkey dinner 6622


1 there.

In this excerpt, Janet denied ever having asked anyone for money at any time to help Gavin, but this will be thoroughly debunked later on in the trial. Janet also explained why she had to “deprogram” her kids from the “brainwashing” that they went through at Neverland.

2 Q. Did you do anything to help arrange for any


3 fund-raisers for Gavin at any time?


4 A. No.


5 Q. Did you ever ask anyone for any assistance


6 at any time for Gavin?


7 A. No.


8 Q. At some point you said to the sheriffs you


9 did not trust Chris Tucker, correct?


10 A. He’s taking that out of context.


11 MR. ZONEN: I’ll object as irrelevant, the


12 question, and nonresponsive; move to strike.


13 THE COURT: The objection is overruled.


14 THE WITNESS: Chris Tucker —


15 THE COURT: Just a moment.


16 Read the question back to her.


17 (Record read.)


18 THE WITNESS: That’s incorrect. He’s taking


19 it out of context.


20 Chris Tucker is a decent person. It was in


21 response to afterwards, Chris Tucker was budding


22 around with Michael afterwards. That’s all that was


23 referring to. I didn’t trust, because he may have


24 innocently communicated something to Michael, and


25 since I already had — was in the process of


26 deprogrammizing my children from being brainwashed,


27 that I didn’t want Chris Tucker to communicate


28 something innocently to him, and that was it. Chris 6623


1 Tucker has always been a decent person to my


2 children.


3 MR. MESEREAU: Move to strike.


4 THE COURT: After “That’s incorrect” is


5 stricken.


6 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Now, you indicated at one


7 point that Brett Ratner — excuse me. You indicated


8 at one point that Brett Ratner met your family,


9 true?


10 A. Yes.


11 Q. And did you personally meet Brett Ratner?


12 A. I personally didn’t — was not introduced to


13 him, but I knew that he was the director.


14 Q. And how did you learn who he was?


15 A. Because Chris Tucker had pointed him out to


16 me; that he was the director.


17 Q. Have you ever met him to this day?


18 A. I never was introduced.


19 Q. Have you ever talked to him on the phone?


20 A. I’ve never talked to him on the telephone.

Here are more questions on the fund-raisers for Gavin:

21 Q. Okay. Do you know how many fund-raisers


22 took place at The Laugh Factory to help your family?


23 A. No.


24 Q. Do you know, as you sit here today, when any


25 fund-raisers at The Laugh Factory took place for


26 your family?


27 A. As I sit here today how many?


28 Q. Yes. 6624


1 A. No.


2 Q. Do you know approximately when any


3 fund-raisers took place at The Laugh Factory for


4 your family?


5 A. No.


6 Q. Did you ever see Jamie Masada at the


7 hospital when Gavin was ill?


8 A. I think — I think maybe once. I think


9 maybe once.


10 Q. And did you ever discuss with Jamie Masada


11 efforts being made to raise money at The Laugh


12 Factory?


13 A. No.


14 Q. Do you recall Fritz Coleman, the newscaster,


15 visiting your home in East Los Angeles?


16 A. Yes, I do. This was before my son was ill.


17 Q. Were you there during the visit?


18 A. Yes, I was there.


19 Q. Were you ever aware at any time that Fritz


20 Coleman had tried to raise some money for your


21 family?


22 A. No.


23 Q. When’s the last time you saw Fritz Coleman?


24 A. Let me see. I think the best I can remember


25 was — I think he was at the hospital and he was


26 already leaving when I was arriving. I think that’s


27 the best I can remember. So it was a matter of just


28 minutes. 6625


1 Q. Okay. Did you ever speak to comedian George


2 Lopez about Gavin?

3 A. Yes.


4 Q. And approximately when did you speak to


5 comedian George Lopez about Gavin?


6 A. I think — I think when he first became ill,


7 and then the next time when he was visiting Gavin.


8 And that’s — I gave him the mustard seed amulet key


9 chain.


10 Q. Did you ever know anything about George


11 Lopez trying to put together a fund-raiser for


12 Gavin?


13 A. No.

Here are more questions on Louise Palanker

14 Q. Did you ever discuss with Louise Palanker


15 ways to raise money for the family?


16 A. No.


17 Q. Do you know why Louise Palanker wrote her


18 first $10,000 check to Janet Arvizo?


19 A. I think that’s because David requested that


20 way.


21 Q. Okay. You don’t know for sure, right?


22 A. Well, I believe Wheezy, because she’s the


23 one that wrote the check for the money.


24 Q. Okay.


25 A. “Wheezy” is Louise Palanker.


26 Q. Were you the signatory on the bank account


27 at Washington Mutual, which was set up for the


28 benefit of Gavin? 6626


1 A. What does signatory mean?


2 Q. Were you the one who would actually — could


3 sign to withdraw money from the bank?


4 A. Yes. David requested it that way because


5 David owed his brother in the thousands of dollars,


6 so he wanted to point out to his brother Ray that I


7 was the one that — that’s it.


8 Q. Was he a signatory on that account, to your


9 knowledge?


10 A. No, he wasn’t.


11 Q. Did you ever withdraw any money from the


12 account?


13 A. Yes, I did.


14 Q. How much do you think you withdrew?


15 A. Well, everything that had always been put


16 in.


17 Q. Do you remember roughly how much was in


18 there at any time?


19 A. No. I can’t remember.


20 Q. Were there thousands of dollars in there, to


21 your knowledge?


22 A. There was thousands. And I went ahead and


23 gave all that information to the police and the


24 D.A.’s Office.


25 Q. Did you ever withdraw any money yourself


26 from that account?


27 A. Yes, of course I did.


28 Q. Did you withdraw thousands of dollars from 6627


1 that account?


2 A. Yes, I sure did.


3 Q. Was any of that money used for medical


4 expenses?


5 A. No, there was no need for medical expenses


6 in the hospital, because everything was covered


7 through Kaiser.


8 Q. Okay. And were you ever aware that anyone


9 donated money to that account to help with medical


10 expenses?


11 A. No.

Janet claimed that she didn’t think the newspaper article written about Gavin’s fight with cancer was a request for assistance:

12 Q. Now, you’ve told the jury you told someone


13 at the Mid Valley News about $1200 per type of


14 treatment, correct?


15 A. And I was expressing to her that — that


16 thank God our family is experiencing a lot of


17 miracles, and that was covered.


18 Q. And you never mentioned the word


19 “chemotherapy” to that person, true?


20 A. I think I did. It was — it was a little


21 story about my son being ill.


22 Q. Did you ever mention the cost of


23 chemotherapy to Miss Causer?


24 MR. ZONEN: I’m going to object as asked and


25 answered.


26 THE COURT: Overruled.


27 You may answer.


28 THE WITNESS: I think what I was telling her 6628


1 was a story complete about the miracles that we were


2 experiencing. That’s it.


3 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Did you know the article


4 was going to be published?


5 A. Yes.


6 Q. Did you see it when it was published?


7 A. Yes, I did. And that’s when David said he


8 was going to take care of it.


9 Q. And based on what you read, did you think it


10 was a request for assistance?


11 A. No.

In this excerpt, Janet denied telling Azja Pryor that David Arivzo spent some of Louise Palanker’s donation on drugs. She also claimed that she didn’t know tht Chris Tucker had wired money into her bank account until the police told her during their investigation. Upon receiving the money, she withdrew it and gave it to David, instead of using it for Gavin’s benefit (as it was surely intended by Chris!):

12 Q. Okay. Now, did you go with Chris Tucker to


13 Knott’s Berry Farm?


14 A. No.


15 Q. And did your children?


16 A. Yes.


17 Q. Do you know when that was?


18 A. Yes. They went with Chris, Aja, David and


19 the children.


20 Q. Do you know approximately when that was?


21 A. When Gavin was ill.


22 Q. Were you talking to Aja Pryor on a regular


23 basis at that point?


24 A. I don’t think so.


25 Q. Okay. When did you start communicating with


26 Aja Pryor on a pretty regular basis?


27 A. Our friendship — probably — it just grew


28 very slowly, to the point where we were — we were 6629


1 speaking almost — almost maybe a few — four times


2 a week. But it started out very slow.


3 Q. Did you ever tell Aja Pryor that all of the


4 money that came from the fund-raisers for Gavin was


5 spent on David’s drug habit?


6 A. I don’t think so. It may have —


7 Q. No?


8 A. It may have probably — I know the children


9 and I had conversations with her. So —


10 Q. Did you ever tell Aja Pryor that the money


11 from the fund-raisers for Gavin was spent on David’s


12 drug habit?


13 A. I don’t think so.


14 Q. Do you know for sure?


15 A. I’m for sure more towards I don’t think so.


16 Q. Isn’t it true that after you told Aja Pryor


17 that the money for the fund-raisers was spent by


18 David on drugs, she went to her bank and got a $600


19 check for you and the family?


20 MR. ZONEN: Objection. Compound and


21 assuming facts not in evidence.


22 THE COURT: I’ll sustain the compound.


23 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Do you remember Aja Pryor


24 going to a bank and getting a $600 cashier’s check


25 for you and the family?


26 A. He’s incorrect.


27 Q. Did she ever do that?


28 A. You’re letting me answer? 6630


1 Okay. Aja was leaving out of town to


2 Atlanta, Georgia. She had told me — I had — me


3 and the children had bought her, Chris and the baby


4 some Christmas gifts. Aja then told me, “Janet, I


5 don’t have time for shopping. Please buy the


6 children some Christmas gifts.” She’s flying out —


7 out of town to go to Atlanta, Georgia. And that’s


8 what happened.


9 Q. But you never mentioned to Aja anything


10 about fund-raisers for Gavin, true?


11 A. No.


12 Q. You never mentioned to Aja that money from


13 fund-raisers went to support David’s drug habit?


14 A. I don’t think so.


15 Q. Do you remember telling Aja that David was


16 taking money from fund-raisers for Gavin?


17 A. I don’t think so.


18 Q. Do you remember having a discussion about


19 fund-raisers for Gavin with anybody?


20 A. No.


21 Q. Do you remember receiving any money from


22 Chris Tucker?


23 A. I became aware of this afterwards, now,


24 through the police investigation, that he had wired


25 some money into the account.


26 Q. Which account?


27 A. The Washington Mutual.


28 Q. That was the account you were a signatory 6631


1 on, correct?


2 A. You’ve explained “signatory.” So it’s still


3 the same meaning the way you’re using it, correct?


4 Q. Yes, it is.

5 A. Yes. Yes. Which I withdrew the money and


6 gave it to David.


7 Q. And you’re saying — telling the jury under


8 oath that you never knew Chris Tucker had wired that


9 money into that account until the police told you?


10 A. That’s correct.


11 Q. Do you know approximately when this was?


12 A. Now, per the police investigation, I think


13 it was — I think it was in December or January. I


14 think it was within those time — months.


15 Q. And you had received —


16 A. And at that point, that’s when Chris and —


17 David was going everywhere with Chris.


18 Q. And that’s the point in time where you were


19 associating quite a bit with Aja, right?


20 A. No, our friendship did not begin with Aja


21 until — until David was out of the picture. I


22 hardly even spoke to Aja. My friendship did not


23 begin with her until David was out of the picture.


24 Q. And where did the 2,000 from Chris Tucker


25 go, if you know?


26 A. Well, yeah, I withdrew it and gave it to


27 David, and that’s when David had gone to Las Vegas.


28 Q. So, to your knowledge, you gave that money 6632


1 to David and it wasn’t used for the benefit of


2 Gavin, right?


3 A. This is correct.


4 Q. Do you recall any discussion with Aja or


5 Chris Tucker about your family getting the use of


6 one of Chris’s cars?


7 A. Okay, say that again.


8 Q. Do you recall any discussion with Chris


9 Tucker or Aja about your family using one of Chris’s


10 vehicles?


11 A. Okay. I’m — I don’t know what he’s asking.


12 MR. ZONEN: I’ll object as nonresponsive, or


13 vague. She doesn’t understand the question.


14 THE COURT: Overruled. I’ll have the


15 question read back.




17 (Record read.)


18 THE WITNESS: It’s incorrect the way he’s


19 saying it.


20 Chris — Aja had her birthday. Chris had


21 taken the children to go pick out a brand-new


22 Mercedes for Aja. The children picked out the color


23 for Aja, and Chris went ahead and purchased it. And


24 that was Chris’s gift, birthday gift, to Aja.


25 And so the car that Aja was driving, months


26 later, Chris and Aja gave it to me and the children


27 for a Christmas gift, but I never have driven it.


28 I don’t have it. I don’t have ownership of it. But 6633


1 that’s what he’s referring to.


2 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Did you ever ask anyone if


3 you could use that car?


4 A. Never.


5 Q. Did you ever complain to anyone that you


6 were supposed to be able to own that car?


7 A. Never.


8 Q. How did you learn about the car?


9 A. Well, because Chris had given me the keys


10 and told me, “This is a Christmas gift. This is


11 Aja’s old car, but we — Aja and me want you and the


12 kids to have it,” because Aja had been given for her


13 birthday a brand-new Mercedes.


14 Q. Didn’t you complain to Aja that you had no


15 car to drive?


16 A. No, I didn’t complain to Aja. It was okay


17 for me. I drove — I was on the bus continuously.


18 Q. Did you ever tell Chris you needed a car to


19 drive?


20 A. Never.


21 Q. And never told that to Aja either, right?


22 A. No.


23 Q. Did you ever know why Chris Tucker would


24 even discuss letting you use his car?


25 A. He would never let me use his car. Like I


26 said, he gave it to me and the kids as a Christmas


27 gift, because it was Aja’s old car that was just


28 sitting in her driveway. No one had no — no need 6634


1 for it.


2 Q. To your knowledge, did Davellin ever call


3 Aja Pryor on your behalf asking for the keys to the


4 car?


5 A. No, Chris had already given me the keys.


6 Q. And you think he just came over there one


7 day and just said, “Here’s a gift”?


8 MR. ZONEN: Objection; argumentative.


9 THE COURT: Sustained.


10 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Do you know why Mr. Tucker


11 was giving a gift of a car to you?


12 MR. ZONEN: Objection. Asked and answered


13 and speculative.


14 THE COURT: Sustained.


15 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Do you recall Davellin


16 telling Aja Pryor words to the effect, “I can’t wait


17 until you get another new car. Then I can have the


18 Mercedes”? Do you recall that ever?


19 A. No.


Janet testified that she complained to Aja Pryor about being held against her will, but Aja didn’t do anything about it, to her knowledge.

20 Q. Do you recall complaining to Aja Pryor about


21 the Germans?


22 A. Yes. I made her aware. That’s another


23 thing I slipped in. I tried. I tried my best.


24 Q. You told her you didn’t like these German


25 people around Michael Jackson, correct?


26 A. No.


27 Q. Well, you did complain about them to her,


28 right? 6635


1 A. I didn’t complain. I made her aware. I


2 tried to make different people aware so me and my


3 children could get help.


4 Q. You told Aja Pryor you didn’t like the


5 Germans, right?


6 MR. ZONEN: Objection; asked and answered.


7 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: You never complained to


8 Aja Pryor about being held against your will at any


9 time, did you?


10 MR. ZONEN: I believe there was an


11 objection, Your Honor.




13 THE COURT: He changed the question, so —


14 THE WITNESS: I made her aware that they


15 were not letting us go.


16 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: To your knowledge, did she


17 ever do anything about that?


18 A. I don’t know.


19 Q. After she drove your children to Neverland,


20 did you speak to her?


21 A. No.


22 Q. How did you know your children got to


23 Neverland?


24 A. Because they had — Michael’s people had


25 tabs on them. They were being followed.


26 Q. How did you know your children got to


27 Neverland?


28 A. Because Frank told Vinnie and Vinnie told 6636


1 me.


2 Q. And did you ever tell it to Aja Pryor after


3 she drove the children?


4 A. No. On that day, no.


5 Q. Do you remember telling Mrs. Pryor that you


6 had errands to run and asked her to drive your


7 children to Neverland?


8 A. Me?


9 Q. Yes.


10 A. No.


11 Q. Okay. Did you tell Aja Pryor about your


12 friendship with Marie Nicole?


13 A. Never.


14 Q. Ever tell Aja Pryor you liked the Cascio


15 children?


16 A. No.

In this excerpt, Janet was asked about Miko Brando, and her interactions with him.

17 Q. Ever talk with Aja Pryor about Miko Brando?


18 A. No.


19 Q. Do you know who Miko Brando is?


20 A. Yes.


21 Q. Who is Miko Brando?


22 A. He would die for Michael. That’s who he is.


23 Q. Who is Miko Brando, if you know?


24 A. I think —


25 MR. ZONEN: Objection; lack of foundation.


26 THE COURT: Overruled.


27 MR. ZONEN: And relevance.


28 THE COURT: Overruled. 6637


1 You may answer.


2 THE WITNESS: I think I met him once. He


3 had actually came to bring —


4 THE COURT: Just a minute. The question is,


5 who is Miko Brando?


6 THE WITNESS: He’s one of Michael’s damage


7 control, personnel assistant. He has a lot of

8 titles.


9 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Do you know if he’s


10 related to the late Marlon Brando?


11 A. This I became aware.


12 Q. Okay. What did you become aware of?


13 MR. ZONEN: I’ll object as speculative; lack


14 of foundation; and relevance.


15 THE COURT: Sustained.


16 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Did you meet Miko Brando


17 at Neverland?


18 A. Yes. Once.


19 Q. Approximately when was that?


20 A. When he came to deliver Mr. Jackson some


21 things.


22 Q. Was it your understanding he was the son of


23 Marlon Brando?


24 MR. ZONEN: Objection; asked and answered.


25 THE WITNESS: At that time, no.


26 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Did you ever have a


27 discussion with —


28 THE COURT: Just a moment. 6638


1 The objection is sustained. The answer is


2 stricken. Next question.


3 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Did you ever have a


4 discussion with Miko Brando?


5 A. No.


6 Q. But you met him, right?


7 A. Yes.


8 Q. Okay. And was it your understanding that he


9 worked at Neverland?


10 MR. ZONEN: Objection; asked and answered.


11 THE COURT: Overruled.


12 You may answer.


13 THE WITNESS: Okay. It was my understanding


14 that he had multiple roles, multiple titles. One


15 being damage control. Another one, positive PR.


16 Another one personal assistant. He wore many hats.

Back to Azja Pryor: Janet testified that she never complained to her about not getting paid for the Take 2 rebuttal special hosted by Maury Povich, that she never told her that she wasn’t interested in going to Brazil after finding out that Jackson wasn’t going, and that she never declined a college fund offer from Jackson due to her doubts that Gavin wouldn’t be alive in 10 years.

And even though she claimed to have told her attorney Michael Manning about being imprisoned at Neverland, he never called the police. Could it be because she never told him that?


17 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Do you remember telling


18 Aja Pryor that you had learned that Michael Jackson


19 was not going on the Brazil trip?


20 A. No.


21 Q. Do you remember ever telling Aja Pryor that


22 once you learned Michael Jackson was not going on


23 the Brazil trip, you didn’t want to go?


24 A. No.


25 Q. And it’s your testimony you never discussed


26 the Brazil trip at any time with Aja?


27 A. I’m — like I said to different people in


28 the midst of the conversation, I tried to slip 6639


1 something in as to what was happening.


2 Q. Do you recall complaining to Aja Pryor that


3 Michael Jackson was making money on the Maury Povich


4 show and your family was getting nothing?


5 A. Never.


6 Q. Do you recall commenting to Mrs. Pryor that


7 a college fund was being set up for Gavin by Michael


8 Jackson?


9 A. No.


10 Q. Do you remember telling Aja Pryor, “What


11 good will a college fund do for my son? He may not


12 be alive in ten years”? Do you remember saying


13 that?


14 A. No.


15 Q. Do you remember telling Aja Pryor that you


16 had not signed releases for the rebuttal video?


17 A. He’s incorrect. No.


18 Q. Did you ever discuss the rebuttal video with


19 Aja Pryor?


20 A. No.


21 Q. Ever complain to Aja Pryor that phone calls


22 were being monitored at Neverland?


23 A. I informed her that the phone calls were


24 being monitored. Like I said, I tried to make


25 people aware of what really was happening in there.


26 Q. Did you make your lawyer, Michael Manning,


27 aware at any time?


28 A. Yes, I did. 6640


1 Q. Michael Manning never called the police,


2 right?


3 A. That’s right.


4 MR. ZONEN: Objection; lack of foundation.


5 THE COURT: Sustained. The answer’s


6 stricken.

Janet just couldn’t control herself, and she asked Judge Melville if she could use the restroom in the middle of her testimony!

7 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Did you ask Louise


8 Palanker if you could meet her at a Von’s?


9 A. I think I did. That’s when I was in a


10 period of — a period — in the Calabasas period.


11 Q. Did you ask Louise Palanker if you can meet


12 her at her home?


13 A. I think I did. I was trying anything


14 possible to leave the grasp of him and his people.


15 Q. Do you know when you first met Bill


16 Dickerman, the attorney?


17 A. I think I met him approximately — the best


18 I can remember is the 25th, because it was the same


19 day that I had that visit, and it was on the way to


20 over there.


21 Q. Do you remember complaining to Aja Pryor


22 that you were being kept away from Michael Jackson?


23 A. No.


24 Q. Did you ever complain to her that the


25 Germans were keeping you away from Michael Jackson?


26 A. No. What I was telling her was that they


27 were keeping — maybe you’re taking that out of


28 context; that I wasn’t able to see my children 6641


1 anymore.


2 Q. Did you ever complain to anyone that the


3 people around Michael Jackson were separating Mr.


4 Jackson from you and your family?


5 A. No, no. They were separating me from my


6 children. By the end, I had no control of my kids


7 anymore. I had lost them.


8 MR. MESEREAU: Move to strike.


9 THE COURT: Denied.


10 THE WITNESS: Your Honor? I’m sorry, but I


11 have to go to the rest room.


12 THE COURT: All right.


13 THE WITNESS: I’ve been holding it here.


14 THE COURT: All right. Would you take her


15 back there?


16 MR. MESEREAU: Can Mr. Jackson go as well?


17 THE COURT: We’re not taking a break. Just


18 to the witness.


19 Let’s see, Mr. Mesereau, maybe someone from


20 the District Attorney on the hard drives, if you’ll


21 approach the bench. Maybe we could discuss that for


22 a moment.


23 MR. MESEREAU: If I could, Your Honor, Mr.


24 Sanger would —


25 THE COURT: Yes. Whoever. That’s fine.


26 (Discussion held off the record at sidebar.)


27 THE WITNESS: Thank you.

Next, Mesereau questioned Janet about the alleged head-licking incident on the flight back to Neverland from Miami, and the number of times that she allowed her kids to go back to Neverland after this incident. Janet couldn’t remember exactly how many times she allowed them to return, but claimed that Jackson’s people were around them the entire time. Mesereau then questioned Janet about when she first learned that Gavin had allegedly been given alcohol by Jackson, to which she gave some nonsense answer that you have to read for yourself!

28 THE COURT: Are you ready? 6642


1 THE WITNESS: Thank you.


2 THE COURT: Excuse me. Go ahead, Mr.


3 Mesereau.


4 MR. MESEREAU: Thank you, Your Honor.


5 Q. Ms. Arvizo, to this date, have you ever


6 watched the Maury Povich rebuttal video?


7 A. No.


8 Q. Ever discussed it with anybody?


9 A. No.


10 Q. And did I hear you correctly that you said


11 you had never actually watched the entire Bashir


12 documentary?


13 A. That’s correct. In Miami I wanted to see


14 it. Now I don’t want to see it.


15 Q. Did you ever discuss the Bashir documentary


16 with anyone?


17 A. No.


18 Q. Now, you indicated that you saw Mr. Jackson


19 licking your son’s head on a plane, right?


20 A. Yes. This is correct.


21 Q. And you told the jury you at first did not


22 believe what you were seeing, right?


23 A. Yes.


24 Q. After that flight, did you ever allow your


25 children back to Neverland?


26 A. Yes.


27 Q. How many times?


28 A. Well, the whole entire time until we 6643


1 permanently left in March.


2 Q. If you can recall, how many times did you


3 let your children go back to Neverland after you


4 claim you saw your son’s head being licked?


5 A. The whole entire time until March.

6 Q. And how many times would that be, back and


7 forth?


8 A. The best — I can’t remember, but we’ve


9 already walked through that.


10 Q. Do you think it was four times you let your


11 children go back to Neverland?


12 A. They were there the whole entire time except


13 for that time that Jesus had taken us out. Poor


14 judgment on my part.


15 MR. MESEREAU: Move to strike.


16 THE WITNESS: I know now.


17 THE COURT: Just a moment.


18 Strike the last sentence. Go ahead.


19 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Would it be safe to say


20 you’re not sure how many times your kids returned to


21 Neverland after the head-licking incident?


22 A. The only time my children were out — out of


23 their grasp was when Jesus had let — taken me and


24 my children to my mom’s house. But the rest of the


25 time, they were — even if they were outside,


26 Michael’s people were still on my children.


27 So if you want to get very specific, my


28 children only made it out of there once. Because 6644


1 all the other entire time, Michael’s people were on


2 them.


3 Q. How many times did they go back and forth to


4 Neverland after —


5 MR. ZONEN: Objection; asked and answered.


6 THE COURT: He wasn’t allowed to finish his


7 question.


8 Go ahead, Counsel.


9 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Did your children go back


10 and forth to Neverland after the Jesus incident?


11 MR. ZONEN: Objection; asked and answered.


12 THE COURT: Overruled.


13 You may answer.


14 THE WITNESS: Okay. Except for that time


15 with Jesus, the rest of the entire time, Michael’s


16 people were on my children.


17 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: When did you first learn


18 that Gavin claimed he’d been drinking alcohol at


19 Neverland?


20 A. The day I never went back. That’s the day.


21 And it’s burned in here.


22 MR. MESEREAU: Move to strike.


23 THE COURT: Denied.


24 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Do you know what day that


25 was?


26 A. Yes. I will never forget the date. It was


27 March 10th. 4 a.m., to be exact.


28 Q. You had never had any indication that Gavin 6645


1 had ever touched alcohol before that day, correct?


2 A. This is correct. I know different now.


3 MR. MESEREAU: Move to strike.


4 THE COURT: Strike the last sentence.

Janet went on to testify that the first person that she described the death threats she received was attorney William Dickerman in July 2003, well after she had already met with Larry Feldman and Stan Katz.  According to Janet, her entire family was “cuckoo” at that point, and Feldman decided to make “heads and tails” and help them.

Seriously, that’s exactly what she said! If you don’t believe me, scroll down and read it for yourself!

5 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Do you remember telling


6 the Santa Barbara sheriffs in an interview, “There’s


7 plenty of police out there that can protect my


8 kids”?


9 A. He’s —


10 MR. ZONEN: Vague as to time; objection.


11 THE COURT: Sustained.


12 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: When did you first tell


13 anyone that there were threats to kill your family


14 from people associated with Michael Jackson?


15 A. I think I — I think the best I can


16 remember — the best I can remember — let’s see.


17 The best I think I can remember is Mr. Dickerman.


18 Q. Was that in a meeting with Jamie Masada?


19 A. I don’t remember that. I just remember


20 being — when I finally was able to say everything


21 was with the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Offices —


22 officers.


23 Q. Do you know approximately what month that


24 was?


25 A. I think — the best I can remember, finally


26 I think it was in July. I think. That’s the best I


27 can remember.


28 Q. And that was after you had met with Larry 6646


1 Feldman, correct?


2 A. Oh, yes.


3 Q. It was actually long after you had first met


4 with Attorney Larry Feldman, right?


5 A. My — my meetings with Mr. Feldman, he


6 couldn’t make out — we were basically all, you


7 know, cuckoos after him. You know, it was all


8 cuckoo. Our whole home environment was cuckoo. So


9 he basically wanted to make heads and tails. He


10 just basically wanted to help.

Janet continued to go on and on about how she didn’t want to call the police because she wanted the people that she called (Azja Pryor, Louise Palanker, etc.) to call them for her. Mesereau moved on to the DCFS interview, and asked Janet if she knew why she was being interviewed; she had no clue!

11 Q. And your discussion about anyone threatening


12 to kill your family first occurred long after you


13 met Attorney Larry Feldman, true?


14 A. I wanted to tell that to the sheriffs. I


15 wanted to tell that to the police officers, let them


16 be the first. I remember asking Mr. Dickerman that


17 I wanted to share that information with the police.


18 Q. And in none of Mr. Dickerman’s letters


19 involving your family did he talk about threats to


20 kill, correct?


21 A. Because I expressed to him that I wanted to


22 tell the police, because that would have gave them


23 the opportunity to see that I was trying to make


24 contact with the police.


25 Q. Do you remember going shopping while you


26 were staying at the Calabasas Inn?


27 A. Yes.


28 Q. And tell the jury where you went shopping. 6647


1 A. I think it was — I think it was an outlet


2 store, and also a Robinson’s-May. And this is


3 what — with their positive PR film crew following


4 us.


5 MR. ZONEN: Objection; nonresponsive.


6 THE COURT: Sustained as to the last


7 sentence.


8 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: While you were shopping,


9 you didn’t ever complain to anyone you were being


10 held against your will, true?


11 A. Incorrect. I called Wheezy.


12 Q. Did you call the police?


13 A. No.


14 Q. If you could call Wheezy, why couldn’t you


15 call the police?


16 A. Because I couldn’t. I was hoping she would.


17 Q. Which phone did you use to call Wheezy?


18 A. I don’t remember.


19 Q. Was it a cell phone?


20 A. I had no cell phone at that time.


21 Q. Was it a phone in the hotel?


22 A. I don’t think so.


23 Q. Was it a phone at the shopping center?


24 A. I don’t remember.


25 Q. You didn’t dial 9-1-1, did you?


26 A. That’s correct. But I have now.


27 Q. After meeting with two attorneys, correct?


28 A. He’s incorrect. 6648


1 Q. When you appeared for the Department of


2 Children’s & Social Services interviews, did you


3 believe you, yourself, were being investigated?


4 A. Can you be more clear?


5 Q. Sure. Sure. When you had the meeting with


6 the Department of Children & Social Services


7 representatives at Major Jackson’s home, did you


8 believe you were being investigated?


9 A. Um —


10 Q. Yes or no, if you could, please.


11 A. Yes.


12 Q. Okay. And did you believe you were being


13 investigated because someone had made a complaint


14 about the Bashir documentary?


15 A. All this I came to find out after the


16 meeting. But before the meeting, I had no


17 understanding whatsoever.


18 Q. So you didn’t know why you were there?


19 A. This is correct.


20 Q. Did you ever tell the sheriffs that you were


21 there because somebody complained about the Bashir


22 documentary called “Living with Michael Jackson” and


23 wanted the mother investigated?


24 A. Yes, I came to find this after.


25 Q. Do you remember at the beginning of your


26 interview with the Department of Children & Family


27 Services you asked what your rights were?


28 A. Yes. 6649


1 Q. And why did you do that?


2 A. Because that was Vicki Podberesky’s


3 instructions.


4 Q. Vicki Podberesky was the lawyer that you had


5 spoken to, right?

6 A. This is the attorney who put fear in me


7 right before the video, and she claimed she was


8 Michael Jackson’s attorney and Geragos’s attorney.


9 Q. The fear she put into you was you better


10 handle it properly or you could lose your children,


11 correct?


12 A. The fear that she put in me was that I could


13 possibly have my children ripped away from me


14 forever and probably won’t see them for a long time.


15 That’s the fear she put in me.


16 Q. Did you tell her you had been investigated


17 on other occasions by the Department of Children &


18 Family Services?


19 A. No. Brad Miller, his P.I., dialed the phone


20 number, gave me his cell phone, and there she was.


21 Q. And did you speak to her?


22 A. Yes, she spoke to me.


23 Q. Did she give you advice about how to handle


24 a meeting with the Department of Children & Family


25 Services, to your knowledge?


26 A. Because I declined – she wanted to be


27 present – she had gave me information, and now I


28 know why. They wanted all – 6650


1 MR. ZONEN: Objection; nonresponsive.


2 THE COURT: Sustained.


3 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: How long was your


4 interview with the Department of Children & Family


5 Services?


6 A. Well, let me see. Asaf arrived there. He


7 tape-recorded the meeting illegally, and then maybe


8 a total of — maybe a total of about — maybe about,


9 total, about 35, 30, 40 minutes. Because the time


10 frame of Asaf tape-recording the meeting was about


11 20 minutes.

Janet was next asked about her previous statements to police that there are no clocks at Neverland, and she consented to the fact that there really are clocks on the ground at Neverland; she explained that when she originally made that statement, she was referring to her guest house, which  she claimed she was never allowed to leave.

12 Q. By the way, on one of your sheriff’s


13 interviews, do you recall saying that there are no


14 clocks or calendars at Neverland?


15 A. What I remember was that — what I was


16 trying to communicate, that in my bedroom, I had


17 no — no — none of these things in my bedroom.


18 Q. You told them at Neverland there are no


19 clocks, correct?


20 A. Yes. Because I was in the guesthouse. For


21 the end part of the time, I wasn’t allowed to come


22 out anymore.


23 Q. Are there no clocks at Neverland?


24 A. On the ground, yes, there is.

Mesereau pivoted back to the house and apartment that Janet was allegedly offered by Brad Miller; Janet testified that when she told police about his offer, she wasn’t trying to infer that she wanted them, but that it was a part of their plot to get her to move out of her apartment so that she could be shipped off to Brazil forever, or some crap like that.

25 Q. Now, the people you claim were telling you


26 that your family were going to be killed are Frank,


27 Vinnie, Dieter, and Ron, right?


28 A. Right. Ronald and Dieter were replaced by 6651


1 Frank and Vinnie. But the initial meeting was with


2 Michael. Michael told me. But what started it off


3 was Michael.


4 Q. Telling you your family was going to be


5 killed —


6 A. Yes.


7 Q. — is that what you’re saying?


8 A. First it was Gavin, and then it went to my


9 three children, in Miami.


10 Q. Do you recall ever telling a sheriff’s


11 investigator that Miller told you that Mr. Jackson


12 was buying you a house and an apartment?


13 A. I don’t remember saying that.


14 Q. Would it refresh your recollection if I just


15 show you a page of the transcript of your interview?


16 A. What I think he’s referring is totally


17 different. He’s taking it maybe out of context.


18 But, yeah, bring it on over.


19 MR. MESEREAU: May I approach, Your Honor?


20 THE COURT: Yes.


21 MR. ZONEN: What page is that, Counsel?


22 MR. MESEREAU: It’s nine of this interview.


23 The interview is August 13th, 2003.


24 MR. ZONEN: Oh, thank you.


25 THE WITNESS: Yeah. This is what I had


26 talked to you about already; that we had to leave


27 the country.


28 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Have you had a chance to 6652


1 look at that page?


2 A. I just looked at the highlighted words.


3 I didn’t read anything.


4 Q. Does it refresh your recollection about what


5 you told the sheriffs?


6 A. That’s because we had to leave the country.


7 Q. Did you tell the sheriffs that Brad Miller


8 told you that they were buying you a house and an


9 apartment?


10 A. What I was trying to point out to the police


11 department was this is what they were trying to do


12 in order for me to leave the country. And there’s


13 no house and no apartment, because I don’t want to


14 leave the country. And because they’re lies. What


15 I was trying to point out is they were using


16 different tactics.


17 MR. ZONEN: I’ll object as nonresponsive.


18 THE COURT: Sustained.


19 THE WITNESS: Because they wanted me out of


20 the country.


21 MR. ZONEN: Objection; nonresponsive.


22 THE COURT: I had sustained the objection.


23 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Did you think you were


24 getting a house from Michael Jackson?


25 A. No, I was pointing out to the police that


26 they were trying to do everything possible to get


27 access into my apartment, to go clean it up, to go


28 remove all the letters and items that Michael had 6653


1 given Gavin. This is what I was trying to point out


2 to the police. And second, that they wanted me and


3 my children out of this country really bad.


4 Q. Did you tell the jury that the plan was for


5 you to go to Brazil and never come back?


6 A. That’s — that’s what their plan was


7 ultimately. That they were going to decide —


8 depending if they did positive PR, cleaned all the


9 mess for Michael, then they were going to decide at


10 that point in time if I could return. “If.”


11 Q. Did you ever see any documents that said it


12 was a two-week trip?


13 A. That don’t matter.


14 Q. Did you ever see any documents that said the


15 trip to Brazil was a two-week trip?


16 A. Don’t — and if you look at the documents,


17 it’s not going to be within the time frame that I


18 was supposed to leave. They choreograph everything.


19 Q. Did anyone ever mention to you in any form,


20 verbal or in a document, that this was a planned


21 two-week trip?


22 A. No, it wasn’t. I know that.


23 Q. Did you ever see a document that said that?


24 A. Never. But like I said, they choreograph


25 everything.


26 Q. Okay. So when you told the sheriffs that


27 Brad Miller said they were buying you a house and an


28 apartment, you were not suggesting you wanted one, 6654


1 right?


2 A. That is correct.

Just to give the jury more examples of exactly how wacky, bizarre, and unstable Janet really was, Mesereau just began to ask some general questions about the numerous opportunities she had to ask for help from the many people that she interacted with during her various shopping trips, and she explained that she thought the phones at the beauty salon were tapped, and that she didn’t want to put her parents at risk because Jackson’s people “had full control of her”.

3 Q. Okay. Did you tell the Department of Social


4 Services that your children were being sent to a


5 private school?


6 A. No, I didn’t. Vinnie himself, straight from


7 his mouth, told Karen Walker.


8 Q. That your kids were going to a private


9 school?


10 A. Yes. This is another lie.


11 Q. Okay. Did you believe Vinnie when he said


12 that?


13 A. No. That’s why I was behind Karen Walker


14 saying, “No.” I was going like that.


15 Q. Is that when you didn’t tell Karen Walker


16 you were held against your will?


17 A. This is correct.


18 Q. Now, you make some references in some of


19 your sheriff’s interviews to speaking in code. Do


20 you remember that?


21 A. Yes.


22 Q. And what code were you speaking in?


23 A. This is what I’ve already explained to the


24 jurors, is that in the midst of my conversations I’d


25 try to slip something in, or I would say one word,


26 say another sentence and say another word, hoping


27 that when a person would sit or think, they’d say,


28 “Wait a minute, that word doesn’t match this.” I 6655


1 was constantly trying to leave clues for people.


2 Q. Did you leave any clues for Major Jay


3 Jackson when you stayed at his home?


4 A. Yes, I tried. I tried. Yes. When I

5 finally left the nail shop, that’s when I finally


6 told him everything. Because Asaf had pointed out


7 that there was another tape-recording being — and


8 Frank and Vinnie told me they can hear everything,


9 so I believed them. I believed them.


10 Q. So you believed Jay Jackson’s phones were


11 being tapped?


12 A. Yes.


13 Q. Did you believe the phones at the salon were


14 being tapped?


15 A. When I finally was able, I told him, “Come


16 on over,” and then that was it. Permanently left


17 Neverland forever, thank God.


18 Q. Did you believe the phones at the salon were


19 being tapped?


20 A. No. That’s why — I didn’t know what they


21 could do. Because they said I was being constantly


22 listened and monitored, so I went ahead and tried.


23 Q. Do you remember visiting a federal building


24 to get a passport?


25 A. Yes.


26 Q. Who were you with?


27 A. Vinnie, the people that were following us.


28 Q. Do you remember walking into that federal 6656


1 building to get your passport?


2 A. Yes. Vinnie and the people that were


3 following us, yes.


4 Q. Do you remember speaking to anyone in that


5 federal building as you got your passports?


6 A. No. I just stood by Vinnie and the


7 children, and that’s it.


8 Q. Did you see any federal employees or agents


9 in that federal building?


10 A. Yes, and I wanted to reach for them so bad.


11 Q. Did you complain to any of them that you


12 were being held against your will?


13 A. No, because at that point my parents’ lives


14 were at risk. And until I can see my parents and


15 tell them what was the danger, I couldn’t say a


16 single thing. They had full control of me.


17 Q. Did you complain to anyone in that federal


18 building that any crimes were being committed


19 against you or your family?


20 A. No, I did not.


21 Q. Did you ever try to dial 9-1-1 to reach any


22 police officer?


23 A. No. But I have now.

Everyone’s BS meter should be flying off of the charts now! In this excerpt, Janet testified that she didn’t have her children memorize a script for their J.C. Penney depositions, and that they told the truth about everything they testified about (including her injuries that she attributed to the security guards).

24 Q. Now, you’re aware that in your family law


25 proceeding, your ex-husband David claims that you


26 sat down and scripted your children in the J.C.


27 Penney case, correct?


28 A. Yes. Amongst many things David has said. 6657


1 Q. Did you ever sit down and rehearse your


2 children about what to say in depositions in the


3 J.C. Penney case?


4 A. He’s giving me too much credit. No.


5 Q. To your knowledge, did your children always


6 tell the truth when they testified under oath in the


7 J.C. Penney case?


8 A. Except for the part about David.


9 Q. What about the part about your injuries?


10 Did they tell the truth, to your knowledge?


11 A. Yes.


12 Q. Okay. Now, that was when — that was a


13 situation where Gavin was caught running out of the


14 store with something that wasn’t paid for, correct?


15 A. This is what I came to understand, because I


16 wasn’t present when that happened.


17 Q. And you told the police that Gavin was just


18 trying to trick his father into paying for those


19 goods, right?


20 A. No, I did not tell them that.


21 Q. What did you tell them the reason Gavin did


22 that was?


23 A. At that point, when I talked to the police,


24 I had — I wasn’t aware of what happened.


25 Q. Did you ever learn that that was the reason


26 why Gavin left the store with unpurchased goods?


27 A. Yes, I came to find out afterwards. The


28 police told me themself. 6658

After thoroughly denying that she had ever talked to either George Lopez, his wife, David Arvizo, or Gavin Arvizo about the $300 dollars that was allegedly stolen from Gavin’s wallet by George Lopez, Janet was asked about the fact that she never mentioned anything about being pursued by “killers” to Frank Cascio, and she explained that her comments had been erased from the recorded phone call!

1 Q. Now, did you ever learn about an incident


2 with George Lopez where there was a claim that money


3 had been taken from Gavin’s wallet?


4 A. I came to find out afterwards by Jamie.


5 Q. And did you talk to George ever about that


6 event?


7 A. No.


8 Q. Ever talk to his wife about that event?


9 A. No.


10 Q. Ever talk to David about that event?


11 A. No.


12 Q. Ever talk to Gavin about that event?


13 A. No.


14 Q. Now, you told the sheriffs that Mr.


15 Jackson’s people had done background investigations


16 on Jay Jackson. Do you remember saying that?


17 A. Yes.


18 Q. And how did you know that anyone associated


19 with Mr. Jackson had done a background investigation


20 on Jay Jackson?


21 A. His dear damage control people and Frank


22 told me that.


23 Q. They told you they had checked out who Jay


24 Jackson was?


25 A. Yes, Frank told me that.


26 Q. Okay. So you were aware that Mr. Geragos’s


27 employees were doing investigations into who you


28 were and Jay Jackson – 6659


1 A. No, you’re incorrect.


2 Q. — was, correct?


3 A. Frank had told me that they had done all


4 this information so they can choreograph their


5 story. That’s why.


6 Q. In that recorded phone conversation you had


7 with Frank which we played on Friday, you never


8 mention anything about killers, do you?


9 A. I’m sure I did. And since he had control of


10 that, illegally taping, I’m sure they either erased


11 it, manipulated it or took it off. But if it was


12 left to me, I would have left it on there. But it


13 didn’t benefit him to leave it on there.


14 Q. You never mention killers in that recorded


15 phone conversation, do you?


16 A. I’m sure I did. But Frank had control of


17 the tape.

Here is yet another example of the kindness and compassion that Jackson had towards Jackson, and the unparalleled ingratitude that Janet had for him: despite the fact that Jackson allowed Neverland to be used to host a blood drive for Gavin in 2000, Janet told the police that Jackson “really wasn’t involved” in putting it together! Unbelievable. She also told police that Jackson didn’t help her out with tutoring, and she would have preferred to have Jackson “let her and her kids go” and leave Neverland instead.

18 Q. Okay. Do you recall a blood drive at


19 Neverland for Gavin?


20 A. Yes, I was the one responsible for that.


21 Anywhere where I can gather 50 people or more,


22 Kaiser was willing to go and take their own


23 bloodmobile, because it benefitted not just Gavin,


24 many, many children and hospital patients. So I was


25 continuously asking for anybody that can gather more


26 than 50 people, that Kaiser themself would go over


27 there.


28 Q. And Mr. Jackson allowed you to use his 6660


1 property for a blood drive, correct?


2 A. All his employees gave blood. All of his


3 employees that wanted to could donate blood. Not


4 just to Gavin, but to many people, because they were


5 trying to find O negative, C and B negative blood


6 for Gavin.


7 Q. And to your knowledge, Mr. Jackson allowed


8 you to do this blood drive on his property, correct?


9 A. Yes, this is correct.


10 Q. And approximately when was this blood drive?


11 A. Oh, when Gavin was ill in 2000.


12 Q. Okay.


13 A. But, you know, he wasn’t the only one.


14 There was many church groups. Many, many people


15 that had gathered. And the bloodmobile would go out


16 to those particular places.


17 Q. At one point you told the sheriffs that you


18 didn’t think Michael was really involved in that,


19 right?


20 A. Yes, and I’ve also communicated to you. In


21 the beginning, I thought it was only the Germans,


22 but now I know different per their hard work,


23 investigative working, that it was different.


24 MR. ZONEN: I’m going to object as


25 nonresponsive and also object to the question as


26 vague. Involved with what?


27 MR. MESEREAU: I can rephrase it, Your


28 Honor. 6661


1 THE COURT: Well, now the time to object to


2 the question is long gone, but I’ll sustain the


3 objection to the last part of the answer.

4 Next question.


5 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Did you work with someone


6 named Grace at the blood drive for Gavin?


7 A. No, I didn’t work there. All I had done was


8 ask Grace if she could ask permission, because like,


9 remember, that’s another indicator that I didn’t


10 talk to Michael himself.


11 MR. ZONEN: Objection; nonresponsive.


12 THE COURT: Sustained.


13 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Do you remember


14 complaining to the sheriffs in an interview about


15 Michael Jackson, “Here’s a man that has so much


16 wealth, and yet did not even hire my children a


17 single tutor when they’re supposed to be in school.”


18 Do you remember complaining about that?


19 A. I didn’t complain to him. I was trying to


20 point out to the police that these were the things


21 that now I’m aware of that he really didn’t care


22 about children. He just cared about what he was


23 doing with the children.


24 Q. Do you remember saying that to the sheriffs?


25 A. Like I said, I gave him information.


26 Everything possible that I could possibly do to let


27 them know that the children — all this time had


28 passed, and they were not educated. 6662


1 Q. Now, how much time are we talking about


2 where you think Michael Jackson should have hired a


3 tutor for your kids?


4 A. No, I don’t think he should have tutored —


5 hired a tutor. I think — I think he should have


6 just let me and my kids go.


7 Q. When you said to the sheriffs, “Here’s a man


8 who has so much wealth, and yet did not even hire my


9 children a single tutor when they’re supposed to be


10 in school,” what were you referring to?


11 A. That he’s managed to fool the world, and I


12 was one woman inside there. That’s what I was


13 communicating; that what he puts out in the world is


14 not who he really is. Now, because of this criminal


15 case proceedings, now people know who he really is.


16 MR. MESEREAU: Move to strike.


17 THE COURT: Denied.


18 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Have you done any


19 investigation into Michael Jackson’s actions around


20 the world for children?


21 MR. ZONEN: Objection; argumentative.


22 THE COURT: It’s not argumentative, but it’s


23 not material.


24 MR. MESEREAU: Okay.


25 THE COURT: We’ll take our morning recess.


26 MR. MESEREAU: Okay.


27 (Recess taken.)

To be continued: 

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