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April 18th, 2005 Trial Analysis: Janet Arvizo (Cross-Examination), Part 4 of 4

July 21, 2013

Janet was next asked by Mesereau about the receipts that Frank Cascio and Vinnie Amen kept from their numerous shopping sprees with the Arvizos, as well as any communications she had with Jackson’s employees, such as Evvy Tavasci:

19 Q. Okay. Now, do you remember when you


20 testified before the grand jury, you were shown a


21 number of documents involving expenditures that were


22 made for you and your family at one point by Frank


23 and Vinnie?


24 A. Yes, this is correct.


25 Q. And when you were in the grand jury room,


26 you did acknowledge that what was on those documents


27 had been spent for you, Gavin, Star and Davellin,


28 true? 6712


1 A. He’s taking it out of context. Another


2 thing: What applied to me and my kids was pretty


3 accurate, but what applied to Frank and Vinnie,


4 you’re going to have to talk to them about it.


5 Q. When you stayed at Neverland, it was your


6 understanding that any costs involved were paid for


7 by Michael Jackson, true?


8 A. We were on his —


9 MR. ZONEN: Objection; vague. Costs


10 involved with what?


11 MR. MESEREAU: I’ll be happy to rephrase it.


12 Q. When you and your family visited Neverland,


13 you were often transported back and forth by someone


14 that you thought was hired by Mr. Jackson, correct?


15 A. We were not often transferred back and


16 forth.


17 Q. Well, how many visits do you think your


18 family made to Neverland in total?


19 MR. ZONEN: Objection; asked and answered.


20 THE COURT: Sustained.


21 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: How did you get to


22 Neverland the first time your family went?


23 MR. ZONEN: Objection; asked and answered.


24 THE COURT: Overruled.


25 THE WITNESS: How did we get there the first


26 time?




28 A. Which time? 6713


1 Q. Let me rephrase the question.


2 Most of the time when you or your family


3 went back and forth to Neverland, the transportation


4 was arranged by someone at Neverland, true?


5 A. Yes. This is correct.


6 Q. And it was your belief that this


7 transportation was paid for by Mr. Jackson, correct?


8 A. Yes, this is correct.


9 Q. And you mentioned someone named Evvy Tavasci


10 whom you knew, right?


11 A. Yes, I never met her. It was only solely


12 per the telephone.


13 Q. You used to call her sometimes, didn’t you?


14 A. No, she called us.


15 Q. Did you ever call her yourself?


16 A. In returning her phone message.


17 Q. Did you ever ask Evvy Tavasci to do anything


18 for you or your family?


19 A. Never.


20 Q. Okay. Ever give her any ideas about ways


21 Michael Jackson could help you or your family?


22 A. Never. I had friends. If I wanted some


23 help I could ask my own friends, and yet I never


24 did.

Janet denied that Evvy Tavasci ever arranged any trips for her and her family:

25 Q. Ever ask Evvy Tavasci to arrange any trip


26 for you or your family?


27 A. Never.


28 Q. To your knowledge, did she ever do anything 6714


1 like that?


2 A. Well, she — when Michael had contacted us


3 for the Miami stuff.


4 Q. Well, you traveled to Miami on Chris


5 Tucker’s plane, right?


6 A. No, not Chris Tucker’s plane.


7 Q. Did you travel to Miami with Chris Tucker?


8 A. Yes, I did. And that was per Evvy’s


9 arrangement. Evvy and Michael had called Chris and


10 got him pulled into this mess.


11 Q. Did you hear — did you watch Michael


12 Jackson call Chris?


13 A. No, I didn’t.


14 MR. ZONEN: Objection; argumentative.


15 THE COURT: Sustained.


16 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Did you ever observe Mr.


17 Jackson calling Chris Tucker at any time?


18 A. Well, it’s my understanding in Miami, and


19 Chris had told me there at his house, that Evvy and


20 Michael had contacted him. This is why I became


21 aware.


22 Q. Did you ever request to travel to Florida


23 with Chris Tucker?


24 A. No.

Here are more questions about Janet’s interactions with Neverland employees:

25 Q. Did you ever meet anyone at Neverland named


26 Julio Avila?


27 A. I think I already said this.


28 Q. You did not. 6715


1 A. They — when I had called and I was already


2 out of Neverland, I called wanting to speak to my


3 kids. And the person that I was speaking to, I


4 asked them what their name was, and they said their


5 name was Julio. I think that’s —


6 Q. Did you ever speak with anyone named Alex


7 Byrne?


8 A. No.


9 Q. Do you know who Alex Byrne is?


10 A. No.


11 Q. How about Nancy Catullo?


12 A. No.


13 Q. Did you ever speak to Nancy Catullo about


14 setting up a bank account for Gavin?


15 A. No.


16 MR. ZONEN: Objection. No foundation she


17 knows a Nancy Catullo.


18 THE COURT: Sustained.


19 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Did you ever seek advice


20 from anyone about setting up a bank account for the


21 benefit of Gavin?


22 A. No.


23 Q. Now, you spoke to Dr. Alex Farshshian, did


24 you not?


25 A. No, I didn’t.


26 Q. Did you ever meet him?


27 A. Yes, I did. But we weren’t introduced. I


28 just knew because I heard them calling him that. 6716


1 Q. He was the physician who was on the plane —


2 A. Yes.


3 Q. — on the flight back from Miami, true?


4 A. Yes, I am aware of that.


5 Q. Did you exchange any words with him at all?


6 A. No.


7 Q. Ever meet someone at Neverland named Romero


8 Ruvalcaba Garcia?


9 A. No.


10 Q. How about Gary Hearn?


11 A. Gary Hearn, the extent of my conversations


12 with him was when he would pick up the kids, and


13 when he told us, “Guys, there’s been a change of


14 plans,” and he took us to Chris’s house. So it’s


15 just — he was a driver.


16 Q. Do you remember him driving your family from


17 Neverland and making various stops to buy things for


18 you and your family?


19 A. No.


20 Q. That never happened?


21 A. That never happened.


22 Q. Ever meet someone related to Mr. Jackson


23 named Rio?


24 A. No.


25 Q. Did you ever meet someone related to Mr.


26 Jackson named Simone?


27 A. No. But I did see other children there.

Janet took a moment to get spiritual when she described the help that she received from Arlene Kennedy, the owner of the tap dance studio that her children attended.

28 Q. Do you know Arlene Kennedy? 6717


1 A. Yes, I know Miss Kennedy.


2 Q. And who is she?


3 A. Miss Kennedy is someone that I got to meet.

4 She’s the owner of the tap dance school where my


5 children had attended tap dances. I think my


6 children only attended there for less than — I’m


7 being generous if I say five months. It was only


8 months.


9 But my relationship with Miss Kennedy and


10 Mr. Kennedy continued. She’d come and pick me up


11 and take me to like, for example, a Christian


12 crusade to the Anaheim Convention Center. She’d


13 come and pick me up and take me to a variety of


14 churches in South Central.


15 We’d pray a lot on the phone. She’d


16 continuously come and pray for Gavin in the church.


17 I mean, at — at the hospital. And then we’d


18 request churches to pray for Gavin.


19 She took a trip to another country and she


20 inscribed Gavin’s name on somewhere where they could


21 pray continuously. It’s a place where they pray 24


22 hours. So my relationship with Miss Kennedy was


23 mostly that of spiritual.


24 Q. And she ran the dance school your children


25 attended, right?


26 A. Yes, for less — my children — for about


27 five months, that’s all. And that’s the best I can


28 recall. No more than five months. But my 6718


1 relationship with Miss Kennedy went on for years,


2 and Mr. Kennedy.


3 Q. And your children did attend the school on a


4 scholarship —


5 A. No.


6 Q. — because they didn’t have funds, right?


7 A. No.


8 Q. That never happened?


9 A. That never happened.


10 Q. Okay. Now, you called her from Neverland


11 Ranch, did you not?


12 A. Yes, I did. This was another person that I


13 tried to reach.


14 Q. You called her after the airing of the


15 Bashir video and said you were at the ranch because


16 the press was causing problems, right?


17 A. No.


18 Q. You told Miss Kennedy that you wanted to get


19 out of the country, correct?


20 A. No. She would know, too, that there’s no


21 way, because she knows the extent of my son’s


22 medical needs. He needs medical care. I know he


23 looks, on the surface, healthy, but he does have


24 some serious medical issues.


25 Q. You complained to Miss Kennedy that people


26 around Michael Jackson keep everything from him and


27 he doesn’t have a clue about anything, correct?


28 A. No. 6719


1 Q. Never said that?


2 A. Never said that.


3 Q. Did you ever tell Miss Kennedy that the


4 people around Michael Jackson keep him in the dark?


5 A. No.


6 Q. Do you recall Miss Kennedy telling you, “Go


7 to Michael Jackson directly with these concerns”?


8 A. No.


9 Q. How many times do you think you called


10 Arlene Kennedy from Neverland Ranch?


11 A. I think maybe once.


12 Q. Are you sure about that?


13 A. Yeah. I think it was only once.


14 Q. Only one time?


15 A. Yes, I did.


16 Q. You called her many times and never


17 indicated your calls are being monitored, right?


18 A. No, I called — I think I called her once.


19 And when I knew that they were listening, I wouldn’t


20 be able to say that, when I felt — but, yes, I did


21 tell everybody possible when I could.


22 Q. Now —


23 A. Because I knew I was being monitored. I


24 knew it.


25 Q. I understand.

Janet testified that she allowed Davellin to stay at  Carole Lamir’s home, until she found out that all she was doing was “cleaning” her house like a housekeeper. However, according to Lamir, housekeeping wasn’t the only thing that Davellin was doing! Davellin was also a snitch who told her about Janet’s original plan to extort Jackson by accusing him of showing porn to Gavin and Star!

26 You mentioned that you knew Carol Lamir,


27 right?


28 A. Yes. That’s David’s girlfriend and part of 6720


1 his damage control team in the past. She had to do


2 something to reinstate herself, and this is it.


3 Q. When did you first meet Carol Lamir?


4 A. At the dance school.


5 Q. That was years before you ever met Mr.


6 Jackson, wasn’t it?


7 A. Yes, this is correct. But she made it very


8 aware.


9 Q. For how many years did you know Carol Lamir


10 before you ever met Michael Jackson?


11 A. Let me see. I think my children attended


12 tap there in — my best recollection is maybe three


13 years.


14 Q. And at some point, your understanding is


15 that Carol Lamir arranged for Mr. Jackson to speak


16 to Gavin, right?


17 A. My understanding is David has — had and


18 still has a very close relationship with Carol


19 Lamir, extremely close. David would even go cook at


20 her house. David would even go spend nights over


21 there.


22 And my understanding is that David was the


23 one that communicated to me that Carol Lamir felt


24 that she was the one that introduced Michael and


25 Gavin, the family. And Jamie, I heard it from


26 Jamie, that he felt it.


27 So I never have known. It was either one of


28 two people. That’s how I feel till this day. 6721


1 Q. Was it your understanding that Carol Lamir


2 arranged for Mr. Jackson to provide your family with


3 an automobile so that you could get to the hospital?


4 A. I wasn’t involved with that. All I know is


5 that David and Carol Lamir were, and still are, very


6 close.


7 Q. Do you know who first informed Mr. Jackson


8 that you wanted an automobile so you could travel


9 back and forth to the hospital?


10 A. I didn’t need an automobile. I didn’t ask


11 for an automobile. David and Carol Lamir were, and


12 still are, very close.


13 Q. When did you first learn that Mr. Jackson


14 had provided an automobile so you could travel back


15 and forth to the hospital?


16 A. When it was delivered to my mom’s house. I


17 knew it came from him.


18 Q. Did you ever inquire as to why it was being


19 delivered?


20 A. No, I didn’t.


21 Q. To your knowledge, did Miss Lamir ever refer


22 you to a woman named Nancy Catullo?


23 A. No.


24 Q. And you’ve indicated you knew Davellin was


25 staying at her house, right?


26 A. Yes. Until I found out that all Carol


27 wanted my daughter was to clean her house. That’s


28 it. A little housekeeper. 6722


1 THE COURT: Let’s take our break.


2 (Recess taken.)

After returning from recess, Janet was asked about the things that she told others about David’s abuse:

3 THE COURT: Counsel?


4 MR. MESEREAU: Thank you, Your Honor.


5 Your Honor, the last document I showed the


6 witness we’ve marked as Exhibit No. 5008. And I


7 would move that it be admitted into evidence.


8 MR. ZONEN: Which document is that, Your


9 Honor?


10 THE COURT: That’s the document you showed


11 her earlier to refresh her recollection?


12 MR. MESEREAU: Yes, Your Honor.


13 THE COURT: All right. That’s admitted.


14 MR. ZONEN: No objection.


15 THE COURT: You moved it in earlier, Counsel,


16 yourself.


17 MR. ZONEN: Yes, I understand.


18 MR. MESEREAU: I’m sorry, Your Honor, was


19 that admitted?


20 THE COURT: Yes, it was.


21 MR. MESEREAU: Oh, it was. Oh, thank you.


22 I’m sorry.


23 Q. Ms. Arvizo, when did you last see Carol


24 Lamir?


25 A. I last saw Carol Lamir when she accompanied


26 David to David’s criminal domestic violence


27 proceeding. That’s when I last saw her. And they


28 were holding hands. 6723


1 Q. Did you ever tell her that David did not


2 provide for the family and you had no food?


3 A. No.


4 Q. Did you ever tell her that you had no


5 insurance and needed money to pay Gavin’s medical

6 bills?


7 A. No.


8 Q. Ever tell Louise Palanker that David had


9 threatened to kill you?


10 A. I don’t think so, but that is something that


11 David always did.


12 Q. Pardon me?


13 A. That’s something that, you know, was


14 customary, part of his own violence.


15 Q. He would always threaten to kill?


16 A. But I don’t think I told Wheezy that.


17 Q. Did you ever tell anyone that David often


18 threatened to kill members of your family?


19 A. I don’t think so.


20 Q. Ever tell the police that?


21 A. I don’t think so. I told them what David


22 would tell me, and that was about his brother Ray,


23 but Ray had never done that, or said that to me.

Next, Mesereau asked Janet about several people who helped organize Gavin’s blood drives, and she denied telling Marian Arvizo (no relation) that she didn’t need blood, but money:

24 Q. Did you ever meet someone named Richard


25 Ramey?


26 A. No.


27 Q. Do you know Marian Arvizo?


28 A. Yeah, that’s the one that’s friends to the 6724


1 editor of the Mid Valley News. And David, that’s —


2 they’re — David and Marian are in cahoots about


3 many things. Such as like the —


4 Q. I’m sorry.


5 A. I came to find out — a lot of things.


6 MR. ZONEN: I’m going to object as exceeding


7 the scope of the question.


8 THE COURT: Nonresponsive do you mean?


9 MR. ZONEN: Yes.


10 THE COURT: Sustained.


11 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: How long have you known


12 Marian Arvizo?


13 A. The last time I seen Marian Arvizo was when


14 she also went to David’s criminal domestic violence


15 proceeding. And prior to that, I hadn’t seen Marian


16 since, let me see, maybe when my children — when my


17 daughter was, I think, two years of age.


18 Q. Do you recall Marian Arvizo organizing some


19 blood drives for Gavin?


20 A. No.


21 Q. Did you ever hear anything about that


22 happening?


23 A. No. All I know is that she’s — she’s the


24 editor’s friend.


25 MR. ZONEN: Objection; nonresponsive.


26 THE COURT: Sustained.


27 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Did you ever meet someone


28 named Mrs. Marie Triggs? 6725


1 A. No.


2 Q. Are you aware of Mrs. Marie Triggs ever


3 trying to organize blood drives for Gavin?


4 MR. ZONEN: Objection. No foundation that


5 she knows the person.


6 THE COURT: Sustained.


7 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Regardless of whether you


8 know the person, did you ever learn that Marie —


9 someone named Marie Triggs had helped organize some


10 blood drives for Gavin?


11 A. No.


12 Q. Do you remember ever complaining to Marian


13 Arvizo that you didn’t want her to arrange blood


14 drives for Gavin?


15 A. No.


16 Q. Ever tell Marian Arvizo, “I don’t need your


17 blood. What I need is money”?


18 A. No.


19 Q. Okay. When did you last see Marian Arvizo?


20 MR. ZONEN: Objection; asked and answered.


21 THE COURT: Sustained.


22 THE WITNESS: I already said.


23 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Ever know of a blood drive


24 being held in Claremont, California, for Gavin?


25 A. No.


26 Q. How about a blood drive being arranged


27 through Von’s warehouse where David used to work?


28 A. No. 6726

Next, Mesereau questioned Janet about the settlement, and Janet admitted that David only received $5,000 dollars:

1 Q. Do you know — I think I may have asked you.


2 I’m not sure whether I asked this question


3 or not, Your Honor.


4 Do you know someone named Bruce Richards?


5 A. No.


6 Q. Now, while you were at Hamid’s home, and


7 before you began the filming of the rebuttal video,


8 do you recall making some phone calls?


9 A. No. I made no phone calls.


10 Q. Do you recall ever being on the phone with


11 anybody before the video was shot?


12 A. No. The only — when Brad Miller had dialed


13 the phone and Miss — Vicki was on there.


14 Q. Was that at Hamid’s house?


15 A. This was at Hamid’s house.


16 Q. Did you only talk to Vicki Podberesky that


17 one time?


18 A. This is the one time.


19 Q. Okay. Do you know Violet Silva?


20 A. No.


21 Q. Now, which employees at Neverland, other


22 than Jesus and Chris, do you recall meeting?


23 A. That’s it. I gave the police every possible


24 information that I could, and that’s it.


25 Q. I want to just clear something up that I


26 said on Friday. The J.C. Penney settlement —


27 excuse me. Let me rephrase it. That agreement to


28 settle was approximately September of 2001, right? 6727


1 A. I don’t think so.


2 Q. When do you think you settled that case?


3 A. When — I think it was — I know it was


4 after David was arrested.


5 Q. Actually, he was arrested five days after


6 the agreement was signed, right?


7 A. Okay. No, David was arrested. Then he was


8 out on bail. And so — no, it had to be after he


9 was arrested. That’s the best I can remember.


10 Q. The agreement was signed September 24th,


11 2001, right?


12 A. Okay. I may not understand what his — the


13 legal words is. I’m talking about the end result,


14 the end result when the J.C. Penney’s attorneys and


15 Tower Records attorneys stood with my civil


16 attorney, and that’s what I’m talking about. And to


17 my understanding, that’s when the judge approved it.


18 I don’t know. So that’s what I’m talking about. Me


19 and you may be talking about something different.


20 Q. Okay.


21 A. Because I know there was different


22 proceedings prior to that.


23 Q. But around that time, David was arrested,


24 correct?


25 A. Yeah, because, you know, he did what he did.


26 Q. And a couple of weeks after the agreement


27 was signed, you filed for divorce against David,


28 right? 6728


1 A. I — when David showed up to the criminal


2 court proceedings on the first day —


3 MR. ZONEN: Objection; nonresponsive.


4 THE WITNESS: I already answered that so


5 many times.


6 THE COURT: Just a moment, please.


7 Sustained. Do you want the question read


8 back, Counsel?


9 MR. MESEREAU: Yes, please, Your Honor.


10 (Record read.)


11 THE WITNESS: I don’t know how to answer


12 that. All I know is that David was arrested. And


13 the first day that he showed up where I was at the


14 criminal proceedings, that’s when he was handed


15 my — the filed divorce file. And I’ve never gone


16 back with him ever again, so it was serious. That


17 was it. That was enough.


18 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: After he was arrested, you


19 were in a legal dispute with him as to how the


20 settlement money would be divided, correct?


21 A. Incorrect.


22 Q. Did you go to any type of mediation


23 procedure to settle how much each member was going


24 to get of the 152,000?


25 A. No. That’s incorrect.


26 Q. You don’t recall any discussion among


27 lawyers about that, right?


28 A. That’s incorrect. 6729


1 Q. Okay. When did you and David agree how much


2 each party was going to get?


3 A. There was no — there was no back and forth


4 with that. They — the civil law firm, they decided


5 that. But I know — but I am aware of this, though:


6 David’s — Mr. Halpern, his wife —


7 MR. ZONEN: I’m going to object as


8 nonresponsive.

9 THE WITNESS: — was demanding —


10 THE COURT: Just a moment. There’s no


11 question.


12 Go ahead.




14 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Okay. David got


15 approximately $5,000 from that settlement, correct?


16 A. That’s correct.

Janet denied having any recollection of buying any of the numerous items during her shopping sprees with Jackson’s associates:

17 Q. Okay. I’d like to ask you about purchases


18 made on your behalf by anyone associated with


19 Michael Jackson, okay? Do you recall a dinner at


20 Outback Steakhouse on February 21st, 2003?


21 A. No. That didn’t happen. I know where I was


22 February 21st.


23 Q. You never were there with Frank or Vinnie,


24 correct?


25 A. This is correct.


26 Q. Okay.


27 A. As a matter of fact, on the surveillance


28 video, you can see your guy following us. 6730


1 Q. Well, you were being investigated, weren’t


2 you?


3 A. No.


4 Q. Okay. You’re not aware of Mr. Geragos ever


5 hiring people to investigate you?


6 MR. ZONEN: Objection; lack of foundation.


7 THE COURT: Sustained.


8 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: So you never went to


9 Outback Steakhouse, right?


10 MR. ZONEN: Objection; asked and answered.


11 THE COURT: Sustained.


12 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Do you recall going to


13 Robinson’s-May on February 21st, 2003?


14 A. No. That’s incorrect. I know where I was


15 February 21st.


16 Q. Did you ever go into Robinson’s-May in


17 Thousand Oaks on February 21st, 2003?


18 A. No. I remember the day. I think it was the


19 26th.


20 Q. You went to Robinson’s-May?


21 A. I think it was the 26th. The same day that


22 my children had gone.


23 Q. And do you know who paid that bill?


24 A. That was Vinnie. I think that was Vinnie.


25 Q. And do you remember what was purchased?


26 A. No, I can’t remember. I think it was —


27 I think it was a couple of outfits. I think so.


28 Q. For who? 6731


1 A. This was for me.


2 Q. And you were —


3 A. I think so.


4 Q. Do you recall the bill being approximately


5 $92.24?


6 A. No, I think it was more like — I don’t


7 know. It was around that price range, though.


8 Q. And do you recall what clothes you bought?


9 A. No, I can’t remember, because they took them


10 away. They rummaged through the things when I had


11 finally got out. And not only did they take the


12 things that they had purchased, but they also took


13 some of our items back. And that’s why Mr.


14 Dickerman’s letter, it states “Children’s clothing.”


15 I didn’t care about mine.


16 Q. Would it refresh your recollection if I just


17 show you the receipt —


18 A. It don’t matter.


19 Q. — as far as the clothes you bought?


20 A. I’ve already seen it.


21 Q. Do you know what clothes you purchased?


22 A. And I’m acknowledging that on the same day


23 that my children’s things were purchased, the same


24 items were.


25 Q. Okay. Do you know what clothes you bought?


26 A. No, I don’t remember.


27 Q. Would it refresh your recollection to look


28 at the receipt? 6732


1 A. Sure. If you have the receipt —


2 MR. MESEREAU: May I approach, Your Honor?


3 THE WITNESS: — of the 26th.


4 MR. ZONEN: May I see the receipt, please?


5 This is not the 26th. Your Honor, I believe


6 the witness has requested the receipt from the 26th.


7 THE WITNESS: That’s right.


8 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: You don’t want to see one


9 from the 21st?


10 A. No.


11 Q. You deny being in Robinson’s-May on the


12 21st, right?


13 A. This is correct. I know where I was the


14 21st.


15 Q. Do you recall going to Lisa’s Beauty Supply


16 on the 21st?


17 A. That’s incorrect.


18 Q. Have you ever been to that store?


19 A. No.


20 Q. Never got hair products there?


21 A. No.


22 Q. How about a store called Pacific Sunwear,


23 did you ever go there?


24 A. I don’t think so. I think it was just


25 the — I think it was — the best I can remember, it


26 was in an outlet area. It was a Jockey store, and I


27 think it was a Levi store. And then the luggages.


28 Q. And you think you went – 6733


1 A. On that same day, Robinson’s-May. I


2 think — that’s the best I can remember.


3 Q. Do you think you went to Robinson’s-May on


4 the 25th?


5 A. No. No, it was the same day, the 26th.


6 Q. Did you go to Robinson’s-May on the 25th?


7 A. No.


8 Q. Did you go to Anchor Blue on the 25th?


9 A. No.


10 Q. To your knowledge, did Mr. Jackson ever pay


11 for clothing for you at Anchor Blue?


12 A. No.


13 Q. How about at Robinson’s-May?


14 A. On the 26th, yes. Which they kept.


15 Q. And you never went to Pacific Sunwear on the


16 26th of February, right, 2003?


17 A. No. The best I can remember is the Levi


18 outlet store, the Jockey outlet store, and then that


19 luggages. That’s the best I can remember.


20 Q. Do you recall —


21 A. And Robinson’s-May.


22 Q. I’m sorry. Are you finished?


23 A. Yes.


24 Q. Do you recall purchasing luggage on February


25 26th, 2003?


26 A. Yes.


27 Q. And what luggage do you recall purchasing?


28 A. They were — they were black. 6734


1 Q. Do you recall asking for a particular kind


2 of luggage?


3 A. No.


4 Q. Okay. And the cost was approximately


5 $127.40, right?


6 A. I think so. And also — Vinnie had


7 purchased also for Frank and Vinnie.


8 Q. For themselves?


9 A. Yes.


10 Q. Okay.


11 A. In that luggage store.


12 Q. For that trip to Brazil?


13 A. Yes.


14 Q. Do you recall going to Banana Republic on


15 February 26th, 2003?


16 A. No.


17 Q. Never went there?


18 A. Never went there.


19 Q. Do you recall going to the Gap outlet in


20 Camarillo on February 26th, 2003?


21 A. No. The best I can remember, it was the


22 Levi outlet, the Jockey, the luggage, and the


23 Robinson’s-May. That’s the best I can remember.


24 Q. Do you recall charging up $436.77 at the


25 Levi outlet on February 26th?


26 A. That sounds about correct.


27 Q. Do you recall eating at the Woodland Hills


28 Black Angus on February 26th? 6735


1 A. I think that — I think that’s correct.


2 Q. And who did you eat there with?


3 A. It was Frank, Vinnie, the three kids,


4 myself, and they were filming that for Michael’s


5 positive PR.


6 Q. And the bill was $175.34, approximately,


7 right?


8 A. I never saw the bill. I never saw the bill.


9 Q. All right. Do you recall shopping at The


10 Foot Locker on February 26th, 2003?


11 A. No. That’s incorrect.


12 Q. Didn’t go there?

13 A. No.


14 Q. Didn’t get any shoes for your son there?


15 A. No.


16 Q. Okay. Do you recall going to Abercrombie &


17 Fitch on February 26th, 2003?


18 A. No.


19 Q. Didn’t go there at all, right?


20 A. That’s correct.


21 Q. Okay. And you do recall Robinson’s-May in


22 Canoga Park on February 26th, right?


23 A. I don’t know what city it was, but it


24 definitely was February 26th. Some things just —


25 are just stuck in there.


26 Q. Would it refresh your recollection if I just


27 show you the receipt?


28 A. Like I said, if it happened February 26th, 6736

1 then it did happen.


2 Q. Okay. Do you know what clothes you bought


3 there on that day?


4 A. No, I can’t remember.


5 MR. ZONEN: On what day? Objection; vague.


6 MR. MESEREAU: February 26th, 2003.


7 MR. ZONEN: Where is this?


8 MR. MESEREAU: Robinson’s-May in Canoga


9 Park.


10 Q. Do you know what clothes you bought there?


11 A. No, I can’t remember. But besides that,


12 Frank had taken all the clothes that they had


13 purchased. And when he was rummaging through our


14 bags, he also took some of my children’s clothing


15 that belonged to them that they did not purchase.


16 Q. Were you shopping with Frank or Vinnie on


17 February 27th, 2003?


18 A. No.


19 Q. Didn’t go to Robinson’s-May on February


20 27th?


21 A. No.


22 Q. Didn’t go to Rite-Aid?


23 A. No.


24 Q. Didn’t go to Anchor Blue, right?


25 A. No.


26 Q. Okay. Do you recall going to Hsong’s Barber


27 Shop on February 28th?


28 A. No. 6737


1 Q. Do you recall going to Adidas on February


2 27th of 2003?


3 A. No.


4 Q. Do you recall going to Old Navy on


5 February 27, 2003?


6 A. No.


7 Q. Now, do you recall going to Robinson’s-May


8 on February 27th, 2003?


9 A. February 26th. It’s burned inside my


10 memory.


11 Q. And where was that Robinson’s-May located?


12 A. Right next to — right next to the hotel


13 where we were at.


14 Q. Was that across the street?


15 A. No.


16 Q. Do you recall ever going to Canoga Park


17 during this period of time?


18 A. I don’t know what the city was. I just know


19 that it was near there. That’s all.


20 Q. Do you recall going to Anchor Blue on March


21 1st?


22 A. No.


23 Q. How about Robinson’s-May on March 2nd for


24 cosmetics?


25 A. No.


26 Q. How about Lovely Nails on March 10th?


27 A. March 10th is the nails — the nail shop.


28 Q. And that was for a manicure and a pedicure, 6738


1 correct?


2 A. No.


3 Q. It was a $115 bill paid by Mr. Jackson,


4 true?


5 MR. ZONEN: Objection; lack of foundation.




7 THE COURT: Sustained.


8 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Do you recall — let me


9 rephrase this.


10 Do you recall sending any employees to do


11 shopping for you while you were there?


12 A. No.


13 Q. So that never happened?


14 A. Never happened.


15 Q. Okay. Where was Lovely Nails located?


16 A. Right by Jay’s work.


17 Q. And do you know who paid that bill?


18 A. Vinnie did.


19 Q. Do you recall Gavin getting a haircut during


20 that period of time?


21 A. No.


22 Q. Do you recall ever asking Frank or Vinnie to


23 buy cosmetics for you?


24 A. No, that didn’t happen.


25 Q. Never happened?


26 A. No.


27 Q. Did you ever go to any store where you could


28 pick out cosmetics that they would purchase? 6739


1 A. No.


2 Q. What restaurants do you recall eating at


3 with Frank or Vinnie?


4 A. The Black Angus one. And it was one meal,


5 while we were in the hotel. It was one meal per


6 day. And they were filming the whole thing. So


7 Black Angus is one of them. But that’s the best I


8 can remember. And we had to stay in the hotel.


9 Q. So you’re saying you were limited to one


10 meal a day while you were filming?


11 A. Yes. This is correct.


12 Q. And where were you filming?


13 A. I wasn’t filming. Your people were filming.


14 And when we’d go eat. At Black Angus was one of


15 them.


16 Q. Let me get this straight. You’re staying at


17 the hotel, right?


18 A. Yes.


19 Q. And you’re saying you’re limited to one meal


20 a day, right?


21 A. Yes.


22 Q. While you’re being filmed; is that correct?


23 A. No, not while we were being filmed. They


24 would film the event. They would film the dinner


25 for Michael’s positive PR.


26 Q. So a dinner was filmed at Outback


27 Steakhouse?


28 A. If in that time period, it falls within that 6740


1 time period, it did happen. But the best I can


2 remember is only — what he just said, is Black


3 Angus. I do remember that.


4 Q. And who do you remember eating at Black


5 Angus with?


6 A. Frank, Vinnie, my three children, me, yes.

Next, Janet denied buying an automobile in November 2001, and described how she moved in with Jay Jackson in March 2003:

7 Q. Do you recall around November 9th, 2001,


8 buying an automobile?


9 A. November 9th?


10 Q. Yes.


11 A. Of what year?


12 Q. 2001.


13 A. No.


14 Q. Did you buy an automobile around that period


15 of time?


16 A. No, I didn’t.


17 Q. Okay. Were you taking the bus all the time


18 then?


19 A. Yes.


20 Q. And you — again, just for the record, you


21 moved in with Jay Jackson approximately December of


22 2002; is that right?


23 A. That’s incorrect. I moved when they took my


24 place away.


25 Q. Okay.


26 A. And that was in March of 2003.


27 Q. Were you spending time at Jay Jackson’s home


28 starting December of 2002? 6741


1 A. I visited Jay throughout — since I first


2 met him. He was my — it was a new relationship.


3 I really liked being with him, me and the kids.


4 Q. And did you start spending a good portion of


5 the week there approximately December of 2002?


6 A. No.


7 Q. When did you start spending days at Jay


8 Jackson’s home?


9 A. Again, this is like three years ago now

10 probably. Well, when you guys took my place away.


11 I had nowhere else to go.


12 Q. Were you spending most of the week at Jay


13 Jackson’s home before the Soto apartment was


14 vacated? Yes or no.


15 A. I would ride the bus with my children on the


16 metro rail. I’d take them to school. And then I’d


17 go and — to Jay’s apartment and make myself


18 serviceable with cleaning his house, do just


19 something, and then go pick up the kids. And he


20 would let me know how long he was going to be at


21 work. If he was going to stay longer, then I’d just


22 go home.

Mesereau’s lengthy cross-examination ended on a crucial point: the time period when Janet learned of her son’s alleged molestation. Earlier in her testimony she claimed that she learned from police that her son had been abused, yet in this excerpt Janet insinuated that she “became aware of things” through Gavin and Star, before being told in September 2003 that her children had been abused:

23 Q. Do you know approximately — let me rephrase


24 that.


25 You first met Psychologist Stanley Katz in


26 May of 2003, true?


27 A. I think so. I think so.


28 Q. You met him through Larry Feldman, right? 6742


1 A. Yes. This is correct.


2 Q. And you told the jury that at some point you


3 first learned about any molestation through the


4 Santa Barbara police, right?


5 A. I already felt and were aware that things


6 were a mess. But it was confirmed when the police


7 and the D.A.’s Office made me aware. Mr. Robel had


8 explained to me that Gavin had entrusted something


9 with him —


10 MR. MESEREAU: Objection. Move to strike;


11 nonresponsive.


12 THE COURT: Sustained.


13 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: You claim you first


14 learned about any alleged molestation in September


15 of 2003, correct?


16 A. I don’t understand what he’s saying, but I


17 was becoming aware of things through Gavin and Star,


18 little by little by little.


19 Q. You claim that you learned about any alleged


20 molestation in September of 2003 from Prosecutor


21 Sneddon, Sheriff Klapakis and Sheriff Robel, right?


22 A. Yes.


23 MR. MESEREAU: I have no further questions.

Zonen began his redirect examination by attempting to clarify exactly what happened during the JC Penney incident; this issue comprised a significant part of Mesereau’s cross-examination. He allowed Janet to regurgitate her side of the story, and he also questioned Janet about her relationship with paralegal Mary Holzer, who Janet admitted to lying about her deposition after receiving her settlement. Janet attempted to discredit her by calling her a “humongous Michael Jackson fan” who “begged” her to meet him, and then denied telling her that she lied about being assaulted by the JC Penney security guards:






27 Q. Ms. Arvizo, good afternoon.


28 A. Good afternoon. 6743


1 Q. Mr. Mesereau had asked you about a Mary


2 Holzer. Who is Mary Holzer?


3 A. Mary Holzer, she is the last — what I know,


4 she’s the office manager of the Rothstein civil law


5 firm, and she’s a humongous Michael Jackson fan.


6 Q. What do you mean by that?


7 A. Well, when she was taking me back and forth


8 to the various visits, because I didn’t have a car,


9 she was continuously asking, requesting, begging to


10 meet Michael Jackson.


11 Q. Did you ever tell Miss Holzer that the


12 injuries that you sustained after the J.C. Penney’s


13 incident were given to you by your husband?


14 A. Never.


15 Q. Is it the case that the injuries that you


16 sustained in the J.C. Penney’s case were received by


17 you by your husband?


18 A. If the — on the day the J. —


19 Q. Yes.


20 A. Say it again.


21 Q. Is it the case that the injuries that you


22 suffered during — that the injuries that you had


23 were received by your husband and not by J.C.


24 Penney’s?


25 A. I kind of don’t understand.


26 Q. Let me ask that question again.


27 A. Okay.


28 Q. Were you injured during the J.C. Penney’s 6744


1 arrest?


2 A. Yes.


3 Q. Now, what happened in that arrest?


4 A. The J.C. Penney’s and Tower Records injured


5 me and both my boys.


6 Q. How did that happen?


7 A. Well, they clobbered me.


8 Q. How did you happen to be there?


9 A. Well, because I was — I had already gotten


10 a loss prevention agent job for Oshman Sporting


11 Goods.


12 Q. Where was Oshman Sporting Goods?


13 A. It was inside the mall.


14 Q. Were you at Oshman Sporting Goods?


15 A. Yes, I was.


16 Q. Was your husband with you?


17 A. No, he wasn’t.


18 Q. Were either of your two children with you?


19 A. No, they weren’t.


20 Q. Where did they go?


21 A. They went with David.


22 Q. And Mr. Mesereau had asked you if, in fact,


23 you had learned your son Gavin had walked out of the


24 store with items. How old was your son Gavin at


25 that time?


26 A. I think my best — they were in the summer


27 of first grade, and I think — I think both — I


28 think either — I think it was six and seven. Six 6745


1 and seven, I think.


2 Q. This was before Gavin was ill with cancer;


3 is that correct?


4 A. Yes, way before Gavin was ill.


5 Q. At some point, did you learn that he had


6 walked out of the store with something?


7 A. Yes.


8 Q. What was the item he walked out with?


9 A. Two school uniforms and two school uniform


10 pants.


11 Q. Was David Arvizo with him at that time?


12 A. Yes, he was.


13 Q. All right. Now, what was the first thing


14 you saw or learned that day?


15 A. Well, the first thing I saw was David


16 getting hit by a male and a female. And this is —


17 I don’t know if you know malls. Like —


18 Q. Just tell us what you saw.


19 A. — way far.


20 Q. Just tell us what you saw. What did you


21 see?


22 A. I walked out and I saw that David was


23 getting hit by a male and a female.


24 Q. Did you know who they were?


25 A. No, I didn’t know.


26 Q. Were they wearing uniforms?


27 A. No, they weren’t.


28 Q. Did you have any reason to believe that they 6746


1 were security?


2 A. No, I didn’t.


3 Q. What did you do?


4 A. Well, I figured, you know, they might


5 think — I might be able to startle them with my two


6 phrases, and those two phrases are also burned here.


7 I told them, “What are you doing? What’s going on?”


8 Because I figured by saying that, that would spook


9 them and they would run.


10 Q. What happened?


11 A. Instead they turned around and just


12 clobbered me.


13 Q. Were you arrested by them?


14 A. Yes, I was.


15 Q. Were you injured by them?


16 A. Yes, I was.


17 Q. Hold on just one second.


18 Where were you injured and how were you


19 injured?


20 A. Okay. The best I can remember is they broke


21 my hand, my left hand. They made some — like a


22 little bump here, pop out, from my wrist. They, you


23 know, hit — punched all over my body. Let’s see.


24 They did significant muscle damage on my back. Hit


25 my face. All over my body. That’s the best I can


26 remember.


27 Q. Where did you have bruises on you?


28 A. My legs. My arms. A little bit on my face. 6747


1 But that’s — that’s the best I can remember.


2 Q. Were you arrested that day?


3 A. Yes, I was arrested.


4 Q. Were you taken to jail?


5 A. I was taken to jail.


6 Q. Was David Arvizo taken to jail?


7 A. Yes. David was taken to jail.


8 Q. Were you charged with any criminal offense?


9 A. Yes.


10 Q. What were you charged with?


11 A. I was charged with burglary, assault and


12 battery, and petty theft.


13 Q. Did you ever actually go inside J.C.


14 Penney’s?


15 A. I never even went inside that store.


16 Q. Were those charges ultimately dismissed?


17 A. Yes.


18 Q. Was the lawsuit with J.C. Penney filed


19 before or after the charges were dismissed?


20 A. It was after.


21 Q. Did you have photographs that were taken of


22 your injuries?


23 A. Yes.


24 Q. After you were released from jail, what did


25 you do?


26 A. After I was released from jail, the best I


27 can remember is I remember the — the jail person


28 giving me the car keys, so I walked over to the mall 6748


1 parking lot. The best I can remember is I picked up


2 the car. My children at this point had already been


3 taken by my parents, because the police officer did


4 not want to take custody of my children. So they


5 waited for my parents to arrive before I even went


6 to the jail. Right there in the parking lot, the


7 police handed over my two boys.


8 And — but after I came out of jail, and


9 then I — I don’t know whether this came first or


10 after, I went to go do a drug test, because that’s


11 what I went to go pick up at the — at Oshman’s. I


12 had already been given the job. I just had to do —


13 it was — they said it was a mere technicality. All


14 I had to do was submit to an alcohol — I mean, what


15 they — those drug tests. And —


16 Q. Was that a urine exam?

17 A. Pardon me?


18 Q. A urine test?


19 A. Yes, it was.


20 Q. Where did you have to do that?


21 A. It was really close to the mall, right


22 there.


23 Q. Did you do it that night?


24 A. Yes, I did it. And they time-stamped it.


25 Q. Where was your husband at that time?


26 A. At that time, I believe he’s still in jail.


27 Q. All right. The kids were where?


28 A. The kids are with my parents. 6749


1 Q. Do you know approximately what time it was?


2 A. At this time?


3 Q. Yes.


4 A. No, I don’t. I know it was right before I


5 ended up going to Kaiser.


6 Q. All right.


7 A. Which that was also time-stamped.


8 Q. Did you have a car at that time?


9 A. At that time, yes, it was a mini-van.


10 Q. And where was the vehicle?


11 A. The vehicle was at the — still at the


12 shopping mall.


13 Q. All right. And then where did you go with


14 the — did you get the vehicle at some point in


15 time?


16 A. Yes, I did.


17 Q. I believe that I walked over and went and


18 picked it up myself.


19 Do you know approximately what time it was


20 that David Arvizo was released from custody that


21 night?


22 A. No, I don’t. I just know that it was


23 minutes before we went to Kaiser.


24 Q. All right. Did you, in fact, go to Kaiser


25 that night?


26 A. Yes, I did.


27 Q. Did you do that soon after David Arvizo’s


28 release? 6750


1 A. Yes, like that.


2 Q. Did he inflict any injury on you at any time


3 from the time he was released from custody to the


4 time —


5 A. No.


6 Q. — that you arrived at Kaiser Hospital?


7 A. No, he didn’t.


8 Q. All right. And did they attend to your


9 injuries when you got to Kaiser Hospital?


10 A. Does that mean like —


11 Q. Did they treat your injuries at that time?


12 A. Yes, they did. They did.


13 Q. You said your kids were picked up by your


14 parents at that time?


15 A. Yes, at the shopping mall. They didn’t even


16 take them — the police wanted to release the


17 children right there to my parents. They didn’t


18 want to take them into custody.


19 Q. Were either of your children injured in the


20 course of that altercation?


21 A. Yes, they were.


22 Q. Which children were injured?


23 A. They broke Gavin’s arm. They gave him a


24 black eye. Star, they gave him a concussion.


25 That’s the best I can remember.


26 Q. Was there a settlement on behalf of Star and


27 Gavin?


28 A. What does that mean? 6751

1 Q. In other words, did they receive money?


2 A. Yes, they did.


3 Q. Do you recall how much they received,


4 approximately?


5 A. No, I don’t recall. I’ve never touched it.


6 It’s still sitting there.


7 Q. I believe you just said there was an amount


8 of money that was received by both Star and Gavin.


9 A. Yes.


10 Q. You don’t recall at this moment how much


11 that was?


12 A. No, I don’t. That’s —


13 Q. Did one receive more than the other?


14 A. Yes.


15 Q. Was that reflective of the injury?


16 A. I think so.


17 Q. Which one? Which of your children received


18 the greater amount?


19 A. Gavin did.


20 Q. I think you said it went into a bank


21 account; is that correct?


22 A. Yes.


23 Q. And is it still there?


24 A. It is still there.


25 Q. How long will it remain in that bank


26 account?


27 A. Till they become adults.


28 Q. I’d like to show you two exhibits, please, 6752


1 No. 820 and 821.


2 Take a look at those two exhibits, if you


3 would.


4 A. Okay. Okay.


5 Q. Are those exhibits familiar to you?


6 A. Yes, they are.


7 Q. All right. And do they reflect the amount


8 of money that was received by each of those two


9 children?


10 A. Yes. It is correct.


11 Q. Can you tell us, then, how much money it was


12 for each one?


13 A. Gavin is — to the dollar? To the penny?


14 Q. Yes.


15 A. Okay.


16 Q. As long as it’s in front of you.


17 A. Okay. Gavin is 25,595. And Star’s is


18 $8,576.


19 Q. Have either you or your husband had — your


20 ex-husband David had access to that money at all?


21 A. No.


22 Q. And that’s per the conditions of that


23 settlement; is that correct?


24 A. Yes, this is correct.


25 Q. Tell us how much you received on that.


26 A. Myself?


27 Q. Yes.


28 A. The best I can remember, myself, I received 6753


1 32,000.


2 Q. All right. And how much did David receive?


3 A. David received 5,000.


4 Q. All right. Now, the total judgment on that


5 was something over 150,000; is that right?


6 A. This is correct.


7 Q. What happened to the rest of the money?


8 A. The attorneys — it went all to the


9 attorneys.

Next, Zonen approached Janet and handed her copies of her several photographs of her injuries that she claimed were sustained at the hands of the security guards. She testified that they were taken “immediately” after her medical examination, which was administered after the incident: (include photo of Janet)

10 Q. Were there medical expenses as well?


11 A. I think so. I — it came — it was


12 disbursed from the law office. What they did with


13 it, they would know best.


14 MR. ZONEN: May I approach the witness, Your


15 Honor?


16 THE COURT: Yes.


17 Q. BY MR. ZONEN: I’m showing you a collection


18 of documents that are numbered 819 for


19 identification. 819, a series of photographs. And


20 there’s actually 19 pages in here. Excuse me, 16


21 pages. 16 pages.


22 Take a look at that, if you could, and let’s


23 start with each one of those pages. Can you tell us


24 the content of the subject matter of that first


25 page?


26 A. It is me. I do have a bra on. And it shows


27 bruises on my arms and my legs.


28 Q. Go ahead and go to the next page. And the 6754


1 two top photographs are who, please?


2 A. They’re both of me.


3 Q. And they show injuries where?


4 A. On my legs, on my arms, and then wearing


5 that thing on my wrist.


6 Q. And the thing on your wrist is a brace?


7 A. Yes. First it was the cast, and then it


8 went — they did that after they cleaned it up.


9 Q. Okay. And then the two bottom photographs


10 on the second page of this exhibit.


11 A. They’re both of Gavin.


12 Q. Okay. And what injury did Gavin have?


13 A. He had a broken arm.


14 Q. Okay. Was it at his elbow?


15 A. I think it was his elbow. I’m — or up


16 here. I don’t remember very clear. It was either


17 up here or his elbow.


18 Q. Okay. How old was Gavin?

19 A. The best I can remember, six or seven.


20 Q. Okay. Go to the next page, please.


21 A. Okay.


22 Q. No. 3 reflects what, the two top photos?


23 A. It’s of my hand, and myself sitting down.


24 Q. And the two bottom photos?


25 A. Of me with the bruises.


26 Q. All right. And the bruises are where in


27 those photos?


28 A. My arms and my legs. 6755


1 Q. Go to the next page, please, No. 4. And


2 where are the bruises in these four photographs?


3 A. On my arms and my legs.


4 Q. The front or back of your legs?


5 A. The back.


6 Q. All right. Go to the next page, please,


7 No. 5, and tell us what these photographs depict.


8 A. They’re of my legs.


9 Q. No. 6, page six, what do these photographs


10 depict?


11 A. Still on my legs.


12 Q. And these are bruises on the bottom and top


13 portion of your leg?


14 A. Yes.


15 Q. Go to the next page, No. 7. What does that


16 reflect?


17 A. Bruises still on my arms and legs.


18 Q. All right. Next page, please.


19 A. And I think this is Gavin’s arm up here.


20 Q. So on page seven of the four photographs in


21 that — on that — depicted on that page, the upper


22 right, you believe, is Gavin’s elbow?


23 A. I think so.


24 Q. All right. Go to the next.


25 A. Okay.


26 Q. Four pictures on page eight, what are they?


27 A. They’re of myself.


28 Q. Okay. And the two top ones, or the top one 6756


1 on the left, what does that depict?


2 A. The top left is a full back side of how I


3 looked.


4 Q. And it shows bruising where?


5 A. On the back of my arms, and the back of my


6 legs.


7 Q. Okay. And on the right side at the top,


8 what does that depict?


9 A. My arms from the front side.


10 Q. Okay. And then the bottom picture on the


11 left?


12 A. Of my wrist.


13 Q. And then the picture on the right?


14 A. Of my face, right cheek.


15 Q. What kind of bruise did you have on your


16 right cheek?


17 A. Like a — like this.


18 Q. All right. Go to the next page. This is


19 page nine. Let’s turn it on its side. Tell us


20 what — the picture of the little boy, which little


21 boy is that?


22 A. This is Gavin.


23 Q. And that shows his arm?


24 A. Yes.


25 Q. And then the two other pictures?


26 A. This was the scrape that he had on this arm,


27 and it shows his black eye.


28 Q. Okay. And then the other two pictures 6757


1 apparently are — no, go back.


2 A. Oh.


3 Q. On the same page, which is page nine, there


4 are two other pictures. That is of you?


5 A. Of my legs.


6 Q. And then the four photographs on page ten?


7 A. They’re all the same. And they’re just


8 showing my upper arms.


9 Q. Okay. And page 11?


10 A. My upper half and one of full body.


11 Q. Okay. So these are —


12 A. Showing bruises.


13 Q. — bruises, upper chest and your upper arms?


14 A. Yes.


15 Q. Okay. Page 12?


16 A. A front view of me.


17 Q. Okay. Page 13, one photograph.


18 A. Of Gavin.


19 Q. And that’s his arm?


20 A. Yes.


21 Q. Page 14?


22 A. I think this is because it’s showing a


23 scrape on that arm.


24 Q. Okay. Page 14, four photographs of what?


25 A. Of right here.


26 Q. The wrist?


27 A. Yes.


28 Q. Page 15? 6758


1 A. My son Gavin.


2 Q. That’s Gavin?


3 A. Yes.


4 Q. With his arm?


5 A. Yes. Yes.


6 Q. And finally, page 16?


7 A. This is Gavin with his broken arm.


8 Q. All right. When were those photographs


9 taken?


10 A. Immediately.


11 Q. By “immediately” what do you mean? That


12 day, or the next day, or when?


13 A. I think it was — the best I can remember,


14 I think it was — I think it was the next day right


15 after we had taken — I think it was after the boys


16 had received medical services. I think that’s the


17 best I can remember.


18 MR. ZONEN: Your Honor, I’m going to move to


19 introduce these photographs, which is Exhibit 819,


20 into evidence at this time.


21 MR. MESEREAU: No objection.


22 THE COURT: They’re admitted.


23 MR. ZONEN: May I have just a moment,


24 please?


25 Your Honor, I’d like to publish these


26 photographs, or some of them. I’d like to publish


27 these photographs at this time.


28 THE COURT: All right. 6759


1 Q. BY MR. ZONEN: Let’s start with the two on


2 the top of page two of this exhibit. And Miss


3 Arvizo, go ahead and look at this. These are the


4 top of page two. And describe for us, please, what


5 we’re looking at, the injuries. First start with


6 the pictures on the left.


7 A. That’s me. This is me sitting down and


8 showing the bruises from — from this, this part


9 right here, my legs and my lower half.


10 Q. All right. And the picture on the right?


11 A. Yes, my legs.


12 Q. It’s page six of that exhibit. Tell us


13 specifically what we’re looking at here, please.


14 A. Kind of like a little diagonal view of my


15 legs.


16 Q. And that shows the bruises where on your


17 legs?


18 A. On my — the front part of my calf area.


19 Q. All right. And on both legs?


20 A. Yes. On both legs. And you can see a


21 little bit of the back part of my thighs.


22 Q. Also page six on the lower left-hand corner.


23 Can you describe what we’re looking at in that


24 photograph?


25 A. Bruising on the back side of me. And


26 there’s that — the thing over my hand.


27 Q. And on your left hand?


28 A. Yes. 6760

1 Q. And this is page number seven. On page


2 number seven, would you tell us, please, what we’re


3 looking at on that photograph?


4 A. That’s from a sitting position, I think it’s


5 di — I think it’s diagonal in the other direction


6 of the bruises on my arms and my legs.


7 Q. On both legs — both arms?


8 A. Both arms.


9 Q. And both legs?


10 A. Yes.


11 Q. Exhibit No. 8, No. 8 of this exhibit, tell


12 us what that one is, please.


13 A. This is a — a back side of me. And then


14 you can see a little bit of the — of the underarm,


15 showing that, showing my right arm.


16 Q. And what are we looking at on this picture?


17 A. I had — I had bruising and a little bit of


18 swelling right here, my right cheek.


19 Q. And that’s also Exhibit No. 8.


20 THE COURT: I think you’re referring to the


21 page number.


22 MR. ZONEN: Yes, page number. Exactly.


23 Q. That was who now?

24 A. This is Gavin.


25 Q. And he had his hand at that time in a sling;


26 is that right?


27 A. Yes, he did.


28 Q. And a cast? 6761


1 A. He had a cast.

Next, Janet was questioned about the car that she was given by Chris Tucker:

2 Q. We can have the lights back on.


3 You were asked some questions about a car


4 that had belonged to Chris Tucker. Did Chris Tucker


5 ever actually offer you a vehicle?


6 A. Chris Tucker gave it to me and the kids as a


7 Christmas present from him and Aja. It was Aja’s


8 old car, but Chris had taken the kids to buy Aja a


9 birthday present, as a surprise birthday present,


10 and he had the kids pick Aja’s new color of her car


11 for her birthday.


12 Q. Now, did you actually ever drive that car?


13 A. I never drove that car.


14 Q. Did you ever take possession of it?


15 A. I never took possession of the car.


16 Q. Do you remember when it was that he offered


17 you the car or gave you the car?


18 A. It was for Christmastime. And he hadn’t


19 seen me and the kids, neither did Aja, so the first


20 time he got to see us was at his home, and that’s


21 when he gave it to me.


22 Q. Did — you say he gave it to you. But how


23 is it you never took possession of it?


24 A. Well, because he says, “Here’s the keys.


25 And this is yours and the kids’ Christmas present.”


26 Q. And —


27 A. It was Aja’s old car.


28 Q. But tell me why you didn’t drive away with 6762


1 it.


2 A. Because. In Miami — remember way in the


3 beginning I had told you that I had tied a garbage


4 bag which I had placed my Timberland shoes inside a


5 Turnberry bag and I tied it so tight to my red


6 sports bag that the only way you can take this bag


7 off was by ripping it? That’s it. And that


8 disappeared. I didn’t see it till —


9 Q. Are you telling us that had the keys in it?


10 A. Yes, that had the keys in it.


11 Q. All right. Now, again, that was early


12 February when you went to Miami?


13 A. That’s correct.


14 Q. Where was the car between Christmas and


15 early February?


16 A. At Aja’s house.


17 Q. All right. Did you — you took the keys,


18 but you never got the car?


19 A. That’s correct. On that day was when Chris


20 had told me that Aja and Chris had been looking for


21 us to give us a Christmas present.


22 Q. All right. So when exactly was it that they


23 gave you the keys?


24 A. The day I went to Chris’s house.


25 Q. To go to Miami?


26 A. To go to Miami, yes.


27 Q. Okay. All right. So it was not a Christmas


28 gift to you. It was a Christmas gift to Aja? 6763


1 A. No.


2 Q. The new car?


3 A. No. I don’t know if I explained it


4 correctly. Aja had gotten a brand-new Mercedes for


5 her birthday. This was now Aja’s old car, which was


6 just sitting in her — in her driveway. So Chris


7 and Aja decided that they wanted to give me and the


8 children this car for Christmas, but they were


9 unable to locate us.


10 Q. All right. It wasn’t until the —


11 A. Until —


12 Q. He went to Miami?


13 A. Yes, that’s correct.


14 Q. So the keys you took, but you never got the


15 car?


16 A. Exactly.


17 Q. Did you ever have a conversation with either


18 Aja or Chris Tucker after you got back from Miami —


19 A. Well —


20 Q. — about the car?


21 A. With Chris, never again.


22 Q. You never had another conversation with


23 Chris?


24 A. I never had.


25 Q. And with Aja?


26 A. With Aja, I think so. I think it was —


27 I think it was, yeah, I was able to tell her, “Thank


28 you.” 6764


1 Q. Did you ever see the keys again?


2 A. I never saw the keys again.


3 Q. You never took the car, never drove the car?


4 A. No, they disappeared with my garbage bag.


5 Q. Now, the vehicle that was a gift to Gavin


6 from Mr. Jackson, do you know the difference between


7 a Bronco and a Blazer?


8 A. No, I don’t.


9 Q. If I were to ask you to describe one against


10 the other, would you know?


11 A. No, I wouldn’t be able.


12 Q. Do you remember what color it was?


13 A. I do remember that. It was white.


14 Q. Do you know what the letters “SUV” stand


15 for?


16 A. No. No.


17 Q. If somebody were to say “SUV” to you, does


18 that —


19 A. The best I can —


20 Q. Hold on.


21 Does that conjure up in your mind some kind


22 of a vehicle?


23 A. Yes.


24 Q. SUV?


25 A. Yes.


26 Q. What kind of a vehicle?


27 A. Kind of like a half truck, half pickup with


28 enclosure, like a camper, all fused together. 6765


1 Q. Okay. Was it that kind of vehicle that Mr.


2 Jackson gave you?


3 A. Yes.


4 Q. Do you know the difference between a GMC and


5 a Ford?


6 A. No, I don’t.


7 Q. Do you know what the letters “GMC” stand


8 for?


9 A. No.


10 Q. Did somebody tell you it was a Bronco?


11 A. Yes.


12 Q. Who?


13 A. David did.


14 Q. All right. Now, this car actually did come


15 into your family’s possession; is that right?


16 A. Yes, it did.


17 Q. Did you ever get any documentation on it; in


18 other words, a registration of some kind, or a pink


19 slip?


20 A. No.


21 Q. Do you know what — when I say “pink slip,”


22 do you know what that means?


23 A. Yes, I do know that.


24 Q. And registration, do you know what that


25 means?


26 A. Yes.


27 Q. Have you ever actually bought a car


28 yourself? 6766


1 A. No. Let me see. I think a long, long, long


2 time ago, I may have been a co-signer, I don’t know,


3 of a red Nissan Sentra.


4 Q. Did you ever actually walk into a car


5 dealership by yourself and pick out a car and


6 purchase it?


7 A. By myself, never.


8 Q. On this particular case, I asked you about


9 documentation, a pink slip or a registration, and


10 you said, I think, they did not give you that; is


11 that right?


12 A. Yes, that’s correct.


13 Q. So you were talking about a document with a


14 VIN number on it.


15 A. Yes.


16 Q. What was that?


17 A. Okay. I had — there was a — like a long


18 number thing, and I had written it down on a piece


19 of paper.


20 Q. So you wrote the number yourself?


21 A. Yes, I did.


22 Q. And tell me why you did this.


23 A. Because — just so I know that that was the


24 car that belonged to that. That’s all.


25 Q. But you did that at a time that you had the


26 car in your possession?


27 A. Yes.

28 Q. All right. How long was – 6767


1 THE COURT: All right. Counsel, we’ll end


2 for today.


3 Remember the admonitions. See you tomorrow


4 morning at 8:30.


5 (The proceedings adjourned at 2:30 p.m.)

To be continued: 

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  1. lynande51 permalink*
    July 23, 2013 12:55 pm

    So if she never met two relatives of Michael Jackson named Rio or Simone how did she know they were children? God this woman gave herself away at every turn.


  1. April 18th, 2005 Trial Analysis: Janet Arvizo (Cross-Examination), Part 3 of 4 | Michael Jackson Vindication 2.0

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