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Michael Jackson > R. Kelly

December 22, 2013

MJ and RK


Guys, I’m sure that most of you have noticed that as R. Kelly has hit the interview circuit lately to promote his return to raunchy R&B music, an album called “Black Panties”, there has been more and more talk about the numerous allegations of statutory rape against him. After his acquittal in 2008, R. Kelly released three consecutive “clean” albums (2009’s “Untitled”, 2010’s “Love Letter”, and 2012’s “Love Letter”) that were largely free of the sexually explicit content that he is known for, and his previous allegations were an afterthought in the media.

However, due to not only the new album “Black Panties”, but his recent sexually charged performances with Lady Gaga on Saturday Night Live and the American Music Awards, more and more journalists are starting to delve deeper into the facts behind not only the charges that R. Kelly was acquitted on, but the charges that never made it to court, as well as the numerous sexual assault lawsuits against minors that he settled out of court.

For example, here is a bullet point summary of SOME of the allegations against R. Kelly, featured in this Business Insider article:

  • ·  Dozens of lawsuits allege stories of R. Kelly’s sexual assaults on young, African-American girls, according to DeRogatis. 

  • ·  In one, hundred of pages long, a girl claimed R. Kelly had a relationship with her as a sophomore in high school. He would allegedly pick her and other girls up at school and make them all have sex together. When he dumped her, her suit said, she attempted suicide by slitting her wrists.  

  • ·  In one video, part of R. Kelly’s infamous child porn indictment, the R&B star reportedly ordered a girl to call him Daddy and urinated in her mouth. “You watch the video … and there is the disembodied look of the rape victim,” DeRogatis said. 

  • ·  R. Kelly allegedly pressured one high school student to have an abortion. He even “had his goons drive her,” according to DeRogatis.

  • ·  DeRogatis also implied that R. Kelly may have paid off one of his alleged victims. When DeRogatis wrote one of his stories, the girl, “fresh out of eighth grade,” and her family suddenly took a six-month vacation to France. “This was an aluminum-siding, lower-middle-class house on the South Side, with a station wagon which is 13 years old — you know what I mean? And now they’re in the south of France,” DeRogatis said.

The journalist who first broke the news about the R. Kelly sex tape in 2002 is Jim DeRogatis. He’s a legitimate journalist, and not a tabloid hack with an axe to grind like Diane Dimond and Maureen Orth (you can read about Dimond’s lies in this post, and both of them in this post) so there’s no reason to question his motives in his aggressive reporting. Here is a recent interview that he gave about his in-depth investigation into R. Kelly.

Here’s a more detailed timeline, which also includes an animated chart:

It’s only natural that people would lump together Jackson and R. Kelly; after all, they’re both considered the best in their respective genres of music (pop and R&B, respectively) and held in high regard by their peers and fans alike. (Here’s a 2008 article titled “I Believe I can Open My Fly: Why Michael Jackson is Damned and R. Kelly is the Man“.) Jackson fans shouldn’t be surprised by this at all. After sifting through some of the allegations, I can see that there are many parallels between Jackson and R. Kelly. For example:

  • They both settled multiple sexual abuse lawsuits. (Jackson settled two, and R. Kelly settled many, many more.)
  • They both had trusted employees who claimed to quit their jobs in protest against the alleged sexual improprieties.
  • They were acquitted in high profile trials in which numerous people testified against them.
  • The young boy and young girl who police accused Jackson and R. Kelly, respectively, of abusing in 1993 and 2008 both refused to testify at trial.

Those are just a few similarities, but anyone who legitimately and accurately studies all of the facts will clearly see that Jackson was 100% INNOCENT, and R. Kelly was………….well……………………

Let me just say that the purpose of this post is NOT to relitigate his 2008 trial, or any of the lawsuits that he settled. My purpose is merely to help educate less knowledgeable about the mountains of exculpatory evidence that completely exonerates Jackson of any and ALL wrongdoing.

Let’s go through those aforementioned parallels:

Jackson settled 2 lawsuits in 1994; one with the Chandler family, and the other with the Francia family. These settlements were NOT “payoffs” or “hush money”; they were paid to settle false and frivolous civil lawsuits (which, let me remind you, CANNOT sentence a guilty defendant to prison) and avoid further media attention. The Chandler lawsuit was scheduled to go to court before the criminal investigation was even finished, and Jackson settled in order to not allow his defense strategy in the civil trial to be exposed and exploited in the criminal trial by DA Tom Sneddon.

I wrote a 2 part article on this topic in 2010, in which I analyzed the media’s hypocritical reporting on Jackson’s settlements vs their reporting on the settlements of other celebrities and public figures: here are the links.

Part 1:


Part 2:

As far as employees quitting on them goes, in 2000 R. Kelly’s manager Barry Hankerson resigned due to his belief that R. Kelly needed psychiatric help for his compulsion to pursue underage girls. Personally, I’m surprised it took him that long to resign, considering the fact that R. Kelly was previously MARRIED to his then 15 year old niece, the late great Aaliyah Haughton! (You can read this 2002 interview with Hankerson’s attorney for more info: )

However, the employee who quit her job at Neverland “in disgust” was a proven liar whose story fell apart under cross examination. Her name was Blanca Francia, and in 1991 she was actually FIRED for theft and tardiness, and later sold lies to the tabloids claiming to have quit in disgust after seeing Jackson showering with young boys. She also extorted $2.4 million dollars by threatening to sue Jackson in late 1994 after her son Jason Francia was bullied by cops into making a false child abuse claim against Jackson. (You can read more about this in my summary of his laughable testimony; the link to this is at the end of this post.)


Jackson was acquitted on June 13th, 2005, while R. Kelly was acquitted on June 14th, 2008. In both trials, former employees of Neverland testified against Jackson, and friends of the young 13 year old alleged victim of R. Kelly testified about her age, and verified that it was indeed her on the videotape. In fact, a young girl testified that she once had three way sex with R. Kelly and the alleged victim, and subsequently aborted R. Kelly’s child after finding out she was pregnant! Also, one of R. Kelly protégés, R&B singer Sparkle, testified that it was her niece on the videotape! (Here’s an interview with Sparkle from August 2012, her first interview since his acquittal.) They collaborated on her 1998, “Be Careful“.

Ultimately, the jury acquitted R. Kelly because they could not ascertain the exact age of the girl in the video, and you cannot convict someone of making child porn if you can’t determine the age of the victim. They did NOT say R. Kelly was innocent; in fact, they all believed that it was R. Kelly on the video, despite the defense’s numerous “theories” as to the identity of the man on the video.

As I stated earlier, I’m not going to summarize the trial here, but I will give you some additional posts for you to read if you’re willing to learn the truth about R. Kelly’s 2008 trial. Here’s an article from June 2008 which is aptly titled “How R. Kelly Got Off”; compare that article to Charles Thomson’s “The Most Shameful Episode in Journalistic History” article to see how large the chasm is between R. Kelly and Michael Jackson’s respective trials.

Finally, just to further illustrate another reason why exactly R. Kelly was acquitted, the young alleged victim, and her entire family, left the country and refused to testify against him in the trial. This was another reason why the jury couldn’t ascertain the age and identity of the girl in the video. Similarly, Jordan Chandler also refused to testify against Jackson in 2005. In fact, he met with prosecutor Ron Zonen and several FBI agents in September 2004, and warned them that if he was subpoenaed, he’d take legal action to quash it because he “had done his part already”. Here’s the exact document from the FBI website (read page 4):

Jordan Chandler threatens legal action to avoid testifying against MJ

Jordan Chandler’s name is redacted, but there’s no doubt that’s him.

In closing, when you objectively study the facts of both cases, you can clearly see that Jackson was innocent, and R. Kelly was…………..well………..I’ll just say this: I cannot say with 100% certainty and conviction that he is innocent. I’ll just leave it at that. There are too many legitimate accusations backed up by solid incriminating evidence that cannot be ignored.

You don’t see tabloid journalists offering six figure bounties to young girls to lie and say R. Kelly abused them. You don’t see a malicious prosecutor with a vendetta trying to manipulate the timeline and admit falsified evidence into trial. You don’t see the young victim’s father suing R. Kelly’s record company to get a record deal and record a “rebuttal” album about his daughter’s alleged abuse. You don’t see the police officers trying to coerce young girls into making false accusations against R. Kelly. (Each of these aforementioned actions are things that Jackson had to deal with.) And, for the most part, the many people who think that R. Kelly is guilty base their opinion solely on the facts of the cases, not his dark skin complexion or his bald head! (Unlike Jackson, who many people thought was guilty due to his pale skin complexion due to his vitiligo, and the wigs he wore in his later years.)

If you want to easily win an argument against an R. Kelly supporter who wants to make the false comparison to Jackson, simply have them read these bullet point testimonies of the people who testified against Jackson in 2005, and compare their testimonies to Sparkle’s aforementioned testimony (here’s a 2008 article on her testimony):

  • Jason Francia (who was bullied into falsely accusing Jackson by police in 1993)
  • Blanca Francia (former Neverland employee and mother of Jason Francia)

I know that this was a very difficult post for some of you to read, and it was surely difficult for me to write, but the truth hurts sometimes. It’s not fair that Jackson was literally treated like a pariah after his acquittal (so much that he left the country for 18 months to live overseas in Bahrain and Ireland), yet R. Kelly still gets treated like a hero to this day! (He was “awarded” the Keys to the City of  Baton Rouge, LA, and was given an “Unsung Hero” award by the NAACP earlier this year) So I’d like to end on a funny note, and direct you to this countdown of the Top 10 tweets of questions to R. Kelly during a recent Twitter chat with fans! His PR team needs to be fired for this!




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  1. Lopsided Man permalink
    December 31, 2013 5:00 pm

    Thanks sanemjfan.

    If there was anyone on this earth who was vetted as NOT being an abuser of children, it was Michael Jackson.

  2. Ebony permalink
    December 30, 2013 5:31 pm

    R kelly Married a then 15 yr old Aaliyah. That is rock solid proof that he beds under aged girls. His acquittal means they couldn’t prove him guilty. That marriage Certificate proves he is.
    Contrast that to the allegations concerning MJ The “smoking gun” was Chandler’s description of MJ’s penis which was completely wrong. The FBI followed MJ for decades and got nothing, AND MJ also field numerous extortion and slander suits against these “accusers”
    No REAL Comparison…

  3. Eddith permalink
    December 25, 2013 9:25 am

    Bonjour, moi aussi j’adore !
    Vos infos sont supers, bien expliquées, complètes et très intéressantes
    Bonne fin d’année
    Bonne et superbe année 2014 🙂

  4. lynande51 permalink*
    December 24, 2013 10:57 pm

    Thank you for that and all the best to you in the Christmas Season too.

  5. Susan M-S permalink
    December 24, 2013 3:19 pm

    Just wanted to wish you, Sanemjfan and Lynande51, all the very best for the Christmas season, and health and happiness in the new year and always.

    You are both very much appreciated for the incredible job you do providing information and serious debate to all topics related to our beloved Michael.

    Thank you and bless you both. 🙂

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